What is RapidSOS?

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RapidSOS shares valuable information with first responders so you get better help when you need it the most.

We talk a lot about how a security system can help make your home safer, but what about something that makes your security system better at its job?

That's exactly what RapidSOS does.

It's like a shot of adrenaline to your home security system. It helps dispatchers get you help faster and more accurately. Plus, it does more to prevent a critical incident in the first place.

To sum it up in one word, RapidSOS is “proactive.” And that's one of our favorite things: taking steps to ward off a burglary or other bad event before it can even happen.

We first talked about RapidSOS in our Cove Home Security Review, but we thought it deserved a closer look.

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What is Rapid SOS?

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Improves help in an emergency

RapidSOS is a data platform that integrates with emergency response centers to help deliver better, faster help to people in need. Right now, it's used by public safety organizations including home security monitoring centers and 911 dispatch centers all over the world.

What does that mean for you?

It’s basically a technology that helps emergency responders get faster, better data about what's going on during an emergency so they can respond more quickly and accurately.

Let's face it: during a crisis situation it's hard to give accurate, thorough information over the phone. But that information helps responders get you the help you need.

RapidSOS uses technology to get more accurate real-time location information to emergency responders. They've helped deliver assistance to someone in the middle of a crowded California beach just by using their tech during a 911 call.

RapidSOS and home security systems

Cove Home Security comes pre-loaded with RapidSOS ready to go. The security system shares any health and medical history data you give it with responders. Access to that information could be the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Recently, SimpliSafe has joined the party and has RapidSOS available through its systems as well. We'll keep you updated as other systems adopt this feature.

Prevents critical events

This is where RapidSOS really goes next level. They’re working with other technology platforms to help detect potentially dangerous situations before they unfold. That may sound kind of a “Big Brother,“ but honestly we were blown away by what we learned from RapidSOS and one of its partners ZeroEyes.

ZeroEyes doesn't rely on eyewitnesses calling in; it uses cameras on the scene to live stream what's going on straight to a patrol or other responder vehicle. That's just one example of how RapidSOS can help connect emergency responders to the real-time information.

About ZeroEyes

ZeroEyes is a company that developed gun-detection technology that works with existing security camera setups. Their goal is to help prevent things like mass shootings or stop an active shooter situation faster.

Four ex-military guys got together and studied US mass-shooting incidents like the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. They looked at these cases to find opportunities where early detection of a firearm could have helped minimize the damage that was done.

This tech only detects firearms. It doesn't look at faces or anything else. When this technology is combined with RapidSOS, together they can give law enforcement more immediate real-time data about what's unfolding as it's happening.

Upgrades emergency help

If you live in one of the areas like Chula Vista, California, where the public safety department already uses RapidSOS, you're covered. But if you aren't sure if your local 911 uses RapidSOS, you can guarantee its assistance with a Cove Home Security system.

Right now, Cove is the only security system that works with RapidSOS in all of its monitoring centers. That means that no matter what technology your local 911 dispatch uses, you'll have the extra support from RapidSOS via your home security company.

If you've got a certain medical condition or you're worried about a loved one who lives alone and might require extra assistance, this extra backup could be a huge game changer.

Knowing that help is just a call away is reassuring. Knowing that help could be better, faster, and smarter is pretty amazing.

Who should I call first in an emergency?

It can be easy to panic in an emergency or know what to do, be prepared and know who to call first in case you find yourself in a scary situation.

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