Best Solar-Powered Security Lights and Cameras

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To provide you with DIY home security options that make sense for your needs and wallet, we scoured the market for the best solar-powered security available. We’ve sorted them by product type—from security cameras and security lights to combo devices that deliver both.

The Best Solar-Powered Security Lights

There are quite a few solar-powered security lights available, so we looked at the most popular to identify the best. Our selections are based on analysis of online ratings, expert reviews, and product specs.

mpow solar lights for outdoor use

#1. Mpow Solar Lights

These compact solar-powered outdoor security lights come in a two-pack. They also have a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, and more than 3,200 positive reviews from satisfied customers.


Three Intelligent Modes
You can adjust the duration and strength of the light’s sensor to suit the level of security you need for different zones like the backyard, driveway, garage, or patio.

These lights come with a 45-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month worry-free warranty, which the company is very good at honoring.

Powerful Sensor
Mpow uses a powerful sensor that extends the motion detection range to as far off as twenty-six feet.


Faulty Water Resistance
Although the lights claim to be waterproof and weather resistant, users report that they have a tough time standing up to rain and sprinklers.

Short Sensor Duration
Several customers have found the only dim light option to be too short—it only lasts for about fifteen seconds before going dark again.

Limited Lifespan
Because the lights are more susceptible to the elements than expected, they often wear out after six to twelve months of use.

urpower solar lights for outdoor use

#2. URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

You can add extra security to pathways and entryways with a two-pack of these durable solar spotlights that can be staked along a walkway or hung.


Long Battery Life
These lights hold a charge for days, and because they automatically turn off when the sun comes up, they can withstand several cloudy days without losing power.

Option to Stake or Hang
Because they can be staked in the ground or hung, these lights provide security in areas where there is no structure to affix a light to.

Good Weather Resistance
Rated to withstand winter weather, URPOWER delivers better weather resistance than most other lights we researched.


No Motion Detection
There is no motion detector, so the light is always on after the sun goes down.

Overly Sensitive Sensor
The light comes on when it gets dark and turns off when the sun comes up, but many customers have found it will also turn off in response to headlights or other security lights.

Nonadjustable Solar Panel
The solar panel is attached as part of the lighting unit, which means you lose the flexibility of setting up the light where you need it and placing the solar panel in the best spot for sun exposure.

litom outdoor solar security light

#3. Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Loaded with 24 LED lights, this solar-powered motion sensor security light provides extra-bright illumination and a wide-angle design that provides extra coverage.


Bright Illumination
The 24 LED lights included in the design make this LED security light plenty bright.

Wide-Angle Coverage
Extra LED lights added to the sides of the light provide broad-spectrum coverage that is great for expansive areas like driveways and lawns.


Limited Battery Life
While customers love how bright the lights are, there have been several reports about short battery life.

Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Here’s a look at some of the best solar-powered wireless security cameras currently on the market. We analyzed product specs, expert ratings, and customer reviews to identify the solar-powered outdoor security cameras that provide the best protection and value.

image of white ring stick up camera

#1. Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is the only solar-powered outdoor security camera we found that lets you hear and speak to people at your home in addition to providing visual surveillance. However, you’ll also need to get the Ring solar panel, which is sold separately.


Two-Way Audio
The Stick Up Cam provides extra security and convenience because it lets you interact with people on your property from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Adjustable Mounting
A mounting bracket is included with the Stick Up Cam, and its adjustability lets you get the perfect angle for keeping an eye on your home and loved ones.

Free Theft Replacement
If your Stick Up Cam gets snatched, Ring will replace it for free. All you need to do is contact the company and provide a police report.


Glitchy Motion Detection
Users report problems with the motion sensors, including slow response time, failure to capture movement, and unusable motion zone settings.

Solar Panel Sold Separately
Solar power is optional for the Ring Stick Up Cam, so it requires an additional purchase that will run you about $49.

