Best Home Security Doors of 2024

We studied the essential qualities of effective security doors and scoured the web to find the best.
Best overall
Main Door Rustic Mahogany security door
Main Door Rustic Mahogany
  • pro
    Solid, sustainably-sourced wood
  • pro
    Prehung; ready to install
  • pro
    Speakeasy door
Best for budgets
Unique Home Designs Su Casa Steel Security Door
Unique Home Designs Su Casa
  • pro
    Steel, steel screen
  • pro
    Prehung; ready to install
  • pro
    Corrosion resistance
Best steel door
Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door
Viz-Pro Quick Mount
  • pro
  • pro
    Prehung; ready to install
  • pro
    9–12-point locking system
Best design
Vdom Deux
Vdom Deux 1717
  • pro
    Steel, frosted glass
  • pro
    Prehung; ready to install
  • pro
    Includes handle, lock, hardware
Best storm door
Pella Select
  • pro
    Low-E, high performance glass
  • pro
    Some assembly required
  • con
    Handle sold separately

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Smart locks aren't the only way to beef up a door's security—sometimes, you must start with the front door itself. The Main Door Rustic Mahogany prehung front door combines strength and style to protect your home's main entrance. Its weight makes installation tricky, but hanging it is pretty straightforward. (But the weight is a good thing in the long run.)

It doesn't give you the visibility of the storm-door-style security doors, but the speakeasy portal allows for airflow and protects you while chatting with someone standing on your front porch. It’s our pick for the most secure front door. 

Best security doors for homes

Compare the best security doors

Best for
Sizes Icon Tooltip  Dark
Prehung Icon Tooltip  Dark
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Best overall security doorSolid wood,
Rustic distress36 x 80 in.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best security door for budgetsSteel,
steel screen
Navajo white,
30 x 80 in.
32 x 80 in.
36 x 80 in.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best steel doorSteel,
mineral wool
Gray29 x 80 in.
30 3/4 x 80 in.
34 5/8 x 80 in.
36 x 80 in.
39 1/2 x 80 in.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best designSteel,
frosted glass,
Modern painted white,
gray graphite
36 x 80 in.
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best storm doorAluminum alloy,
Meshtec screen,
White, Brown, Poplar White, Black32 x 81 in.
36 x 81 in.
Icon No  LightNo, requires some assembly price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

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Reviews for the best security doors

1. Main Door Rustic Mahogany: Best overall front door for security

Best overall
Main Door Rustic Mahogany security door

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Looking like it could guard a castle entrance, the Main Door Rustic Mahogany takes its style from old-world beauty that will fit right in as your home's front door. We're glad it's not made from genuine mahogany because natural mahogany is endangered.1 Instead, it uses FSC-certified Brazilian mahogany (Cedro Arana), a sustainably sourced tropical hardwood.

pro Sustainably sourced wood
pro Hardware included
pro Working speakeasy
pro Prehung for easy installation
pro Attractive design
con Requires overhang to protect wood
con Extremely heavy
con Left-handed inswing only

This wooden door features a speakeasy hatch in place of a peephole and a distressed finish with iron accents. Still, we found the distressing to be less aged-over-time and more attacked-with-a-hatchet than we'd like (unless you want to look like you're living in a castle under siege).

This entry door is simple to install, but it is solid wood, so we recommend rounding up a few friends—or a professional from Angi—to help with the heavy lifting. There's no exterior molding included, so plan accordingly. At least it comes with predrilled holes for the deadbolt and latch. This security door works best in a protected location—you'll void the warranty if you place it on an exterior wall without an overhang.

Multiple sizes are available when you buy direct

Buying the Rustic Mahogany at Home Depot limits you to a single size, which may not meet your needs. Fortunately, you can go straight to Main Door to order custom security door sizes. It takes much longer to receive your door than buying a standard size, but it could be worth the hassle. Unique Home Designs also offers additional sizes if you buy direct.

