Best Home Security Cameras for 2023

We’ve picked the best home security cameras based on image quality, price, smart features, and more.
Best overall
Arlo Pro 4
Arlo Pro 4
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    100% wire-free operation
  • pro
    Quick, easy setup
  • bullet
Best indoor
Nest Cam (Battery)
Nest Cam (Battery)
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Wired or wireless
  • pro
    Person alerts
  • bullet
Best outdoor
Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Battery
Ring Spotlight Cam Plus
4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Three power options
  • pro
    Built-in motion light
  • bullet
Best doorbell

SafeWise experts have years of firsthand experience testing the products we recommend. Learn how we test and review. We may earn money when you buy through our links.

Our pick: the Arlo Pro 4 outperforms most competitors with a wireless design you can install anywhere inside your home or outdoors. It’s easy to install, and its excellent 2K video quality captures fine details normally absent on 1080p security cameras.

After researching everything from video resolution to smart home compatibility, we also nailed down some formidable runners-up. Check out our top security camera picks and what features you should look for before buying.

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Compare the best home security cameras

Best for
Video resolution
Field of view
Smart home compatibility
Learn more
Best overall1440p (2K) 160° Amazon, Apple, Google, IFTTT, SmartThings
Best indoor 1080p 130° Google
Best outdoor 1080p 140° Amazon
Best doorbell 1080p155° Amazon price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Best security camera reviews

While each of these cameras have unique strengths, Arlo Pro 4 stood out as the best overall.

1. Arlo Pro 4: Best wireless home security camera

Best overall
Arlo Pro 4
Arlo Pro 4
4.5 out of 5 stars
$159.99 price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Arlo Pro 4 is a SafeWise favorite. It has quality 2K video, a truly wireless design (no base station), and a bright spotlight for color night-vision video. It's also a favorite on our list of the best wireless security cameras.

pro 100% wire-free operation
pro Quick, easy setup
pro Sensitive motion detector
pro Indoor/outdoor durability
con Pricey
con Battery life is limited

The Arlo Pro 4 is a solid all-around camera that works inside or out, and it’s super easy to install. We love all of the advanced features features it offers, including the ability to adjust the following:

  • Spotlight brightness
  • Camera brightness
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Activity zones

The Pro 4 also connects with more smart home devices than most cameras on the market. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.

Read our full review of the Arlo Pro 4 security camera to get all the details.

2. Nest Cam (Battery): Best indoor camera

Best indoor
Nest Cam (Battery)
Nest Cam (Battery)
4.3 out of 5 stars

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

While the Nest Cam (Battery) is one of the more expensive stand-alone security cameras for home use, it makes our list for crisp image resolution and its forward-thinking smart home design.

The Nest Cam integrates seamlessly with Google Assistant and the rest of the Nest home automation suite. The smart security camera stands out with an 6x digital zoom feature and large 130° field of view.

pro High resolution
pro Supersight zooming and tracking
pro Person alerts
pro Up to 20 ft. night vision range
con No pan-and-tilt capability
con Required subscription to use facial recognition

Unlike other cameras that make you pay to look at recorded footage (we’re looking at you, Ring), Nest Cam lets you see the last three hours of footage for free. Plus, most of its best features, like smart detection, work without a subscription. If you want more features, like facial recognition and extra cloud storage, the Nest Aware plan is just $6 per month.

Nest Cam can tell the difference between people and, say, a coat rack or Fido. When it detects a human, it sends an alert to your phone. But there is no pan-and-tilt capability.

Read more in our complete review of Nest security cameras.

3. Ring Spotlight Cam Plus: Best outdoor security camera

Best outdoor
Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Battery price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

You might recognize the Ring brand for its doorbell cameras. But the company has branched out and added its smart surveillance technology to this compact outdoor security camera.

Because it can be difficult to find power sources for outside cameras, we like that the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus has three power options: battery, hardwired, or solar.

pro Battery, wired, or solar power options
pro Built-in motion light
pro Voice control with Alexa
pro Loud siren
con Moderately high cost
con Limited battery life

It also has a built-in, motion-activated spotlight that will stop trespassers in their tracks. Plus added features like two-way audio, a 110-decibel siren, and integration with Amazon Alexa make this camera a leader in outdoor surveillance. That’s why the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus was ranked our number one choice for outdoor security cameras.

Read our full review of the Ring Spotlight Cam.

4. Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen): Best doorbell camera

Best doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) is unmatched when compared to other doorbell cameras. It’s affordable, has great video quality, and you won’t find a doorbell camera that’s easier to install. Even better, you can choose to recharge the batteries with a charging cable or put it on auto-pilot with a Ring solar panel.

pro Affordability
pro Outstanding video quality
pro Solar charging option
con Subscription required

While Ring has come out with the Ring Video Doorbell 4, we think the $100 version is where it really hit its sweet spot. We think the Ring 3 and Ring 4 just don’t have enough useful upgrades to justify the price difference.

Learn more in our full review of Ring video doorbells.

Protecting more than your home?

80% of thefts happen in businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Don't leave your small business vulnerable. Find the best security camera systems to keep an eye on your business.

