Best Home Security Systems in Kansas City

In this article, we tell you which Kansas City security companies we like and why.
Best on a Budget
Scharig Alarm Systems Logo
Scharig Alarm Systems
Starting at
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Lower monthly costs
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Positive online reviews
  • Icon Cons  Light
    Multiple cameras cost extra
Best for Short Contracts
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SHIELD Security Systems
Starting at
  • Icon Pros  Light
    12-month contracts
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Customized security systems
  • Icon Cons  Light
    Higher equipment costs
Best DIY Security System
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Rampart Security Systems
Starting at
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    DIY or professional installation
  • Icon Pros  Light
    Low monthly monitoring costs
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    3G cellular DIY equipment

Data effective 1/15/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

When people talk about Kansas City, they usually mean Kansas City, Missouri. No disrespect to Kansas City, Kansas, but KCMO has the Chiefs and Royals, the historic homes of the Country Club District, the 18th and Vine festival, and the best barbecue in the country (anyone who disagrees should prepare for a fight).

But there's a darker side to KC. Kansas City's robbery and property crime rates are much higher than both the state and national averages. According to recent crime stats, 98% of US cities are safer than Kansas City, Missouri.1

In a place with higher property crime rates, a home security system can protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings. We dug into the best home security systems in the Kansas City area, so read on to find out which local security brands we like and why.

Our Recommendation

Whether you live in downtown Kansas City or out in a suburb like Overland Park, you deserve to feel safe in your home and when you’re away from it. Choosing a local home security company can help ensure that your system comes from people who know the area and what you’re facing. Here are the local KC security brands we like best and why:

If you still prefer a national brand, check out our recommendations for the best home security systems.

Compare Kansas City Security Companies

All of these companies service Kansas City, Missouri, and surrounding areas.

Best forBest on a Budget Best for Short Contracts Best DIY Security System Best Starter System
BrandScharig Alarm Systems SHIELD Security Systems Rampart Security Systems Atronic Alarms
LogoScharig Alarm Systems LogoShield Security Systems LogoRampart Security Systems LogoAtronic Alarms Logo
Lowest Monitoring Price
Monitoring TypesCellular, landline Cellular, landline Cellular, landline Cellular
Smartphone Access
Icon Yes  LightYes, with 36-month contract
Icon Yes  LightYes, with cellular monitoring plans
Icon Yes  LightYes, for $2.50/mo.
Icon Yes  LightYes, for $8.00/mo.
Year Founded19942010 1981 1982
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Data effective 1/15/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.

Best Home Security in Kansas City: Reviews

Scharig Alarm Systems: Best on a Budget

Scharig Alarm Systems' budget-friendly options stood out to us. Scharig Alarm Systems offers both landline and cellular monitoring with month-to-month and long term contract options.

With a month-to-month contract, you can purchase your equipment up front and pay as little as $31.00 per month for cellular monitoring or $19.99 per month for landline, which compares very well with national brands like Frontpoint.


You can add security cameras to your month-to-month plan by purchasing the camera upfront and increasing your monthly costs. If you’d like to spread out the equipment cost, choose the 36-month plan to pay a little more per month without buying the equipment upfront. More equipment is included, as well as a lifetime warranty and mobile access.

The Total Connect Energy package comes with a smart thermostat for $49.99 per month. Other smart home devices can be added to this package, though additional items are not included in the price and have to be paid for upfront.

Features and Equipment

Scharig Alarm Systems uses Honeywell equipment, which is a great brand. And if you already use Honeywell devices at home, this would be the best security system to integrate with your home.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Month-to-month monitoring option
Pro Bullet Lower monthly costs
Pro Bullet No equipment costs with monitoring agreement
Pro Bullet Positive online reviews
Con Heading
Con Bullet Remote access not available with every plan
Con Bullet Multiple cameras cost more per month

The Bottom Line

Scharig’s month-to-month contract offers customers low prices for cellular monitoring and reasonable equipment costs. But Scharig also gives customers the option of spreading out the equipment costs in slightly higher monthly payments, making them our best budget-friendly choice.

SHIELD Security Systems: Best for Short Contracts

Best for Short Contracts

SHIELD Security Systems works with both residential and commercial properties. Each system is customized to your home which can make the up-front costs higher, but unlike many other companies, SHIELD doesn’t require long-term contracts.

And we were impressed with their customer service. We got a return phone call (from the president of the company, no less) within an hour after leaving a message.


All three plans monitor your security system and environmental sensors (fire, smoke, CO detectors), but it costs more to add video monitoring and smart home devices. Remote access is available only with cellular monitoring.