2. Unique Home Designs Su Casa: Best home security door for budgets

Best for budgets
Unique Home Designs Su Casa Steel Security Door

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Home safety can get expensive, so if you need extra security but can't afford a solid wood door, the Unique Home Designs Su Casa steel security door is a budget-friendly option. It can go in front of your regular front door and enhance your home's curb appeal. It's not as tough as some other doors on our list, but its design makes it a decent crime deterrent for the price.

pro Crime-deterring design
pro Attractive scrollwork motif
pro Low price tag
pro Corrosion resistance
pro Universal handing
con Screen vulnerability
con More maintenance than aluminum doors

The Su Casa's metal screen allows for ventilation and keeps insects out, but the welded steel tube scrollwork grills add a layer of protection to your home. We like that you can choose whether you want it to open from the left or the right and that it has a powder-coated frame and galvanized steel screen for protection against rust and corrosion.

You might consider adding an extra layer of sealant for long-lasting wear before you install it since the one-way installation screws will make this screen door tricky to remove once it's in. (One-way screws: great for preventing crime, not so great for door replacement.) This metal security door comes with a one-way driver bit to make installation easier.

Unique Home Designs Full View

Unique Home Designs isn't strictly a budget brand, as the Full View (about $1,650) storm door is one of the best we've come across. We love that it comes in 12 different finishes and includes the incredible Meshtec screen material, making it one of our top picks for best security screen doors.

3. Viz-Pro Quick Mount: Best steel security door

Best steel door
Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

While the other security doors on our list are attractive in their own ways, the Viz-Pro Quick Mount focuses solely on security with its steel construction and multi-point locking system. The result is a bland gray door that's downright unwelcoming—it tells intruders to move along.

pro Multi-point locking system
pro Steel construction
pro Includes locking handle
pro Includes frame
con Bland design
con Extremely heavy
con Keys may be difficult to copy

While the other doors in our comparison work well in any exterior doorway, this is a better fit for workshops and garages. The biggest highlight is probably the 9–12 point locking system that secures the metal door on all four sides instead of focusing on the side with the handle like standard doors. It also comes with a mortise lock handle, so you don't need to buy a door lock separately.

We love that it comes in five sizes and includes a frame for easy mounting. This high-security door isn't solid steel—that would be a nightmare to lift—but its hollow core contains fiberglass and mineral wool for extra insulation against heat and cold.

4. Vdom Deux: Best design for security doors

Best design
Vdom Deux
Vdom Deux 1744
$2,099.00 price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

VDom is an Italian company that's common in Europe but recently started expanding to the US. We love the VDom Deux 1717 Frosted Glass Steel Door for its unibody steel core and beautiful frosted glass. This means you get the modern look with the strength of steel. 

pro Strong construction
pro Prehung
pro Beautiful design
pro Includes lock hardware
con Expensive
con One size
con Design varies depending on the finish

VDom beefs up the door's interior structure with stiffening ribs to help it withstand physical attacks. As you might expect, the frosted glass is an excellent design feature but could be a weak point in this particular model.

The exterior finishes is Graphite Gray with 4 horizontal steel strips with a frosted glass vertical insert in the middle.  The interior finish is White Enamel on every model.

The VDom Deux is a solid choice for home security, but it comes at a price—it's over $2,000 and only comes in one size. This door isn't reversible, so choose the appropriate right- or left-handle option for your home. 

5. Pella Select: Best storm security front door

Best storm door
Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door
Pella Select
$340.00 price as of post date. Read full dsiclaimer.

The Pella Select (about $340) is a Lowes-exclusive storm door with Low-E glass to improve energy efficiency in hot and cold weather. You can also swap Pella Select's glass for a screen to improve airflow in your home, making it a good budget option. It's a great pick for a full-view storm door.

pro Affordable
pro Energy Efficient
pro Customizable handle
con Screen could be more durable
con Only available at one retailer

More security doors we considered

Gatehouse Magnum

The Gatehouse Magnum (about $150–175) is an excellent alternative to Unique Home Designs Su Casa. Like the Su Casa, Magnum boasts steel construction, universal handing, two boreholes, and a mesh screen. It’s one of the best security screen doors. Still, its one-year warranty and additional assembly don't hold up to the Su Casa, especially since both doors cost the same.

