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Celeste has dedicated her career to informing the public. Through her work as an editor and writer in newsrooms like KSL and Deseret News, as well as her work on SafeWise, she’s covered topics that help people stay safe and make well-informed decisions.

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What To Do When a Burglary Occurs in Your Neighborhood

Celeste Tholen | Sep 18, 2020 | Home Safety
Every 16.4 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United States,1 and they're the property crime people worry most about. A burglary is traumatizing for the victims, but it can also be frightening for your entire...
family on couch together

Getting Your Child to School Safely

Celeste Tholen | Sep 1, 2020 | Family Safety

Teach your kid how to get to and from school safely this schoolyear with our tips for walking, biking, taking the bus, and driving.

kids smiling and laughing on a playground

6 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Stay Safe at School

Celeste Tholen | Aug 11, 2020 | Family Safety

Elementary school can be overwhelming—especially during a pandemic. Get tips for helping kids navigate classes, bullying, and emergencies.

intruder in home

What To Do When an Intruder Is in Your Home

Celeste Tholen | Jul 28, 2020 | Home Security

Follow our tips in case of a home invasion, and prepare yourself in case you suspect an intruder enters your home.

fire detector in smoky house

The Most Common Places That Fires Occur in the Home

Celeste Tholen | Sep 1, 2020 | Home Safety

Learn where and when fires most commonly start and how to prevent house fires from igniting.

Technician installing a smoke alarm

A Guide to Smoke Detector Installation and Maintenance

Celeste Tholen | Jun 25, 2020 | Home Safety

Smoke detectors are your first defense to stay safe from fire and reduce damage. See how to select, maintain, and install smoke alarms.

residential home

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During Home Repairs

Celeste Tholen | Jun 25, 2020 | Home Security

When you hire someone to make home repairs, take a few precautions to keep your home secure and prevent future break-ins or theft.

What to Do if There’s a Stranger on Your Street

Celeste Tholen | Jun 5, 2020 | Safety Tips
At what point should your suspicions rise to the level of action? And what specific action should you take? The answer isn’t always clear, but if you know when to ask more questions or when...
an amazon alexa on the nightstand

How to Automate Your Home with Amazon Alexa

Celeste Tholen | Jul 11, 2020 | Smart Home
Error: Please add at least one "Anchor" component Check Out the Amazon Echo Family Echo Powerful Speaker Check Price on Amazon Echo Dot Add Alexa to Any Room Check Price on Amazon Echo Plus Built-in...
a man safely storing items in garage

How to Safely Store Items Before You Move or Renovate

Celeste Tholen | Sep 22, 2020 | Home Safety, Safety Tips
There are few things worse than the awful moment when you realize someone broke into your garage and snatched some of your valuable belongings. If you’ve ever experienced theft, you know what this is like—you...