Best Home Security Systems in Chicago

Best value
Alert Protective Services Chicago logo
Alert Protective Services
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    Flexible pricing
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    Nearly 40-year legacy
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    Three-year contract required
Best customer experience
Security Doctors Chicago logo
Security Doctors
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    Low-pressure sales
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    Responsive customer service
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    Lifetime warranty
Best for home automation
Procom Security Chicago logo
Procom Security
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    24/7 customer service
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    Whole home smart systems

If the first thing you think of when you hear “LSD” is Lakeshore Drive and not an illicit drug, you might be a Chicagoan. You might also be interested in a home security system, because according to the Chicago Police Department’s 2018 Annual Report, home invasions and thefts in Chicago continue to rise.

To protect against burglary and home invasion, consider these alarm systems from the Windy City’s top-tier home security companies.

Our recommendation

We researched the best home security systems in Chicago and found that Alert Protective Services, Security Doctors, and Procom Security were local standouts. Each company offers home security equipment and professional monitoring services comparable to national brands, so you’re not settling for less by buying local.

But one company towered above the rest: Alert Protective Services. Their nearly 40-year run has garnered glowing reviews thanks to flexible pricing, responsive sales staff, and a full range of equipment.

Chicago's best home security systems

Best for
Monitoring fee
Equipment cost
Basic equipment package
Mobile app access
Learn more
Best value $199 installed1 touchpad control panel,
3 door and window sensors,
1 motion sensor,
1 cell radio
With mid-to-top-tier plans
Best customer experience Starts at $991 control panel with backup battery,
1 custom alpha keypad,
2 door and window sensors,
1 motion sensor,
1 standard phone line communicator
With top-tier plans
Best for home automation $199 installed1 security console with durable keypad,
2 door and window sensors,
1 motion sensor,
1 cell radio
Icon Yes  LightYes

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Best Home Security in Chicago: Reviews

1. Alert Protective Services: Best value

Best value

With more than 40 years of experience and ample positive reviews, Alert Protective Services wins top pick for Chicago home security companies. Its customer service is on point—staff responds promptly and installers often call a few days after installation to ensure everything is working.

Alert Protective Services also offers financing flexibility. Unlike bigger national companies like ADT, Alert works with you on contract length and monthly fees. If you need a lower monthly fee, you can pay more up front, and vice versa.

Its basic system comes with more devices than its competitors’ systems, but you won’t pay more. For mobile access through the app, you’ll pay about $50 more for installation and an additional $7 a month.

All Alert Protective Services systems can integrate with:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Water leak sensors

The company also offers security cameras and smart home add-on options such as:

  • Automated door locks
  • Thermostat control
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Video monitoring

Its smart home equipment is compatible with Alexa and other Z-Wave enabled devices, so you can add on smart home functionality as you go.

The Bottom Line: With a responsive sales staff, flexible pricing, happy customers, and a full range of equipment, Alert Protective Services is our top pick.

2. Security Doctors: Best customer experience

Best customer experience
Security Doctors Chicago logo
Security Doctors
Starting from

If the idea of dealing with a security sales rep has you hesitating to shop local, Security Doctors is the company for you. Customers say that the company’s no-pressure sales and professional service set them apart. Once your system is installed, you’re assigned a personal customer care representative you can call at any time with questions about your system.

The Security Doctors’ monthly monitoring fee is lower than most, but it’s for its basic landline system. If you want a cellular connection, the monthly price jumps up to $39.95.
Security Doctors can also activate an existing alarm system, even if it isn’t one of their own. And there’s no need to worry about service fees–when you buy a system through Security Doctors, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Bottom Line: No-pressure sales, personal customer care reps, and low prices make Security Doctors a great pick for those who want a more personal home security experience.

3. Procom Security: Best for home automation

Best for home automation
Procom Security Chicago logo
Procom Security
Starting from

Installing security systems for homes in Chicago is just one branch of Procom’s full lineup of home electronics services. In addition to burglar alarms and home security cameras, Procom can also install central vacuums, home theater systems, smart home automation, and more. If you’re moving into a new home, Procom is your one-stop shop for smart home goodies.

Procom Smart Home Device Compatibility:

  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave
  • Alexa

Unlike other companies that offer mobile app access with only upper-tier plans, Procom includes remote access with every new home security system. This pushes its base monthly fees a little higher than competitors, but you won’t need to upgrade later on.

