Can You Keep Your Home Security System When You Move?

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Can You Keep Your Home Security System When You Move?

Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, moving happens. In most cases you can take your home security system with you when you move. SafeWise dug into the moving policies of top home security systems to find out about contracts, moving fees, and whether or not you can take your equipment with you.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re a current customer of any of the eight home security companies listed below or are factoring in this information before you make a final decision about a service provider.

Compare the Moving Policies of Top Home Security Systems

Are there any contract stipulations? Do they charge moving fees? Can I take my equipment with me?
ADT Must have active contract for 24 months and sign new 36-month contract $25 activation fee Must purchase new security system View Packages
Vivint None
  • None if customer for 1 year and signing new contract
  • $99 if remaining under current contract
  • $99 if customer for less than 1 year
Can move
  • Control panel
  • Vivint cameras
  • Key fobs
  • Medical pendants
  • Small appliance controls
  • CO2 detectors
View Packages
SimpliSafe None No moving fees Can move all SimpliSafe equipment View Packages
Frontpoint None No moving fees Can move all Frontpoint equipment View Packages
LifeShield None No moving fees Can move all LifeShield equipment View Packages
Protect America None No moving fees Can move all Protect America equipment View Packages
Link Interactive None No moving fees Can move all Link Interactive equipment View Packages
Scout None No moving fees Can move all Scout equipment View Packages


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Equipment Policy: You can’t take your existing ADT security system with you, but ADT offers relocation credits and discounts on both equipment and professional installation for a new home security system—as long as a few stipulations listed below are met. Depending on the type of monitoring you choose and your length as a customer, the maximum discounts available are $749 on any ADT Traditional monitoring service or $799 for ADT Pulse.

Contract Policy: ADT offers the Mover’s Package Guarantee to any current or previous customers who are in good standing with the company and have had active monitoring services for a period of at least 24 consecutive months. If you cancelled your ADT service, this offer is valid for two years after cancellation as long as your account was in good standing. ADT’s Mover’s Package Guarantee is not available to customers who’ve purchased equipment/services from ADT Authorized Dealers.


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Equipment Policy: If you’re a current Vivint customer, the company will provide and install a “like for like” home security system in your new residence. Upgrades and replacement of some equipment will cost extra. To avoid equipment replacement charges, you can move some equipment (control panels and security cameras) on your own. Vivint provides a moving checklist to help you understand what equipment you should uninstall and bring with you.

Contract Policy: After you’ve been a Vivint customer for a year, you can move without any fees as long as you sign a new monitoring contract. If you want to stick with your current contract, you can still move your home security system, but it’ll cost you a $99 move fee. All customers who move before reaching one year into their contract will be charged the $99 move fee.  


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Equipment Policy: SimpliSafe is one of the easiest home security companies to work with when it comes to moving to a new residence. This company offers wireless DIY home security solutions, which means moving your security system from one home or apartment to another is as simple as loading up the equipment and taking it with you.

Contract Policy: SimpliSafe doesn’t require long-term agreements for its professional monitoring services—you can pay month to month. You also purchase your home security equipment outright, which means it’s yours to take with you when you move. But if you are moving with a SimpliSafe security system, don’t forget to update your contact information to avoid a disruption in your service.


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Equipment Policy: Thanks to its DIY approach to home security, FrontPoint makes it simple to move equipment from one home to another. Because equipment is 100% wireless, it’s easy to take your home security system with you when you change your address.

Contract Policy: FrontPoint prides itself on its “no hidden fees approach” to business. You are free to move your home security equipment without moving fees or changes to your current contract. Frontpoint even offers a free moving kit. Just call the customer support line to get a moving box and instructions to help you uninstall your equipment. When you’re settled in your new abode, simply call customer service to re-activate your security system.


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Equipment Policy: LifeShield sells DIY wireless home security equipment that makes moving a breeze. Each component of your LifeShield home security system is easy to uninstall and move to your new residence.

Contract Policy: LifeShield requires a monitoring contract that ranges from 36 to 60 months. The good news is that contract remains intact (with no extra fees) regardless of where you reside. In fact, the only task you need to add to your moving to-do list is contacting LifeShield to update your information to ensure monitoring services at your new place.

Protect America

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Equipment Policy: When you sign a new lease or buy that dream house, you don’t have to worry about moving with your Protect America home security system. There’s no charge to move your existing system, and the company even offers a free relocation kit complete with new window decals, cleaning pads, and a screwdriver.

Contract Policy: Moving in the middle of your Protect America contract term won’t change a thing. There are no extra fees or requirements to sign a new contract.

Link Interactive

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Equipment Policy: This is another home security company that loves DIYers. Because you can install and uninstall your security equipment on your own, moving your security system isn’t a problem. You can take your existing equipment with you, but if you want to customize your system to your new home, give Link Interactive a call to find out about adding additional security cameras or window and door sensors.

Contract Policy: Link Interactive lets you take your existing contract with you right along with your security equipment. This company doesn’t charge any moving fees, and you won’t be required to start over with a new contract.


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Equipment Policy: With Scout, you buy your home security equipment upfront, so it’s yours from the start. That means you have total control, whether you want to stay put for the next twenty years or pull up stakes every twelve months. There’s no penalty or fee to move your Scout security system—all you need is a toolbox and some elbow grease.

Contract Policy: Scout doesn’t require long-term contracts for professional monitoring, so there’s no fine print to worry about when you move. Simply let Scout know about the move and the company will transfer your monitoring service to your new location.

Moving policies for home security companies vary greatly, are updated from time to time, and could include other provisions depending on a variety of circumstances. It’s worth it to study up on your home security provider’s moving policies to avoid surprises down the road. And if you’re on the hunt for a security system, make sure to factor providers’ moving policies into your decision.

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