Alertify: Revolutionizing Safety and Guest Experience in Hospitality

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Alertify was recently nominated as an honouree for the CES 2024 Innovation Awards in the Smart Home category. Alertify is a smart monitoring device poised to transform how hotels, Airbnbs, and short-term rentals manage guest behavior and property safety. It’s also a great device for people who live with roommates, vacation homes, or parents who want to keep (reasonable) tabs on what the youth are up to in the basement.

Alertify room monitoring device in a room next to a chair with a decorative pillow on it.

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What is Alertify?

Alertify is a plug-in room/home monitoring device looking to revolutionize hospitality safety and guest experience management. It detects indoor smoking, noise disturbances, and unauthorized occupancy, allowing users to take proactive measures.

Real-time alerts enable quick responses to prevent noise complaints or property damage. The Alertify dashboard provides easy access to live and historical data on noise and smoking levels, improving property management insights. Moreover, users can download after-incident reports for dispute resolution, adding an extra layer of accountability.

How Alertify works

The Alertify device is a small, plug-in room monitoring device that continuously monitors various parameters, like noise, smoke, and occupancy. Real-time notifications allow hosts or managers to address issues promptly, and the dashboard provides live data and historical records.

Alertify features

Alertify integration and setup

With Alertify, you can set up your safety monitoring system in around five minutes. It's user-friendly and comes with clear instructions. Plus, it includes a backup battery to ensure continuous monitoring, even if someone tries to unplug it.

Real-time notifications and privacy compliance

Alertify offers real-time notifications when it detects violations, such as excess noise, indoor smoking, or elevated occupancy. These notifications are sent via SMS and email to the host, ensuring they can take swift action. Importantly, Alertify is privacy compliant; it doesn't monitor guests but focuses on safety-related parameters like noise levels, air quality, and more.

Comprehensive monitoring

Alertify's capabilities go beyond noise and smoking detection. It also monitors temperature, humidity, air quality, and even tracks particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) and gases like CO2. This comprehensive ambient monitoring ensures a holistic approach to guest safety and comfort.

Reports and documentation

The device generates reports that offer historical data and documentary evidence. This data can be invaluable for handling deposit disputes with guests, proving damages, or addressing fraudulent credit card chargebacks.

Customizable to your needs

Alertify allows users to customize notifications and time rules, ensuring you have complete control over when and how you receive alerts. It also seamlessly integrates with popular property management systems, enhancing your property's overall safety and efficiency.

Guest alerts

Alertify's latest feature, "Guest Alert," was released to existing clients for free. This feature sends direct messages to guests who may be causing disturbances such as excessive noise or indoor smoking. Moreover, all violations are recorded on PDF reports, providing hosts with valuable documentation for deposit chargebacks or issuing fines.

Savings and preventable problem reduction

Alertify can significantly reduce common issues such as noise complaints, indoor smoking incidents, and disputes with guests over damages. Alertify's proactive monitoring saves costs and helps hosts keep guests safe and happy.

How to get Alertify for your property

Smart monitoring

For a limited time, users can access all of Alertify's powerful features for just $180 per year. The price includes the device and access to its monitoring, reports, and notifications. If you're ready to enhance guest safety, reduce preventable problems, and streamline your property management, try Alertify today. 

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