6 Creative Ways to Hide Your Nest Cam

Unless you’ve got some serious “Home Alone” style trap-setting skills and a lot of time on your hands, a hidden security camera is the best way to catch a burglar and stop them from committing any crimes. Thankfully, the 21st century has our backs; homeowners and renters can place hidden Nest Cams in their homes to stop thieves from getting away with their belongings and facing no criminal charges. Nest Cams are Wi-Fi–enabled indoor security cameras that allow you to watch a live video feed from your smartphone and alert you if something seems amiss.

Nest Indoor IQ Cam

The Nest Cam has a small and inconspicuous design, but it’s still a good idea to keep it hidden so thieves can’t disable it. Guests to your home may also be slightly disconcerted by the watchful eye of a camera, so keeping your Nest Cam low-key is the best way to keep your property safe and your dinner party conversations flowing. (Just make sure you’re aware of your state’s specific laws on hidden cameras.) Here are a few of our favorite ways to ensure your Nest Cam stays out of sight.

An artificial plant

You won’t need to ask your neighbor to come over and check on your house or the life-status of your potted plant while you’re away if you hide your Nest Cam in one of these bad boys. Gadget Addict shows you how you can make your own  to add an attractive splash of no-maintenance foliage to your room while also keeping an eye out for any unwanted intruders.

A stuffed toy

Trojan horses are so 12th century B.C. Hiding your Nest Cam in a plush toy is the modern — and much cuter — way to disguise your security camera. You can easily make your own stuffed animal camera, but make sure it lives on a shelf or somewhere it can’t be grabbed and thrown around by your little one.

A box of tissues

An intruder will be left needing a tissue or two once they’re caught on camera breaking the law. You can buy a tissue box designed to hold a GoPro which we believe can easily be altered to fit your Nest Cam or make your own by placing the camera inside an empty tissue box and making appropriate holes. Don’t forget to add a tissue coming out of the top for maximum inconspicuousness.

Light switch plate

It's easy to use a blank double switch plate to secure and hide your Nest Cam right in the wall. It's much more appealing, and discrete than leaving it sitting out in the open.

A bookcase

Typically, burglars don’t stop to peruse your book collection, so hiding your Nest Cam among similarly colored books and clutter is a great way to conceal it. Place your camera in a section of your bookcase you don’t touch very often, like the shelf your now-regrettable Twilight series sits on.

An urn

Don’t worry — you don’t need an urn full of actual ashes to keep burglars unaware of your Nest Cam. A stylish vase posing as the remains of the deceased can provide you with increased security and the extra boost of retro-classic style your living room needs. No one wants to mess with what may be your great-grandmother’s ashes. That being said, you can mount your camera in the top part of a vase in between artificial flowers for a brighter, less macabre security measure.

However you decide to conceal your security camera, make sure it’s hidden somewhere with a clear view and that it’s angled to get the best shot. Also make sure you’re aware of the wires to your Nest Cam — positioning it in a place that has a number of wires anyway (such as on a TV stand) makes it even more unlikely an intruder will notice they’re being caught on film. You can also paint your wires to better camouflage them or even hide them behind your baseboard.

Have you found any other unique or creative ways to hide your Nest Cam? Have you tried any of these ways? Let us know in the comments!

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Katherine Torres
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