Best Mobility Scooters

We compare mobility scooters to find the best based on price, maneuverability, and portability.
Best overall
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller mobility scooter
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Indoor and outdoor traction
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Delta tiller handle for arm comfort
Best travel scooter
Vive 3-wheel mobility scooter
Vive 3-wheel
  • Icon Pros  Light
    30-inch turning radius
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Lightweight and portable design
Best heavy-duty scooter
Pride Maxima heavy duty mobility scooter
Pride Maxima 3-Wheel
  • Icon Pros  Light
    500 lb. weight capacity
  • Icon Pros  Light
    24-inch seat

Bottom line: Pride Go-Go Traveller is one smooth operator 

The Pride Go-Go Traveller has a little bit of everything. It’s sturdy enough for most passengers, but small enough to fit in the back of a compact vehicle.

Like most mobility scooters, it breaks down for easy travel with the heaviest piece weighing only 28 pounds. This Pride mobility scooter also has Delta-style tiller handles to put less strain on your wrists, arms, or hands.

It comes with standard 12Ah batteries for short trips to the grocery store, or you can swap it out for an 18Ah battery for longer errands.

Compare the best mobility scooters 

Best overall Best travel scooter Best heavy-duty scooter Best all-terrain scooter

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller

Vive 3-Wheel

Pride Maxima 3-Wheel

Drive Medical Prowler






Top speed

4 mph.

3.7 mph.

5.25 mph.

7 mph.

Weight capacity

300 lbs.

265 lbs.

500 lbs.

500 lbs.

Turn radius

33 in.

30 in.

50 in.

69 in.

Heaviest piece

29 lbs.

29 lbs.

76 lbs.

185 lbs.

Seat width

17 in.

16.9 in.

24 in.

22 in.

Info current as of 08/21/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

* price as of 08/21/2020 at 11:17 p.m. (MT). Read full disclaimer.

Our approach 

We focused on mobility, portability, and comfort to find the best power scooter.

We also looked into features like top speed and battery life, since they determine how far you can travel and how often you’ll have to charge your electric scooter.

Portable scooters have lighter pieces and stow safely in small sedans and SUVs. The more portable your scooter, the easier it is to get around town or go on vacation.

Whether you spend hours or minutes in your scooter, you want a comfortable ride. We looked at features like weight capacity and chair type to find scooters that deliver the smoothest, comfiest rides.

Learn more about our approach to reviews like this one from our methodology page.

Electric mobility scooter reviews 

1. Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller: Best overall 

The Pride Go-Go Traveller provides a comfortable ride for passengers. At 8.5 miles per charge, its battery life is modest, but it can safely get you around the block and back for afternoon errands.

Its speed tops at about 4 miles per hour—about average for an electric mobility scooter this size. It’s just slightly faster than the average walking speed too, so you can ride along your friends or family walking next to you.

Compared to other mobility scooters, the Pride Go-Go Traveller has an impressive turn radius. You’ll only need 33 inches to make it around corners, which is enough for aisles in the library or grocery store, or getting around at home.

The Pride Go-Go Traveller can be transported in vehicles too. The electric scooter is 96 pounds when fully assembled, but it breaks into four lighter parts (the heaviest weighing 28 pounds). It might be too heavy to assemble on your own, but it’s quick work if you have help.

The Pride Go-Go Traveler has tiller handles that limit arm and wrist strain, so you won’t need to hold your arms out at a 90-degree angle to control the scooter.

It has a 300-pound weight capacity, but a narrow chair, so it’s not the best choice for larger passengers. We recommend leaving some room under the weight so you can carry things like groceries, purses, or bags with you.

Why we like the Pride Go-Go Traveller 

The Pride Go-Go traveler strikes a happy middle ground between portability and stability.

It’s a reliable ride for most users, but larger passengers may want a heavy-duty power scooter with more reinforcement.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Tight turn radius
Pro Bullet Delta tiller handles
Pro Bullet Travel-friendly weight
Con Heading
Con Bullet Low top speed
Con Bullet Not suitable for over 300 lbs.

2. Vive 3-Wheel: Best travel scooter

Best travel scooter

Whether it’s your next cross-country flight or errands across town, the Vive 3-Wheel scooter is a lightweight, practical travel companion. It weighs 77 pounds fully assembled and breaks into four smaller pieces under 30 pounds each.

The Vive 3-wheel has the tightest turning radius of the bunch. It only needs 30 inches (just over two feet) to make a complete U-turn. If you need a portable indoor scooter to get around your home, it’s nimble enough to get around shelves and corners inside.

It can travel 12.4 miles on one charge but only goes about 3.7 miles per hour. A long charge and slower top speed make this scooter better for crowds (like the airport). You can keep up with others at a walking pace and have enough charge to get through a spacious area (like the next terminal over).

This Vive scooter has a lower weight capacity than the other electric scooters we chose, but it can hold up to 265 pounds.

