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Smart Baby Gadgets for New Parents

Written by | Updated December 20, 2018

Forget extravagance—this stuff is must-have! Don’t fret about your bank account—load these items on your baby registry and get ready to be wowed. These fabulous smart gadgets deliver all the extra help your mom, grandma, and dad never even dared wish for.

From health helpers to bedtime boosters, SafeWise’s smart baby registry has everything you need to raise your new baby in true 21st-century style. My babies (now grown millennials) were brought up without baby monitors, sound machines, or smart socks that could track their vital signs (dark days, indeed).

I admit I’m jealous of the conveniences afforded today’s busy parents. But I won’t hold it against you (and not just because I don’t have to change diapers!). Check out our smart baby gadget gift guide to find out all the modern marvels that make everything simpler—from remembering the last time your little one ate to finding out just how big their latest “load” was.  

parent using owlet smart sock

Baby Health & Safety

Nothing matters more than the health and well-being of your impending delivery. And with all the helpful (terrifying?) info available to expecting parents at the flick of a finger, it’s nice to know there are equally helpful (really, I mean it this time) gadgets out there to put your worries to rest.

We’ve picked some of the smartest gizmos out there to give you the extra peace of mind you need with a new bambino in the house. But these newfangled products for new parents don’t replace safety staples like infant car seats and babyproofing contraptions like cabinet and door locks. Make sure your registry has a healthy sprinkling of all the health and safety products you need to protect your little one.

Smart Products to Improve Baby’s Health & Safety

green owlet sock with base station and app on cell phone blue digital thermometer and app on cell phone 4 pacifiers with cartoon designs grey diaper changing pad
Owlet Smart Sock 2 Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer Razbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifiers Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale
Best For Tracking baby’s sleep and vitals Getting easy, accurate temperature readings Keeping germs out of baby’s mouth Tracking baby’s weight
Why You’ll Love It
  • Reports baby’s sleep trends
  • Tracks heart rate and oxygen levels
  • Fits snug and comfy on baby’s foot
  • Helps you relax and get some sleep
  • Keeps health details on file for every family member
  • Works with mobile app
  • Includes “Sesame Street Mode” for extra comfort for sick kiddos
  • Closes when dropped to keep nipple clean
  • Features orthodontic silicone nipple
  • Comes in a four-pack
  • Measures how much baby is drinking (and wee-ing)
  • Syncs health metrics to mobile app for parents, nannies, etc.
  • Complements any modern baby nursery
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mother taking temperature of newborn

Feeding Baby

It’s tempting to think that feeding your baby will be one of the easiest things to do, but in the sleep-deprived haze of new parenthood, nothing’s easy. Whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, it can be hard to remember the last time baby ate, how much they ate, and whether or not they took a turn on both sides. Send those frazzled feeding fears scurrying with these ingenious products that are designed to keep baby (and you) right on track.  

Straight from the Parent’s Mouth—Lansinoh Smartpump

"I love this pump. It is the closest thing to having my baby attached to me without actually having her there."
—Customer Review, Mom of Two Breastfed Babies

Smart Products for Feeding Baby

white and purple breast pump purple wristband orange baby food dispensing spoon yellow food scissors with clear case
Baby Brezza Formula Pro Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump Milk Bands Breastfeeding Reminder Bracelet Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon Cuddle Baby Portable Food Scissor, Cutter, Masher, Chopper
Best For Hassle-free bottle prep Feeding baby when you can’t be there Never missing a feeding or pumping session On-the-go feeding Turning adult food into kid food
Why You’ll Love It
  • Measures formula
  • Mixes to ideal consistency
  • Heats water to near body temp
  • Tracks pumping sessions, baby activities, and more
  • Features custom pumping styles
  • Provides comfortable, productive pumping sessions
  • Comes at a good price
  • Records nursing sessions
  • Records number of diapers per day
  • Reminds you of last feeding/pumping time
  • Helps with weaning
  • Works for one-handed feeding
  • Delivers one bite at a time
  • Holds up to 3 oz. of baby food
  • No sharp blades
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
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baby with pacifier

Helping Baby (and You) Sleep

We already mentioned sleep deprivation, and there’s no escaping this fact of life with a newborn. But you don’t have to become a zombie. Fortunately, new parents have been deprived of sleep since the dawn of time. “But wait—how is this fortunate?” you might be wondering.

