Abode’s New Security Kit: Quality Home Security on a Budget

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Need to Know from SafeWise
  • Abode dropped its latest home security setup in May.
  • The Security Kit is Abode's most affordable option.
  • Unlike other offerings, this kit isn't compatible with Apple HomeKit.
  • We installed it and are testing it now—we walk you through setup.

If you have a penchant for integrating smart home devices, the Abode home security system is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Not only is it compatible with five of the major smart speaker systems (Apple Homekit included!), but it also works seamlessly with numerous other smart devices from top-tier brands like Philips Hue and Kwikset. And that's not all—Abode offers compatibility with Zigbee and Z-wave devices as well.

But there's always been a slight catch. To get all these automation capabilities, you would have to shell out almost $300 for Abode's basic starter equipment.

Well, not anymore.

This year, Abode rolled out its much-awaited budget-friendly option: the Security Kit. Costing half the price of the Iota and Smart Security systems, this kit packs enough punch to safeguard a small apartment, studio, or even a dorm room.

We got our hands on this kit and now we're ready to dive deep into what the Abode Security Kit has to offer—plus we guide you through the setup process.

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Abode Security Kit on table in entryway of home

Abode Security Kit—What's new?

The Abode Security Kit is designed to be a more affordable counterpart of the Abode Iota and Smart Security systems. While it might not have the exhaustive third-party compatibility of its pricier siblings, the Security Kit is no slouch either. It's readily compatible with popular smart speakers from Google, Amazon, and Sonos.

And it's not just about smart integrations. The kit comes with cellular and battery backup features to ensure your security system stays up even when the power or internet fails. And don't let its compact size fool you—the kit houses a robust 93 dB siren.

The design aesthetic of the Abode family is evident in the Security Kit. Functionality-wise, it allows integration with numerous third-party devices. But there's a catch: to unlock its full potential, you'll need to subscribe to one of Abode's monitoring plans. The Standard monitoring plan comes at $7/month, offering features like camera footage recording, notifications, and more. For those seeking 24/7 professional monitoring, the Pro package is available at approximately $23/month.

How to install the Abode Security Kit

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Getting started with the Security Kit is pretty straightforward:

  1. Unbox the kit: Begin with the essentials. Inside the box, you'll find the main hub, an AC power adapter, ethernet cable, entry sensor, keyfob, adhesives, and basic instructions.
  2. Set up the Hub: Ensure there's a free port on your router and an accessible outlet. Connect the hub to the router with the ethernet cable and power it up using the AC adapter.
  3. Download and register on the Abode app: With the hub in place, the next step is downloading the Abode app and creating an account. After registering your hub, devices like the keyfob and entry sensor included in the kit should automatically pair up.
  4. Add extra devices: If you've got more Abode devices, add them via the app. Install your entry sensors using the adhesive stickers and attach the keyfob to your keychain.

There's a lot to anticipate from Abode, and we'll be delving deeper with a comprehensive review after our expert Katie lives with the system at home for at least 30 days.

Rebecca Edwards
Written by
Rebecca Edwards
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