10 Reasons to Use an Indoor Camera

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Indoor cameras don’t get enough love. No, they can’t tell you who’s at the door like a doorbell camera does, nor can they scare off potential intruders by merely existing like an outdoor camera can.

What indoor cameras can do is solve mysteries. Or make you internet famous. Maybe both, if you’re lucky.

You only need one reason to get an indoor camera. Here are 10.

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1. Sourcing weird sounds (hint: it’s usually a cat)

Two of our staff writers have used cameras to track down weird sounds, so we had to mention this first. The best part? Cats were the culprit in both cases!

So whether a random cat is in your crawlspace playing the drums on your tub (true story) or wailing every time it hears you walk around (also a true story), get to the bottom of it with a camera.

You can stage a “spot the cat” viewing party from the comfort of your living room or just wait for the camera’s motion sensor to do the hard work for you. Either way, good luck with the cat.

Up for the task: The Reolink Lumus has a spotlight, motion-sensing zones, and a beginner-friendly price tag.

2. Discovering a sleepwalker

It could be you, your partner, your kid—someone’s been wandering around at night helping themselves to Pop-Tarts, and no one’s fessing up. 

Discover the sleepwalker among you with a camera.

Up for the task: The Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 sees up to 32 feet in the dark and records in 2K.

3. Gathering toddler intelligence

Maybe your baby is a sleepwalker, or maybe they’re just really good at pleading the fifth. 

Regardless, it sure would be nice to find out why you put them to bed with the door closed and always find them in the morning with the door open, the dog in their bed, and a faint smell of fruit snacks on their breath. 

Very suspicious. What else are they doing? Cameras everywhere, pronto!

Up for the task: The Reolink E1 Zoom pans and tilts for stealthy surveillance, has great image quality, and costs under $100.

4. Becoming TikTok famous

If it didn’t happen on camera, did it really happen? And can it ever be truly recreated for TikTok fame? 

Your viral moment could be just around the corner. Better keep an HD camera rolling just in case.

Up for the task: The Arlo Ultra 2 records in social media-worthy 4K.

5. Backing up your insurance claims

Sometimes it’s not the social media masses you’re trying to impress—it’s your insurance agent. 

“No, my kid didn’t do this. A deer jumped through the window. Really, I’ve got it all on camera!” 

The insurance claim practically writes itself.

Up for the task: The Wyze Cam v3 is compact and affordable, making it easy to scatter several of them throughout your home.

6. Protecting the cute and innocent

It’s a common problem in multi-pet households: Which dog keeps having accidents? Or tipping over the garbage? Or barking for two hours straight when you leave? 

Or has it been the cat this whole time? 

If you’re like me, you know one of your pets is a total angel. So you’ll probably need some undeniable proof before you think otherwise. 

Get to the bottom of it with an indoor camera—preferably a pet camera.

Up for the task: The Furbo 360° Dog Camera alerts you to an incredible number of dog-specific behaviors, including barking, howling, chewing, licking, vomiting, and pottying.

7. Catching ghostly footage

Maybe those strange noises, cold spots, and self-propelled rocking chairs have perfectly logical explanations. But what if it’s a ghost? 

You won’t know until you get some hard evidence. Point a camera at the spooky spot and see what happens. 

Pro tip: I’ve watched enough Ghost Hunters to know that you’ll probably need a backup battery or two.

Up for the task: The Reolink Argus 3 Pro has excellent video quality day or night and features a timelapse option for easy footage review. 

8. Out-sneaking a sneaky teen

So your teen chose the rebel path and sneaks out past curfew. Maybe they’re denying it. Maybe they even dared you to show proof!

“Bring it on,” you say. You could set up a sleeping bag by the door and wait to get stepped on … but getting a decent night’s sleep sounds way better. Let a camera do the work. 

Don’t forget to set one up to catch any unauthorized teen parties too. Your home is not an ‘80s film set!

Up for the task: The tiny Alpha Tech camera is hidden inside a fully functional USB charger, making it unlikely to arouse your teen’s suspicions. 

9. Spotting sticky fingers

Which roommate keeps taking your clothes? Using your lotion? Eating leftover desserts clearly labeled with your name? 

Set up a camera to find out once and for all—just make sure you brush up on your state’s camera laws first.

Up for the task: As with number eight, the Alpha Tech camera’s foolproof disguise makes it a great choice for this kind of sting.

10. Identifying an intruder

A well-positioned indoor camera could get a good look at anyone who dares enter your home. Share that footage with law enforcement to help track down the suspect and maybe even get some of your stuff back.

Up for the task:  If you have a security system, use a camera that’s sold by your provider. Otherwise, we love the Arlo Pro 4 best overall.

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