Target Offers Car Seat Trade-In as Families Grapple with Recalls

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  • Recalls and product shortages have impacted young families with babies this year.
  • The infant formula shortage has been ongoing since the 2022 powdered formula recall.
  • The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play crib has been recalled a second time after causing more infant deaths.
  • Meanwhile, Target is offering families the option to trade in their car seats for 20% off “one car seat, stroller, or select baby gear” at the store.

The last couple of years have been difficult for families with young children. From return-to-office policies limiting parental childcare to the recent infant formula shortage, parents are in need of a win.

That’s why we were so excited to see Target’s car seat trade-in program! It allows you to trade-in an old car seat for 20% off a new car seat, stroller, or other baby gear. (Target does sell some of our favorite car seats.)

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However, parents and families are still dealing with the reduced supply of infant formula. The powdered infant formula shortage, which began with a recall in 2022, has not fully recovered and the FDA has stepped in to strengthen the supply chain.

Finally, Fisher-Price has issued a second recall for their Rock ’n Play crib. This recall affects 4.7 million cribs and Fisher-Price is offering a refund or voucher for anyone who has the crib. Over 100 fatalities have occurred for infants in the crib and it’s important that all families stop using the crib as soon as possible.

Target offers a trade-in event

Target stores are offering a car seat trade-in event until April 29, 2023. According to its website, Target has recycled 2.19 million car seats since 2019 and is committed to eliminating waste.

Any family that chooses to recycle their car seat will receive a 20% off coupon for select baby gear, including a car seat or stroller. The car seats can be old, expired, or damaged—there do not seem to be any restrictions on the condition of the car seat for recycling.

Any families that recycle and get the 20% off coupon have until May 13, 2023, to redeem the coupon at a Target store or online.

Rock ‘n Play crib recall

Fisher-Price issued a second nationwide recall for its Rock ’n Play crib after over 100 infant fatalities were reported. However, since the crib was first recalled in April 2019, it has been a staple on the resale market online. Parents have been selling and giving away the crib to other parents, increasing the hazards to infants.

Many people have not returned their Rock ’n Play cribs—NBC News reported only 10% of the 4.7 million recalled cribs had been returned—which means they can still harm infants.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the biggest resale marketplaces where new parents are finding the Rock ’n Play crib. Parents and government officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission have been notifying sellers and issuing takedown requests for any Rock ’n Plays on the marketplace.

If you’re looking for a new crib to replace your Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play crib, check out our favorites for 2023.

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