Gabb Releases Its Latest Safe Smartwatch for Kids: Gabb Watch 3

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Need to Know from SafeWise
  • The Gabb Watch 3 was announced on September 20, 2023.
  • Gabb relied on feedback from hundreds of thousands of families to create the Gabb Watch 3.
  • This latest incarnation of the Gabb Watch has a sleeker, more sophisticated design.
  • Gabb Watch 3 is available now, starting around $150.

Gabb, one of our favorite kid-safe technology companies, recently released its latest innovation, the Gabb Watch 3. This kids' smartwatch tells the time and triples as a safe cell phone and GPS tracking device. Gabb announced the release while concerns over children's tech use continue to grow. 

Gabb has been at the forefront of providing parents with tools that make it safer for their kids to engage with technology. The Gabb Watch 3 builds on years of feedback from parents and kids who’ve used Gabb watches.

“We make it a priority to learn from parents because they're the ones dealing with tech concerns every day,” Colin Cole, VP of Product at Gabb, said. “Gabb Watch 3 was built on years of feedback from hundreds of thousands of families using early versions of Gabb watches. We used that to completely redesign the watch to be exactly what kids need to stay safely connected as they take their first steps into the world of mobile devices."

A white and a black Gabb Watch 3 showing Mom contact on one screen and time on the other.

Image: Gabb

Key features of the Gabb Watch 3

Top-of-the-line durability: With IP68 water resistance and an ultra-strong Gorilla Glass 3 screen, the Gabb Watch 3 is designed to stand up to whatever kids put it through.

GPS tracking: Parents can easily track their child's location and set customizable Safe Zones that notify them when they leave or enter specified areas.

Robust, easy texting: The Gabb Watch 3 features a full-text keyboard, speech-to-text functionality, 20 customizable text message presets, voice messaging, and emojis.

Parent-managed contact list: Parents can add up to 100 contacts, restricting outside calls and texts. An SOS/emergency button provides a quick and easy connection to a parent or guardian contact.

Focus and silent modes: Parent-controlled modes allow distraction-free times (like during school, sports practice, or at bedtime) while maintaining open communication between the child and guardian contacts.

The cool factor: The Gabb Watch 3 introduces a more sophisticated, sleeker look—similar to leading adult smartwatches. It offers six themes, 12 wallpapers, and multiple ringtones, giving kids a safe watch they're excited to show off.

Productivity apps: The device has ten custom safe apps that promote healthy development through fitness tracking, memory recall exercises, custom task lists, and more. Notably, there are no social media, internet browsers, or addictive gaming apps.

“There isn't a parent out there who isn't worried about how their kids are going to interact with technology,” Gabb CEO Nate Randle said: "Parents need safe tech options that were built for their kids, not adult devices with a few safety features tacked on. At Gabb, kids are the first thought, not an afterthought."

Stay tuned for our full review of the Gabb Watch 3

We're currently testing the Gabb Watch 3 and will post our in-depth review soon. The Gabb Watch 3 is now available for $149.99, with monthly plans starting at t $12.99.

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