SHIELD stands out with its 12-month contract (and some month-to-month contracts) as opposed to the usual 36-month contract. We love how much flexibility this gives customers without raising costs.

Features and Equipment

SHIELD provides custom solutions rather than set equipment packages. Prices vary, but basic items like door or window sensors are around $50, and devices like glass break sensors, motion detectors, and smoke alarms are around $100.

A basic home security setup could be anywhere from $400 to $700 up front. SHIELD also offers an option for DIY installation. This is recommended only if you are already familiar with basic home repairs.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet No long-term contracts (12 months or month-to-month)
Pro Bullet Both professional and DIY installation options
Pro Bullet Great customer service
Pro Bullet Customized security systems
Con Heading
Con Bullet Higher monthly costs than local competition
Con Bullet Mobile access not available with every plan

The Bottom Line

SHIELD Security Systems has a lot to offer: a full range of equipment and services, smartphone access, great customer service, and even a DIY installation option. Best of all, with year-to-year monitoring plans, you aren’t locked into a long contract.

Rampart Security Systems: Best DIY Security System

Best DIY Security System

If you're a student, in a temporary living situation, or just renting an apartment, then you need a flexible security system that doesn’t require a contract, and that's exactly what Rampart Security Systems offers. All systems come with professional monitoring you can turn on and off as needed—no long-term contracts required. Additionally, Rampart is 100% wireless, has refreshing transparency on its website, and its customer service responded to us within 24 hours.

Packages and Pricing

DIY System
Rampart’s DIY starter kit costs $250 and all devices are easy to install with the smartphone app guide. Professional cellular monitoring starts at just $15 per month, which is the lowest price we’ve seen for cellular monitoring among local brands.

The additional equipment available to add on to the starter kit is limited, but you wouldn’t need much more for a small apartment anyway. Rampart's extra equipment prices are quite affordable, ranging from $20 to $175 for items like door/window sensors, motion detectors, and indoor cameras.

3G Is on Its Way Out

Some cellular security equipment works on 2G and 3G networks only, including some of Rampart’s DIY equipment. Once 3G is phased out, the equipment will need to be replaced, so keep in mind this is truly a temporary security system.

Professionally Installed System
Rampart's professional installation racks up higher fees, starting at $330 for the basic starter equipment, but is still less expensive than most national brands. Most of the equipment options are the same as the DIY system with a couple of additions. Monthly monitoring fees range from $25 to $33. Because you purchase the equipment up front, there are no long-term contracts—all customers are on a month-to-month plan.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Both DIY and professional installation available
Pro Bullet Low monthly monitoring costs
Pro Bullet No long-term contracts (all month-to-month)
Pro Bullet 100% wireless equipment
Pro Bullet Smartphone access
Con Heading
Con Bullet 3G equipment will need to be replaced over the next few years
Con Bullet Limited equipment options
Con Bullet 1-year warranty

The Bottom Line

Rampart Security Systems is ideal for students and apartment dwellers. With month-to-month contracts and low costs, not to mention DIY installation options, this is flexible, budget-friendly local home security.

Atronic Alarms: Best Starter System

Best Starter System

Atronic Alarms stood out to us because of their low up-front cost for a basic security package. For just $195, you get three door/window sensors, two motion detectors, an indoor siren, and a touchscreen keypad with a 36-month contract. If you need basic security equipment, you should consider Atronic Alarms.

Packages and Pricing

Cellular monitoring starts at $40 per month and goes up depending on which additional services you add on. Unfortunately, remote access to your security system from a smartphone is counted as one of those services. Add-ons like remote access, smart home integration, and more range from $5 to $8 per month.

Customer Service

Atronic Alarms was the only company we contacted that responded within two hours of our email, rather than the next day. We also got more information from them in each interaction than we did from other companies.


Atronic has an extensive list of available equipment, covering all the types of monitoring we look for: security, environmental, video, and smart home. The individual prices are definitely more expensive, but the sales reps at Atronic can work with you to bring the overall price down a little. Equipment prices include the cost of professional installation, which may help explain why these prices are on the high side compared to the rest of the industry.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Low cost for starter equipment
Pro Bullet Smart home integrations and video monitoring available
Pro Bullet Great customer service
Pro Bullet 100% cellular monitoring
Con Heading
Con Bullet Higher monthly costs
Con Bullet Mobile access costs extra

The Bottom Line

Atronic Alarms caught our attention with a basic security starter kit for one of the lowest prices we’ve seen. They also offer a full range of equipment options and all the add-on services you could want, though at prices that are definitely on the high side.

