What is Live Guard by SimpliSafe?

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Sometimes home security can be slow to change with the times or adapt to trends in criminal and consumer behavior. But SimpliSafe’s latest innovation, Live Guard, is an exception. Although not the first security company to offer monitoring by live agents who can check in on your home, see what’s happening, and get help, it’s one of the first home security giants to do so.

If you’re not sure what Live Guard is, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about this new feature from SimpliSafe.

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What is Live Guard?

SimpliSafe's Live Guard feature is an additional service designed to provide enhanced monitoring and support in case of a security breach or emergency. It combines the power of SimpliSafe’s Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera with real-time monitoring by live agents who can interact with you (or an intruder) through the camera. Live Guard is available with SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect™ monitoring plan.

How Live Guard works

When an alarm is triggered in your home, monitoring agents gain immediate access to the live stream from your Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. This allows them to assess the situation and, if necessary, engage with potential intruders in real-time. During this interaction, the agent may request your safeword to verify if the alarm was triggered accidentally.

Providing the incorrect safeword will result in an immediate request for dispatch, ensuring swift action when needed. If you have frequent visitors that are authorized to be in your home, like a housesitter or dog walker, make sure you provide them with the safeword or the passcode to disarm your SimpliSafe system. If an authorized person can’t provide the safeword but claims to have permission to be in your home, the agent will contact you to verify.

After the monitoring agent concludes the live stream, you should receive a comprehensive timeline event report. This report includes a detailed account of what the agent observed, heard, and said during the interaction.

Key components of Live Guard by SimpliSafe

Video verification: If you have SimpliSafe cameras installed in your home, the monitoring team can access live video feeds to verify the situation. This visual confirmation helps ensure accurate responses and reduces false alarms.

Two-way audio: This feature allows homeowners to communicate directly with the SimpliSafe monitoring team through their security system. If an emergency occurs, you can provide vital information or confirm whether it's a false alarm.

Professional monitoring: SimpliSafe's Live Guard feature is staffed by trained professionals who are experts in handling security incidents. They will assess the situation, contact the appropriate authorities if needed, and provide support to you in real-time.

Customizable alerts: You can customize the alerts you receive, including text messages, email notifications, or even phone calls, so you can stay informed about your home's security status.

Benefits of SimpliSafe's Live Guard feature

Faster response: Live Guard ensures a swift response to a break-in or other emergency—potentially preventing theft, property damage, or harm to your loved ones.

Extra reassurance: Knowing that a professional team is monitoring your home around the clock provides an extra sense of security, even when you're away.

Reduced false alarms: The Live Guard feature's advanced technology minimizes the chances of false alarms, which can lead to unnecessary stress, police visits, and costly fines.

Remote interaction: Two-way audio and video verification allow you to interact with monitoring professionals remotely, making it easier to address potential issues.

How to get Live Guard

SimpliSafe's Live Guard feature may be a game-changer in the home security industry. With its rapid response, two-way communication, and video verification capabilities, Live Guard enhances the effectiveness of your home security system.

To get Live Guard with your SimpliSafe system, all you need to do is sign up for the Fast Protect™ monitoring plan ($29.99/mo.) and opt into Video Verification and Live Guard Protection through the SimpliSafe app.

Add Live Guard

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