5. Wyze Cam Pan: Best budget motion-activated security camera

Caution: Recent Wyze security issue!

Recently a Wyze security issue was brought to light in an article from The Verge. For a brief period of time, Wyze was experiencing an issue with its online camera portal and a small number of logged in Wyze users were able to see camera feeds that were not their own.

Katie McEntire of SafeWise explains more in a short Tik Tok video.

Wyze's status page provided an apology for the incident and states that "this experience does not reflect our commitment to users or the investments we’ve made over the last few years to enhance security." Based on their lack of communication and transparency related to this incident, we have moved them out of our top lineup.

Best budget
Wyze Cam Pan v3 price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Wyze Cam Pan v3 has quickly become a staff favorite for its indoor/outdoor functionality and lower price than the Wyze Cam Pan v2. Whether you want to use it as a baby monitor or as a means to keep Fido off the sofa, this camera’s advanced motion tracking won’t disappoint.

pro Affordable price
pro 360° coverage
pro Motion tracking
pro Free cloud storage
con No email alerts
con Glitchy sound quality

Instant alerts plus motion tracking let you see exactly what’s happening while it’s happening. And two-way talk is a great way to settle down upset kiddos or excited pets—not to mention scaring away would-be burglars.

Read our complete review of the Wyze Cam Pan to learn more. (The review covers the Wyze Cam Pan v2, but we'll be updating it with the new Wyze Cam Pan v3 soon.)

Keep indoor cameras away from windows

Beware of using an indoor camera to look outside through a window. They can’t capture images after dark because the night vision LEDs reflect off the glass, blinding the camera.

More security cameras we considered

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

The Reolink Argus 3 Pro (about $150) is pretty similar to the Arlo Pro 4. What sets it apart is that it’s more affordable and can easily be turned into a solar-powered camera with the included solar panel. No charging battery packs, plus, you’re saving the planet without stretching your budget? We love it. Reolink cameras are pretty awesome.

The only downside to this camera is it doesn’t have as many of the fancy features we liked about the Arlo Pro 4. It doesn’t have the outstanding compatibility with a wide range of smart home devices or motion zones. And we wish it had a larger field of view. Still, we think the Reolink Argus 3 Pro is a solid choice for anyone who wants a solar camera.

Read our full review of the Reolink Argus 3 Pro.

EufyCam 3

The EufyCam 3 (about $550) has got the goods when it comes to smart AI features. It can digitally enhance faces so they’re easier to identify and can tell the difference between a human and a pet. And did we mention it has built-in solar panels and 4K video quality? Bonus.

Like other Eufy cameras, it also has local storage. What we didn’t like is that it's a substantial investment to buy the cameras and add a storage drive to the base station.

Learn more in our EufyCam 3 review or check out our Eufy cameras review to see the rest of Eufy's lineup.

Eufy security issue

Eufy addressed a November 2022 security issue in an article from The Verge. It explained why the Eufy web portal wasn't encrypting video streams and stated the issue has been fixed. It also updated every Eufy camera's encryption protocols.

Based on this response—and Eufy's promise to cooperate with independent security researchers—we're leaving our scoring as-is unless further issues arise.

Swann Xtreem

We’re not sure what makes the Swann Xtreem (about $180) security camera extreme. Its basic features can be found on just about any good-quality security camera.

One feature that does stand out is the True Detect heat-sensing capabilities—something we’ve come to love about Swann cameras. True Detect helps minimize false alarms triggered by bugs or falling leaves by detecting heat from humans, pets, or vehicles. In our hands-on testing, we found that we had just as many false alarms, if not more, with this camera though.

Learn more in our Swann cameras review.

YI 1080p Indoor Security Camera

If you want a security camera that doubles as a nanny cam, then you’ll love the YI 1080p Indoor Security Camera (about $50 for a two-pack). This camera features baby crying detection that sends you a push notification when it picks up the sound of your little one giving their lungs a workout. And you get free app-sharing with up to five family members, plus seven days of free storage in the YI cloud.

Read our full YI Home Camera review to learn more or see how it stacks up to other YI cameras.

SereneLife Indoor IP Camera

The SereneLife Indoor IP Camera (about $68) offers superb image quality that doesn't compromise once the lights go out. Time and again, customer reviews praise the night vision on this camera, and it delivers a crisp picture up to 32 feet. Although the app and software are easy to work with, it’s a letdown that you can’t integrate this camera with any smart home hubs or gadgets.

Wansview Q5

The Wansview Q5 (about $36) makes it easy to scan an entire room with its advanced pan-and-tilt capabilities. You can use the Wansview mobile app to scan the room by simply swiping your finger in the direction of whatever you want to check out. So if you have a sneaking suspicion of your kitty clawing the ottoman, you can catch her in the act with a flick of your finger.

Learn more in our Wansview camera review.

Final word

The Arlo Pro 4 is one of the best tools for watching over your home. Its wire-free design, high-resolution video surveillance, and affordable cloud monitoring help it stand above the competition. Still, it's one of the most expensive security cameras you can buy, so we think the Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a good alternative if you're aiming to save some dough. And if you're looking for an indoor camera, Google Nest Cam (battery) is the one to beat.