Our Approach

We researched almost three dozen security companies in Kansas City, Missouri, to bring you our recommendations. We narrowed the field down by looking for professionally monitored residential security systems with either professional and/or DIY installation.

Then we evaluated each company based on price (monthly fees and equipment costs), contract lengths and flexibility, equipment options, and customer service. We gave more weight to cellular monitoring and remote cell phone access, and we reached out to each company as potential customers to get a true feel for their service.

Finally, we compared the pros and cons for each company against each other and against the standards set by national brands like ADT and Vivint to bring you the recommendations in this article.

Other Brands We Considered

Alert 360

Alert 360 is a substantial security company with locations in Kansas City and across the southern half of the US. They offer a wide range of equipment and technology for both home security and smart home devices.

Their system is geared toward a mobile experience and everything is monitored through the smartphone app. Their prices are reasonable, though they do require a 36-month contract.

We had good experiences with their customer service team, and we were impressed with the follow-up calls we received.

But Alert 360 didn’t make the cut because we felt it isn’t truly local to KC. The nearest central monitoring station is in another state and part of the reason for choosing a local home security company is for local monitoring and faster response times.

Alert of KC

Alert of KC offers both residential and commercial security solutions and has been in business since 1983. One of the things we liked most about Alert of KC is the option of purchasing a DIY system and one year of professional monitoring online. The monitoring is paid for up front, but it breaks down to $29.95 per month, which is a great price for cellular monitoring.

But the DIY equipment is limited. Only basic security and environmental monitoring devices are available, so you don’t have the option of adding cameras or smart home equipment. The equipment is 100% wireless, but it isn’t particularly cutting edge in its technology. This would be a good option for someone who needs only the basics on a budget.

More Kansas City Home Security Companies

Best Security+1-816-419-2794
Gargoyle Security+1-816-313-8768
Jade Alarm Co.+1-816-333-5233
Kansas City CCTV & Security1-816-781-9769
Kansas City Security Systems+1-913-667-0950
SEi Security+1-913-321-2211
Steadfast Security+1-913-712-0013
Teague Security+1-913-529-4600
Town & Country Security+1-816-850-6585
Watchman Security+1-816-744-8900

Local vs. National Security Systems

We’re big fans of everything national security system brands like Frontpoint, ADT, and Vivint have to offer, but we also love local security companies too. Here’s a quick rundown of why.

Local Knowledge
A local home security company operated by people from your city will know best what you need to protect your home. They’ll already have a sense for which areas of town need more protection, be familiar with the seasonal rhythms of the weather (or semester routines of the university), and know what kinds of location-specific considerations to bear in mind.

Many of the companies we found in KCMO have their own monitoring stations, which means they are physically closer to you and can respond more quickly.

Customer Service
To a small company, every customer makes a difference, and you can feel that difference in the way you are prioritized and helped. Plus, when there are only ten people working at your security company, you get to know each one personally, and they’ll remember you each time you reach out to them. When they are closer to your location, it cuts down on wait times for service calls as well.

Both big companies and local ones give you equipment options based on what you need, but a local company is going to be more flexible and even get you a deal to make sure you have the equipment you want and need. Many local security companies can help you with smart home automation too.

What to Know about Home Security Systems in Kansas City

Alarm Permits

If you want a home alarm system in Kansas City, you need to get an alarm permit from the police department. Without one, the police won’t respond if the alarm is tripped, making your security system essentially useless.2 It costs $48 and many of these local home security companies can help you get that set up.

Are there fines for false alarms in Kansas City?

Yes. In Kansas City, false alarms have real consequences for residential permit holders. The Kansas City Police Department charges renewal fees based on the number of false alarms during the permit year.3

False alarms
Renewal process
1–2 Automatically renewed at $0
3–5Permit holder fined $56 per false alarm up to $168 per permit year
6+Permit suspended and holder required to attend False Alarm Class

That's right—just like chronic speedsters with suspended drivers licenses, repeat false-alarm offenders in Kansas City (i.e., those with six or more false alarms in a permit year) have to go to False Alarm Class to get their permits restored. Classes are free, open to all KCMO residents, and take place once a month.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Many homeowners can get a discount of up to 20% on their insurance by having a professionally monitored security system installed. Your rate will vary based on the type of monitoring, the type of equipment, and your insurance company’s policies. Most home security companies have the documentation you need to get your discount readily available, so be sure to ask.

Kansas Safety Resources

For more information on how to stay safe in Kansas, check out these local resources.

Kansas Statistics and Trends

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