7 Ways to Feel Safe in Your Home

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You can be safe, but not necessarily feel safe, yet both are equally as important. We feel safer when our senses, especially our hearing and sight senses, are satisfied. Here we present seven ways to satisfy your senses and calm your nerves when you’re at home.

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1. Brighten your surroundings

Yes, we may associate fear of the dark with childhood, but it's probably the number one reason we feel unsafe. Brightening our surroundings can help you feel less vulnerable:

  • Try installing all energy-efficient bulbs in your outside lights and keeping them on whenever it’s dark.
  • Get outdoor lights with sensors. They help you know if something outside is moving.
  • Keep low lights, like nightlights, on even in the lesser-used parts of the home. 

2. Shut out the night

Before it gets dark outside, close your blinds and curtains. Even though you can’t see outside, people outside can see you very clearly at night if your windows are exposed.

3. Avoid dark, overgrown corners in your landscaping

Your own yard could be a source of fear if you see dark shadows outside. If you can, clear out those corners and trim back the hedges. Renters of some properties may need to call their property management or landlord and request the cleanup.

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4. Fix the creaks and groans

On an unusually windy day, you’ll probably hear a few extra sounds from your home and yard. You might have a back door that thumps with the wind or tree branches that scrape your siding or windows. Find the sources of these noises and take care of them so you can ease your nerves on those blustery days.

5. Play music or turn on the television at night

Blocking out the normal outside noises may help you feel less worried about your safety. This should be done primarily if you have a security system in place that will clearly notify you and the authorities when there really is a danger.

6. Know your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors. It's a good way to build community, make friends, and get help when you feel unsafe. Exchange phone numbers so you can text or call to check-in or ask for help.

7. Use a security system

A security system is perhaps your best tool for feeling safe. A properly installed and set up security system helps improve your actual safety, which then helps you feel safer.

It can also help satisfy you both visually and aurally because you can have security cameras that allow you to see what is happening around your house. And you can have alarms that sound to alert you of intruders.

For more information about the security systems available and to find the best fit for your home and family, visit our picks for the best security systems.

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