Is the Yeedi Cube Robot Vacuum and Mop the Right Housework Helper?

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I recently got a sneak peek at the Yeedi Cube, a groundbreaking robot vacuum and mop that promises to revolutionize home cleaning. This innovative cleaning device boasts a range of features that caught my attention from the moment I unboxed it. In this review, I'll walk you through the Yeedi Cube's standout features, my initial impressions, and my thoughts after putting it through its paces.

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Yeedi cube cleaning wood floor near yellow chair

Image: Rebecca Edwards, SafeWise

My first impressions of the Yeedi Cube

Setting up the Yeedi Cube was straightforward and took under 20 minutes, despite a minor hiccup with the setup video QR code. The QR code for the setup video on the card enclosed in my package was for a different model, but it may be because I got early-release access—the correct setup video is now available.

The app was easy to navigate, the prompts made sense, and I love being able to control it from my phone (like everything else in my life).

The Yeedi Cube's aesthetics are a welcome departure from the usual black design of competitors, sporting an appealing white finish. Despite functioning as a mop and a vacuum, the charging station is still compact and easily tucks away.

The mapping and accuracy of the robot are impressive—it worked hard to be precise, and the first outing was pretty quick. I'm excited to see it keep learning the main level of our home, which has a living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Image: Rebecca Edwards, SafeWise

Fringe alert!

I did run into one snag (lol) during mapping. The Yeedi Cube’s side brush got tangled up in the fringe on the area rug in my living room. The robot shut down and it was easy enough to remove the side brush and untangle things, but I recommend removing fringed rugs or blocking out those areas to avoid getting tangled.

We have a dog, a tortoise, and several little ones that visit our home on a regular basis, and the Yeedi Cube is a great helper to pick up hair, leaves, dust bunnies, and other detritus dragged in by our two- and four-legged family members. Plus, it's notably quieter than many other robot vacuums I've used.

The unique "shovel-shaped" mop pad is a standout feature, offering effective cleaning and self-cleaning capabilities—so much better than the wet pad you usually see dragged behind most robot mops. Plus, it cleans the pad itself, so no sloppy messes for me! But be warned—this is where the Yeedi Cube gets loud. The cleaning process comes with a whooshing sound that can go on for a couple of hours, but it's no more intrusive than a white noise machine.

Yeedi Cube mop function and features

  • Vibrating mopping technology: The Yeedi Cube's mop utilizes powerful vibration technology, scrubbing the floor up to 2,500 times per minute.
  • Mopping small areas with "pick and place" mode: Say goodbye to the hassle of setting specific cleaning zones in an app. The "Pick and Place" mode lets you manually position the robot where you want it to clean, making spot-cleaning a breeze.
  • Ideal mop water supply: The transparent 1-liter water reservoir located on the top of the station delivers an adequate water supply for mopping—lasting a couple of days, depending on your home.
  • Smart mopping with 8-degree floating mop holder: The 8-degree floating mop holder automatically adapts to the floor's surface, ensuring the mop fits close enough to get all the grime.
  • Self-cleaning and heat-drying mops: After cleaning, the Yeedi Cube returns to its docking station to clean the mop with a built-in electric scrubber and dries it with 40℃ hot air, keeping it soft and ready for the next use.
Yeedi cube returning to charging station

Image: Rebecca Edwards, SafeWise

Yeedi Cube robot vacuum function and features

  • Powerful suction: Armed with a robust 5,100 Pa suction power, you can adjust the vacuum to four levels to clean everything from carpets to hardwood floors.
  • Precise navigation with SLAM and laser technology: The Yeedi Cube utilizes SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and laser-aided navigation for sharp mapping, accurate obstacle avoidance, and easy map management.
  • Intelligent mop switching: The Yeedi Cube automatically lifts its mop by 8mm when it encounters carpets and automatically transitions from mopping to vacuuming.
  • Automatic suction boost: The Yeedi Cube automatically increases suction power when it detects dirt on carpets.
  • Multiple brushes: The Yeedi Cube has one main brush and two rotating side brushes.
  • Large dustbin: The 2.1-liter dustbin can hold up to 60 days' worth of dust, reducing the frequency of manual emptying

Yeedi Cube app and battery

  • Mobile app: The Yeedi Cube app lets you control suction power, water levels, and cleaning settings.
  • Voice control: You can also boss the Yeedi Cube around with Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa devices.
  • Long-lasting battery: Equipped with a 5100mAh battery, the Yeedi Cube claims up to 180 minutes of cleaning per charge. I have yet to run it for a solid three hours, but I'll let you know if Yeedi delivers what it promises.

Some common concerns addressed

Yeedi has been very intentional and communicative as they fine-tuned the Yeedi Cube for its recent launch. Here are some notes that the company shared with me in case you run into any of these issues when you get started with your Yeedi Cube.

Initial mapping accuracy: Yeedi uses a quick mapping mode on its first outing, which may only partially be accurate. However, the Yeedi Cube continually learns and updates its maps, ensuring more precise cleaning in subsequent cycles.

Obstacle avoidance: Yeedi Cube has more difficulty avoiding small obstacles under 2cm. The company deliberately dialed down the obstacle avoidance sensitivity to limit missed spots while mopping.

Self-emptying noise: The Yeedi Cube's collection process (collecting 99% of fine dust particles in under 10 seconds) requires a 27000 Pa short air duct. While this tech prevents fine dust leakage, it can be loud during self-emptying.

My final thoughts

Overall, I'm an early fan of the Yeedi Cube with its innovative features, advanced technology, and thoughtful solutions to common concerns. If you're in the market for a versatile and efficient robot vacuum and mop, the Yeedi Cube deserves serious consideration.

Rebecca Edwards
Written by
Rebecca Edwards
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