I’m glad you asked. It’s this imposed insomnia that led brilliant minds to come up with a dizzying array of products to help soothe, settle, and trick reluctant infants into getting some shuteye. Here’s a peek at a few of our favorites (we know you’re gonna love them, too!).

Smart Products to Help Baby Sleep

baby swing with toy hanging above silver speaker with buttons on front blue camera
4moms mamaRoo Bluetooth-Enabled Baby Swing Project Nursery Sound Soother and Night Light Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor
Best For Rocking baby to sleep Lulling baby to sleep even on-the-go Slowing down escape artists
Why You’ll Love It
  • Remote control of motion and sound
  • MP3 plug-in
  • 5 motions and speeds
  • Newborn insert
  • 6 sounds from white noise to Brahms’ Lullaby
  • Sleep timer
  • Built-in night light
  • Portable size
  • Set a border to track baby’s movements
  • Get an alert if baby moves outside the border
  • Tell the difference between ambient sounds and baby’s cries
  • Get alerts anywhere with Wi-Fi connection
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baby standing in crib

Help with Everything Else

Afraid of running out of diapers? How about getting your wee one’s bath water the right temp? And how on earth will you be able to keep track of everything when your brain is muddled by the crazy tempo of life with a brand-new baby? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Whether you knew you needed a something or not, here it is. Take a gander at these smart home devices and get ready to be blown away.

Parent’s Choice—Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

"This product has been a lifesaver. It really helps so I don’t have to figure out how long it has been since the last feeding or changing, or when the next one is. Do not hesitate to add this to your registry."
—Customer Review, KAITLYNMOM

Smart Home Products to Help with Everything Else

black echo dot with blue light Green Pampers dash button Black pocket device with blue digital readout and red buttons yellow rubber duck with digital thermometer readout on back copper nest thermostat with digital display of 70 deg. and green light Dash button with orange Amazon Elements logo
Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Dash Button for Pampers Swaddlers Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Duck Bath Thermometer Nest Learning Thermostat Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Dash Button
Best For Hands-free help Never running out of diapers Surviving through sleep deprivation Making bath time safe and fun Keeping baby comfy Keeping wipes on hand
Why You’ll Love It
  • Use voice commands to dim or brighten the lights
  • Get lullabies on-demand
  • Use drop-in feature as a baby monitor
  • Let Alexa shush your baby
  • Put one in every room thanks to the low price
  • Reorders diapers at the press of a button
  • Credits your account for cost of button at first press
  • Ships diapers free for Prime members
  • Four timers
  • Tracking for diaper changes, feedings, naps, etc.
  • Handy help for parents of newborns
  • Measures water temperature
  • Features clock and thermometer
  • Beeps when water is too hot or cold
  • Keeps baby’s room the perfect temperature
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Reduces energy costs so you can start that college fund
  • One-step reordering for baby wipes
  • Choice of sensitive, unscented, or fresh scent wipes
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Smart Baby Gadgets 101: Answers to All Your Questions about High-Tech Baby Stuff

I wasn’t raised with smart baby products, and I turned out fine. Why do I need this stuff?

Because why choose a more difficult road when an easier one is ready and waiting? My dad hauled us across the state in the back of his pickup with no shell or safety restraints, but that doesn’t mean I should do that with my kids. We know not every smart baby product out there is a necessity—but lots of them make SO much sense.

I’m not very techie. Will I be able to figure out high-tech baby products at the same time I’m trying to figure out my baby?

Excellent question. There are a couple of ways to address this conundrum. You can get your fancy gadgets early, which gives you plenty of time to play around with them and figure out how they work. And if you have a friend with a baby at home, ask if you can test your smart baby gadget out IRL with their little one as a stand-in for yours. Another option is to enlist that geeky friend of yours—we know you’ve got one. Tell them to skip the registry in exchange for a couple hours of their time.

Can my smart baby products be hacked?

Technically, anything that’s connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking. But there are plenty of safeguards you can put in place to protect yourself and your baby.

Is it wrong to trade in “dumb” baby gifts for smart ones?


Written by Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca is the lead safety reporter and in-house expert for SafeWise.com. She has been a journalist and blogger for over 25 years, with a focus on home and community safety for the past six. Rebecca spends dozens of hours every month testing and evaluating security products and strategies. Her safety expertise is sought after by publications, broadcast journalists, non-profit organizations, podcasts, and more. You can find her work and contributions in places like TechCrunch, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV, MSN, and an ever-growing library of radio and TV clips. Learn more

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