Monthly Subscription
Live video streaming comes standard, but if you want to record and save video, you’ll need a Ring Video Recording Plan. The basic plan is $3 per month, or $30 for a full year.

product image of a kkmoon outdoor solar camera

#2. KKmoon HW0029 HD Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

This solar security camera features a long battery life and strong night visibility, and it’s large and durable enough to provide protection for both residential and commercial properties.


Long Battery Life
If the battery is fully charged, the camera can stay powered up for as long as two days, which is reassuring when you have cloudy days.

Motion Alerts
When movement triggers the camera, you receive an automatic email alert that includes a snapshot of the captured activity.

Night Visibility
The camera’s double filter produces clear night vision images up to 100 meters.


Difficult Setup
You’ll need to work with a little trial and error during the initial setup; however, most users got the camera up and running in about an hour.

Heavy Construction
This is a well-constructed, durable security camera, but its size and weight have made it unwieldy for some residential uses.

The Best Solar-Powered Light and Security Camera Combos

These solar-powered home security combos are relatively new to the market, so there aren’t a lot to choose from yet. We were still able to find some promising solar-powered security light and outdoor security camera combinations to help you provide the extra protection your home and family deserve.

product image of a maxsa solar-powered security light and camera

#1. Maxsa Solar-Powered Wireless Outdoor Video Security Camera and Floodlight

This solar-powered home security device combines motion-activated floodlights with a wireless security camera to capture all the action on your property.


Customizable Settings
All settings are fully customizable, including how long the light stays on and the sensitivity of both the motion sensor and the daylight trigger.

Ample Storage
The camera comes with a 16GB memory card, but you can upgrade to a 64GB memory card and/or download video to a computer.


Difficult Setup
Users have had a hard time getting the camera to sync up for proper date- and time-stamping, but the manufacturer is responsive and helpful if you contact them for assistance.

Glitchy Motion Detection
Some customers find the motion sensor to be too sensitive, triggering nearly constant recording, but not always capturing movement in the videos.

product image of kkmoon solar-powered security light and camera

#2. KKmoon 40 IR LEDs Solar Floodlight 720P HD CCTV Security Camera

You get affordable solar-powered security lighting and automatically recorded video with this security camera/light combo.


Lower Cost
This is one of the least expensive solar-powered security camera options we’ve found, and it comes with the bonus of a motion sensor security light.

Auto-Record Function
When motion is detected, the sensor automatically triggers the camera to record both video and audio.


Minimal Storage
There is no memory card included, and it will only support up to 32GB, which means you risk recording over existing footage if the card gets full.

Limited Compatibility
The camera is compatible only with Windows, so it won’t work for Mac users.

Things to Consider in Solar-Powered Home Security

Solar-powered wireless security cameras and lights provide the same peace of mind as hard-wired security devices, but they aren’t dependent on an outside power source. Before going solar, however, you need to understand what it takes to keep your solar-powered security system powered up and protecting your home.

Peak Hours of Sunlight

To fully charge your solar-powered security camera system or solar-powered outdoor security light, it needs to receive enough sunlight. A peak hour of sunlight is defined as an hour in which the sun provides 1,000 watts of power per square meter. The measurement refers to the intensity of sunlight, rather than the amount of time the sun is shining.

Peak sun-hours typically occur when the sun is at its highest point and can vary depending on season and location. In order to keep your solar-powered security camera up and running, make sure you’ll have enough peak sun-hours to get it fully charged.

Battery Life

You rely on a security camera to keep an eye on things for you, so it’s important that it stays on when you need it most. The same goes for a security light—you need to know it will shine a light on sneaky behavior.

When it comes to solar-powered security devices, you want to make sure the batteries store enough power to work throughout the night. Pay attention to how long it takes a light or camera to fully charge and make sure it stays powered-up for at least twelve hours at a time.


Solar-powered outdoor security cameras and lights need to withstand the elements. Look for features like water resistance and dust protection. The mounting apparatus also needs to stay put in the event of extreme weather like high winds.

Consider the durability and mounting of the solar panel, as well as the security camera or security light. Some solar panels are attached to the device and offer minimal adjustment options, while others connect with a cord and can be placed a certain distance from the security device.


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