Its mobile app uses, which gives you three redundant alarm monitoring centers around the country. If one goes down for any reason, you’re covered by the other two. Its customer service hours are also 24/7, so you get many of the benefits of a national company with the personalized convenience of shopping local.

The Bottom Line: Procom’s varied high-tech home options and mobile app access with every system makes it the smart choice for building your smart home security.

More Chicago home security companies

Security Company

Phone Number

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Should I buy local or national?

Choosing a locally owned and operated home security company over a national brand means that you’ll often be working directly with stakeholders in the company. Owners of Chicago area businesses have a vested interest in giving you top-notch customer service, because their livelihood depends on your business.

But local companies won’t be as well-staffed as national ones, so you might have to deal with limited customer service hours and installation delays. When you buy from a national home security company like ADT or Brinks Home Security, you may find lower prices and more convenient business hours.

The best home security systems also have redundant monitoring centers, a perk that few local companies have, especially if they do their home security monitoring in house. Many national companies also offer DIY installation and self-monitoring, which benefit you if you’re on a tight budget.

Local home security 

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Better customer service
Pro Bullet Localized neighborhood knowledge
Pro Bullet Personalized systems
Con Heading
Con Bullet LImited service hours
Con Bullet Single monitoring center
Con Bullet Higher prices

National home security

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet 24/7 customer service
Pro Bullet Lower prices
Pro Bullet DIY installation and monitoring
Con Heading
Con Bullet Impersonal service
Con Bullet Fine print and extra fees
Con Bullet High--pressure sales

What to know about home security systems in Chicago

Choices for security providers

One of the perks about living in a large city like Chicago is the wide selection of local home security companies. Keep in mind that there are several Chicago locksmiths that also install security systems, like ET Locksmith and Goldy Locks. They’re worth considering if you find one nearby with good reviews.

National brands also have a presence in the city. ADT Home Security in Chicago costs around $30 a month, and Xfinity is similarly priced, positioning both national home security companies in the same ballpark as local brands.

System options

Wireless or wired? Professionally installed and monitored or DIY? It can be tough to decide, so it’s important to consider your living situation, budget, and personal preferences.

For security as a renter, you’ll want a non-invasive wireless system. With a DIY system, you can save money on installation and take it with you when you move. You can save some cash with DIY monitoring, but professional monitoring is always a more secure option.

If you live in a detached home, you’ll probably want an alarm system with security cameras to keep an eye on things outside. The good news is that you may actually save money in the long run—your homeowner’s insurance rates may go down if you let your insurance company know you’ve installed an alarm system.


Neighborhood review sites and crime trackers like Neighborhood Scout and AreaVibes can help you gauge the kind of security you’ll need for your home. The blog ChicagoNow also offers local perspective, if you want safety rankings for neighborhoods from Forest Glen to Beverly.


Chicago is a city known for its temperature extremes, so you need security equipment that can handle Mother Nature’s highs and lows. Using a local company will increase chances of devices that have been proven to stand up to freezing Chicago winters and sweltering Chicago summers.

Remote access

It’s wise to choose a home security system you can arm and disarm remotely. The Chicago Police Department recently announced harsher penalties for false alarms—you’ll be fined $75 if you have more than two false alarms in a single year, and the cost increases for each additional false alarm. The ability to remotely reset your system following a false alarm could save you some serious time and money.


Alarm systems can act as a hub for smart home devices like lights, thermostats, locks, and more. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, these smart home features simplify your life and bring peace of mind. Imagine your smart home automatically closing the garage door behind you when you leave, changing the temperature on your thermostat for energy savings, or turning off the lights.

Even if you’re not ready for a high-tech home, purchasing a security system with smart home capabilities leaves room to add smart devices later on.

Local safety resources

While it’s true that Chicago isn’t one of the safest cities in Illinois, it doesn’t mean you can’t make smart choices to live there more safely. For more information on how to stay safe in Chicago, check out these local resources.

Chicago statistics and trends

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Kasey Tross
Kasey is a trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member and a freelance writer with expertise in emergency preparedness and security. As the mother of four kids, including two teens, Kasey knows the safety concerns parents face as they raise tech-savvy kids in a connected world, and she loves to research the latest security options for her own family and for SafeWise readers.

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