You don’t fool around when it comes to keeping your home and family safe, and neither do we. A home security camera is just one part of protecting what matters. If you're ready for a full-on defense against burglars, vandals, and porch pirates, check out our comprehensive collection of safety tips and expert advice.

Security camera FAQ

What are the different types of security cameras?

There are a lot of security cameras to choose from—many work well in a compatible home security system or as stand-alone units. Understanding the differences will help you find one that fits your needs. Here are five kinds of security cameras you're likely to encounter.

Indoor security cameras

Select an indoor camera to watch what’s happening inside your home, particularly one with two-way audio. You can check in with kids after school, tell Rover to get off your favorite chair, or scare the daylights out of an intruder who doesn’t belong in your home (plus you’ll have their picture, to boot!).

Outdoor security cameras

An outdoor camera relies on a high weatherproof rating that stands up to the elements and drastic changes in temperature. Another big feature is night vision. You might also consider a camera with a built-in motion-activated light—all the better to scare you with, my dear!

Doorbell cameras

A doorbell camera is essentially an outdoor camera for watching over your front porch. A video doorbell uses two-way audio so you can talk to guests and are a good way to make sure packages don’t walk off unnoticed.

Wireless security cameras

As a concept, wireless cameras are confusing. “Wireless” can either mean cameras with a Wi-Fi connection or that they run off a battery. We lean toward cameras that are 100% wire-free, with both Wi-Fi and a wireless power source. But we include some of both types in our wireless camera roundup.

Monitored security cameras

Security cameras in a monitored security system usually have the same features and options as stand-alone units. But you can tap into the expertise of the home security company to pick the right one. They work with your security system, so there's always an extra set of eyes looking out for trouble 24/7.

What should I look for when buying a home security camera?

Here are some important features to consider:

  • Video resolution affects the quality of your home security footage. A clear image helps identify faces, vehicles, and items in a recording. Choose a camera with at least 1080p resolution.
  • Field of view refers to how much area a camera sees through its lens. It affects how many cameras you need and where to place them. Look for a field of view that's at least 110º.
  • Motion detection sends notifications when a camera observes movement. Choose a motion sensor camera with smart detection to tag people, animals, and vehicles for more effective motion alerts.
  • Infrared night vision helps eliminate security camera footage that's too dark in low- and no-light situations after sunset. Choose a camera with a night vision range of at least 20 feet.
  • Two-way audio (also called two-way communication) uses a microphone and speaker for interacting with people or pets on the other end. Two-way talk effectively turns your security camera into an intercom to address a delivery driver or check in on the kids after school.
  • Pan and tilt motors or a digital zoom adjust the camera's view remotely. A motorized pan-and-tilt camera is ideal for recording a larger area than a static camera and reduces the number of cameras you need overall.
    • Movement tracking allows some pan-and-tilt cameras to follow the action in a room automatically, whether it's a pet racing around the living room or a youngster toddling toward trouble.

If a camera costs so much that you can no longer afford the valuables you're trying to protect, then it doesn't serve a purpose. Fortunately, many cheap security cameras cost less than $50 while providing HD video, motion detection, smartphone apps, and two-way audio. They're even cheap enough to buy multiple cameras.

You can expect better features and stronger customer support with more expensive cameras. Monitored security cameras are more expensive because they come as part of a professionally monitored security system that watches your home 24/7. Ultimately, it's your call how much you want to invest in security.

Absolutely! Home security cameras allow you to watch over your home in two primary ways more effectively:

  • Deter: A surveillance camera in a conspicuous location can make burglars think twice about attempting to enter your home.
  • Describe: Security cameras can collect information about burglars and the items they take. This makes it easier to file police reports and insurance claims.

The best part is that you choose how much to spend on security cameras for your home.

Most of the time. Modern security cameras use Wi-Fi for five tasks:

  • Streaming live video
  • Storing video footage in the cloud
  • Mobile device controls and alerts
  • Two-way audio
  • Communication with smart home devices

Most security cameras connect to your home network using Wi-Fi, but some models use cables to connect to your internet router or a DVR for security cameras. We recommend using Wi-Fi security cameras since they are typically the easiest kind to install.

If you have an internet data usage cap, make sure you understand how your security camera(s) could impact your monthly bill. You should also verify that your router can handle the extra devices and output.

Many of the best security camera systems also help turn your house into a smart home. Security cameras often integrate with a smart home hub like Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio.

This can give you a huge home security advantage—the ability to remotely control lights, door locks, and your security cameras. You can also program your system to boost security measures when you're out of town or during the holidays when lots of packages arrive.

How we reviewed the best security cameras

Our conclusions about each camera come from the following:

  • Years of experience
  • Thousands of customer reviews
  • Manufacturer specifications
  • Hundreds of hours of physical testing by many of our security experts and people like you

While making our selections, we kept an eye out for things that you care about, like price, usability, cool features, and practicality. We update these reviews regularly as new products hit the market so you get the freshest best picks possible. To date, SafeWise has evaluated over 150 different security camera models.

You can learn more about how we rate security cameras on our wireless cameras review and by checking out our methodology.

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