Why we like the Vive 3-Wheel

While the Vive 3-wheel scooter won’t break speed records, it’s a lightweight travel buddy to get you down the street or cross country. But because it’s so light, it’s best for smaller passengers.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Tight turn radius
Pro Bullet Lightweight when fully assembled
Pro Bullet High mileage per charge
Con Heading
Con Bullet Low top speed
Con Bullet Low weight capacity

3. Pride Maxima 3-Wheel: Best heavy-duty scooter

The Pride Maxima 3-Wheel scooter has a 24-inch padded seat and can comfortably carry up to 500 pounds. But that’s just one of this heavy-duty scooter’s perks.

This electric mobility scooter can go up to 17 miles in one charge and its top speed is 5.25 miles per hour. With the speed and mileage this scooter gets, you can take it out to the park or the golf course. For added stability on surfaces like gravel or curbs, check out Pride’s four-wheel Pride Maxima.

Overall, the Maxima is best for outdoor use. It’s a large scooter, so taking it into tight indoor areas may present problems. But it’s well suited for open spaces like museums, malls, concert halls, and paved trails outdoors.

The biggest drawback to this heavy-duty scooter is its weight. Fully assembled, the Maxima weighs 250 pounds with its parts weighing up to 76 pounds alone.

It’s heavy because it doesn’t break down into as many pieces as other scooters, meaning you’ll have to lift most of the scooter in one go. Because of its weight, it’s best to bring a portable ramp to load and unload this scooter out of vehicles or ride it out of your house.

Why we like the Pride Maxima 3-Wheel 

The Pride Maxima 3-wheel is a super sturdy scooter that can carry a heavier load than most. Its battery also packs a punch at 17 miles.

Unfortunately, this means it’s not as agile as the first two choices, but it’s an excellent choice for larger passengers.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet 500-pound weight capacity
Pro Bullet 17 miles per charge
Pro Bullet 5.25-miles-per-hour top speed
Con Heading
Con Bullet Hard to transport

4. Drive Medical Prowler: Best all-terrain scooter

The Drive Medical Prowler is the workhorse of the bunch. Its pneumatic tires, front and rear wheel suspension, and high ground clearance make it suitable for uneven terrain other scooters can’t touch. 

If you have a gravel driveway, ride on grass, or need a higher clearance scooter to get inside, a tough scooter like the Drive Medical Prowler can handle it. 

All these power features make the Drive Medical Prowler the biggest scooter in our lineup. It’s a quality outdoor mobility scooter, but it’s not as portable. It can help you get around the garden in your backyard or the trail near your neighborhood with ease. 

The Prowler weighs 256 pounds fully assembled with the heaviest piece weighing in at 185 pounds. But, like the Pride Maxima, it doesn’t break down into many smaller pieces, so you’ll have to lift most of the scooter to load it into a vehicle. 

The Drive Medical Prowler can carry up to 500 pounds and has a 22-inch adjustable captain’s seat, making it a smooth, comfortable ride for larger passengers.

Why we like the Drive Medical Prowler

This scooter is tough and powerful enough to handle outdoor terrains like grass and gravel. 

Unfortunately, its size makes it tough to travel with and maneuver indoors.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet 23 miles per charge
Pro Bullet 22-inch padded captain’s chair
Pro Bullet 7-miles-per-hour top speed
Con Heading
Con Bullet Not portable
Con Bullet Not suitable for small indoor areas
Con Bullet Wide turn radius

Final word 

We chose the Pride Go-Go Traveller as our top pick because it hits the sweet spot between durability and portability with its high weight capacity and lightweight parts.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all pick for these devices. It’s important to keep your preferences and lifestyle in mind during your search.

Mobile scooters FAQ 

Three- and four-wheel scooters generally have the same features, but four-wheel scooters tend to be more sure footed. They can handle uneven surfaces and usually carry more weight than three-wheeled scooters. They’re also more expensive on average. 

It depends on how often you use your scooter and how long you ride it. But generally, we recommend charging it every two to three days. 

Not unless you’re traveling long distances. Most scooters have a top speed between four and eight miles per hour, enough to travel short distances like down the block or around the grocery store. If you’re taking your scooter into a crowded area, you’ll also want a slower scooter to avoid running into others. 

But if you want a fast ride, look for all-terrain scooters. Some can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour (about a four-minute mile). 

  • Distance vs. battery life: The more you use your scooter, the longer it should run per charge. 
  • Terrain: Most scooters can handle indoor surfaces and pavement. But if you travel over uneven surfaces, you’ll need higher ground clearance.
  • Weight capacity: Factor in your weight plus any cargo you’ll take with you like backpacks, purses, groceries, or other items. 
  • Portability: If you plan to take your scooter in the car with you, be sure you can lift it or use a ramp to get it in and out of the vehicle.

It depends on your personal mobility. Scooters are best for people with limited mobility who can still walk, board, or exit a scooter. Electric wheelchairs are designed as a more long-term solution.1 

Before you choose a mobility device, discuss your options with your doctor. They can help you match the right device to your lifestyle. 

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  1. Becca Kaye, Avacare Medical, “Power Scooters Versus Electric Wheelchairs,” April 2019. Accessed July 28, 2020.


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