Larson Platinum Secure Glass Door

The Larson Platinum Secure Glass Door (about $494) lacks an interchangeable screen , but we like that it includes a three-point locking system for less than half the price. It also boasts Larson's Dominator shield to help the glass resist attacks. Larson doesn't include a locking handle, so you'll need to buy this separately.

ETO Doors Fortis

The ETO Door Fortis (about $1,000) initially pulled us in with an ultramodern fiberglass design that looks amazing and promises superior protection against the weather. Unfortunately, it requires more skill to install than other doors on our list.

This exterior door slab doesn't come with a door frame, hinges, or boreholes—it's also unfinished, so you need to paint or stain the door for colors beyond white. Like most doors on our list, you can skip retailers to order direct from ETO to add framing ahead of shipping. But choosing suitable options is still complicated if you don't have much experience with hanging doors.

Prime-Line Woodguard

If the Prime-Line Woodguard (about $580) door were a little bit easier to install and didn't have that wavy mesh screen look, we would rank it higher on our list. As it is, it's an affordable choice for a security screen door, and we like the solid pinewood styling over the security steel.

Final word

The Main Door Rustic Mahogany is secure and stylish. The overall look and construction of the door say, "Keep walking," which is why we named it our top pick for best security door.

While an exterior security door is a good start to a more secure home—consider other ways to strengthen door security, like installing sensors on your doors and windows and using door jammers.

For the most effective electronic door and window safety, it's crucial to understand how door sensors work and how to find the best door and window sensors. Check out our picks for the best door jammers for no-tools-required door security and more options when traveling.

Light Bulb
Not always DIY-friendly

Keep in mind that security door installation isn't always DIY-friendly, and even doors with straightforward installation aren't a one-person job for safety reasons. A service like Angi can help you find a professional to assist you in fitting and hanging your exterior doors with confidence.

Security door FAQ

The Viz-Pro Quick Mount's all-steel design and multi-point locking make it the strongest security door on our list.

Yes, steel doors aren't as susceptible to temperature changes as wood doors. However, our top pick's solid-wood design is more than enough for most folks and superior to any hollow-core wooden door.

Steel doors are still vulnerable to rust if the paint comes off, so keeping up with maintenance is important. Fiberglass doors are a close second to steel doors.

Most regular front doors aren't security doors, but there are things you can do to make them tougher, like installing Door Armor Max, a reinforced strike plate, or a door reinforcer.

You can also add security storm doors to standard front doors for added protection—so intruders would have to unlock and open both the security storm door and the front door to get in your home. To strengthen regular screen doors and storm doors, consider adding reinforced screening.

It depends on where they are. It's not a good idea to put vulnerable windows right next to the locking mechanism on your door because intruders can easily smash out the windows to reach inside and open the deadbolt lock.

Sliding door locks, security bars, door braces, and contact sensors are all things you can use to create intruder-resistant doors for your patio. Adding simple coverings to the windows on your sliding glass doors can make your home less amenable to forced entry in the first place by obscuring the view of valuables and people inside.

How we reviewed the best security doors

After a colleague experienced a home invasion, we learned that the front door makes or breaks a home's security. As it turns out, their experience was no exception—burglars often prefer breaking in through a door instead of a window.

To find the best security doors, we studied the most important qualities of effective security doors and scoured the web to find doors that fit the bill without breaking the bank. We chose our favorite doors based on the materials they use and how imposing they look.

We skipped star ratings for this review because it's not a category we can test yet—breaking a $2,000+ door is beyond our abilities. Instead, we're highlighting 10 brands with lots of potential to improve your security. Most doors on our list cost $1,000 or less—many for a few hundred bucks—but some cost much more. How much you invest in security is a personal decision, so we wanted to show you various options.

Our full methodology explains how we rank and review the products on our site.

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  1. US Fish & Wildlife Service, "Catalina Island mountain-mahogany (Cercocarpus traskiae)." Accessed June 7. 2024.

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