Best Gun Safes of 2021

Find the right gun safe for your home. We review pricing, security, and capacity of the best gun safes of 2020. Find options for multiple guns, travel, and home needs.
Best overall
Barska gun safe
Barska Biometric Safe
  • Icon Pros  Light
    1-year battery life
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    Multi-user access
  • Icon Pros  Light
    DOJ-approved design
Best biometric safe
SentrySafe biometric gun safe
SentrySafe QAP1BE
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    Quick and quiet to open
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    California DOJ certified
Best for rifles
Barska biometric rifle safe
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
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    Heaviest safe in our lineup
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    Biometric scanner reads up to 120 fingerprints
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    Has 3 deadbolts

A firearm safe limits access, safeguards your family from tragic accidents, and prevents your weapons from falling into the wrong hands. We’ve done the research to ensure your antiques, valuables, and personal weapons are kept secure under lock, key, or biometric fingerprint.

Compare the best gun safes

Best overall Best biometric safeBest for riflesBest wall safeBest for travel
Barska Biometric SentrySafe QAP1BEBarska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeParagon 7750 Electronic Wall SafeRPNB Gun Safe
Imageproduct image of biometric gun safeproduct image of SentrySafe Biometric Gun SafeBarska biometric rifle safeproduct image of paragon gun safeRPNB gun safe product image
List Price *
Gun capacity12 4 2 2
Locking mechanismBiometric lock Biometric lock, keypad, or override keyBiometric lock, deadboltsKeypad or keys RFID card and fob, light up code keys, physical keys
Safe weight26.55 lbs. 11.9 lbs 62 lbs. 37 lbs. 13 lbs.
Fire rating
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Tamper resistant
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Batteries required
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes prices as of 09/29/20 10:54 am MST. See full disclaimer.

Best gun safes reviews 

1. Barska Biometric Safe: Best overall

This Barska safe is our top pick for best gun safes because its advanced security features keep unwanted visitors out without making authorized access tough. It can store up to 30 fingerprints, making it a good choice for storage in a commercial setting, and its batteries last a full year.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Stores up to 30 unique fingerprints
Pro Bullet Holds a battery charge for a year
Pro Bullet Can be mounted to the wall
Con Heading
Con Bullet Is not fire-resistant

Its design is approved by the Department of Justice, so you can trust that it’s tamper-resistant. And at only 13 pounds, it’s easy to mount to the wall, to your floor, or to leave on a shelf for storing your firearms safely.

2. SentrySafe QAP1BE: Best biometric safe

Best Biometric Safe

An ideal bedside safe, the SentrySafe QAP1BE has a biometric lock that allows for single-handed entry so you can respond quickly to any situation. Anti-tampering features keep thieves from prying open the safe.

And a gun-strut door gives you access to your gun, though reviewers stated that the door isn’t as whisper-quiet as the company touts.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Opens quickly and quietly
Pro Bullet Is available in one or two-gun capacity
Pro Bullet Can be bolted down
Con Heading
Con Bullet Only stores two fingerprints

This pistol safe can be mounted to a wall or to the side of a bed, and the durable construction ensures years of use.

3. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe: Best for rifles

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is a sturdy 52-inch safe large enough to fit your collection of hunting rifles. Inside, you’ll find slots for four rifles and a shelf on top for ammo, cleaning accessories, and other gear.

At 62 pounds, it’s the heaviest safe in our lineup. So any potential thieves won’t be able to carry it off quietly. Its weight comes from the 14-gauge steel body and three deadbolts inside to protect the contents inside.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Weighs 62 pounds
Pro Bullet Reads fingerprints in 2.5 seconds
Pro Bullet Composed of 14-gauge steel
Con Heading
Con Bullet Limited room for rifles with scopes
Con Bullet Expensive

This biometric safe can store up to 120 fingerprints, more than enough for the average family, but perfect for small police stations or businesses that need a gun safe handy.

The biometric scanner reads your fingerprint and opens in under 3 seconds (2.5 to be exact) and allows you to hold your finger at multiple angles for easy access.

The only bad reviews we saw of this safe were complaints from users who have rifles with scopes. You may not be able to fit the full four slots if you have the extra gear on your firearms, but you can still fit multiple guns in this heavy-duty safe.

4. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe: Best wall safe

Best wall safe

Wall safes aren’t just for spy movies—they’re durable and practical for hiding all types of valuables. The Paragon 7750 fits between studs in the wall, making it easy to install and hide once it’s up. It has built-in shelves so you can organize your guns, ammo, and cleaning supplies.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Easy to hide
Pro Bullet Resistant to prying and drilling
Pro Bullet 37 lbs.
Con Heading
Con Bullet No biometric scanning

Its door is tamper resistant and made out of 11-gauge steel, so anyone who doesn’t belong inside will have a hard time getting in (if they can even find the safe in the first place).

5. RPNB Gun Safe: Best for travel

Best for travel

The RPNB Gun Safe portable gun safe weighs only 13 pounds but has enough room to carry up to two handguns inside. And while it’s small enough to slide under your vehicle seat or take with you on your travels, it’s no lightweight.

The steel case on the outside is pry-resistant and has four methods of entry. Its backlit keys can be programmed in over 200,000 combinations, and you can use manual keys to lock and unlock it.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Four locking methods
Pro Bullet RFID card and fob
Pro Bullet Space for two handguns
Pro Bullet Floor bolts
Con Heading
Con Bullet Easy to steal if not bolted down

But its most unique feature is the optional RFID card and fob that come with the safe. If you prefer this method of locking your gun safe, all you need to do is tap the card or fob to the case to unlock it.

As long as you have the card, you can get to your firearms quickly without recalling any codes or fumbling for easy-to-lose keys.

And though the RPNB Gun Safe is portable, it comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting gear, making it easy to bolt to the floor. So it may be easy to carry, but it won’t be easy to steal.

Things to consider in a gun safe

Factors like the size of the safe, type of lock, and type of steel gauge can impact a safe's security level. You’ll also want to consider what kind of firearms you're storing and how quickly you’ll need access to them. As you weigh which security safe is best suited for you, consider your current gun collection and what you may purchase in the future.

Type of safe There are different types of safes for different kinds of guns—long gun safes, pistol safes, and gun safes for long guns and handguns—so take stock of what guns you currently own and then assess for size.

If you’re at all considering getting more guns in the future, you should buy a gun safe that’s larger than your current collection. If you’re looking for a safe to travel with, you’ll want something that’s relatively small and nondescript. You can purchase stack-on safes, but security experts recommend having a single large safe with a dependable locking mechanism.

Steel gauge
The thicker the steel, the better protected your firearms will be. Per expert opinion, 10-gauge steel is best suited for home security safes, but anywhere between 9 and 14 gauges will be dependably durable too. Oftentimes, the vault door of a safe will have a thicker steel gauge than the sides or back.

Lock, access, and power source
There are three different kinds of locking mechanisms: biometric, electronic, and dial. A biometric fingerprint scanner will provide quick access to a firearm—whereas electronic and dial locks offer slower access. Both biometric and electronic locks will require batteries or an electronic power source, but a dial lock does not.

Fire protection rating
Most gun safes are made from steel, which has a melting point of 2,500°F. And while most house fires have an average temperature of 1,200°F, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on fire protection. If you’re looking into buying a safe for your home, make sure it has a fire rating that lasts between 30 and 120 minutes.

Storage options
If you purchase a large safe, check to see what storage capabilities it has. Most multi-gun safes are equipped with door storage and shelving to keep your small and large weapons organized.

Dos and don’ts of owning a gun safe

Gun ownership can be complicated—but gun safe ownership doesn’t have to be. We asked experienced gun owners and safety experts about the dos and don’ts of owning a gun safe.

Get homeowners insurance for your gun safe

Get protection for your protection measures—whether you own a small gun safe or a large one, a safe is an investment in and of itself, so make sure you notify your insurance providers that you’ve purchased a gun safe.

Consider a dehumidifier for your gun safe

Humidity can wreck a firearm, so look into purchasing a dehumidifier to ensure your guns stay in mint condition.

Keep your gun safe organized

Disorganized firearm safes are ultimately unsafe and can be a security hazard. Use the storage space provided—keep your safe well organized to prevent any confusion or accidents.

Don’t leave your safe in plain sight

Rather than storing a firearm safe in the living or dining room, install it in an office, spare bedroom, or basement. This ensures that your safe isn’t on display and limits other people’s access to it.

Don’t leave the safe’s door open

Leaving the safe unattended and the door open can cause a serious accident. For the sake of security, be sure to close and lock the door.

Don’t leave tools near the safe

Leaving tools nearby can give someone the means to gain access to your guns. Take the extra safety precaution and keep tools far away.

Don’t store powder or ammunition in the same safe as your guns

Never store powder in a safe—doing so can create a ticking time bomb. Other gun owners and rifle experts recommend buying a smaller safe specifically for storing ammunition.

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