Cove’s New Alarm Panel and Hub, Plus More 2023 Innovations

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Need to Know from SafeWise
  • Cove launches new alarm panel and hub
  • Cove Connect app delivers upgraded user experience
  • No changes for existing Cove customers
  • Z-wave compatibility and new cameras coming later this year

Cove home security has never been one to follow the crowd. From offering tailored equipment packages to the utilization of RapidSOS for swift assistance, Cove has established itself as a leader in DIY home security solutions. And Cove continues to evolve, releasing a revamped app, upgraded equipment, and the promise of more smart home compatibility, Cove is working hard to break from the pack. 

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New Cove alarm panel and hub on a counter in a home.

Image: Cove

What's new from Cove

I met with Cove to learn more about the home security company's new equipment developments and more upgrades coming for Cove customers this fall.

Long hailed as our pick for outstanding customer service, Cove's ethos remains centered on its customers. Driven by direct feedback from customers, Cove's recent changes represent the company's commitment to delivering a security system that's a breeze to set up and use. The new alarm panel and Cove Connect app were designed to give users what they've been asking for. Here's a rundown of what you can expect from Cove's latest innovation.

  • Multi-Room security: The fresh-out-the-box alarm panel and hub empowers you to set up multiple panels throughout your home—giving you direct access to your video feed and the monitoring center in different rooms or even on different floors. This move makes Cove a better fit for larger homes.
  • Better connectivity: Say goodbye to sole cellular dependency. The updated hub now works seamlessly even in areas with poor cell service, ensuring that no matter where you are, your home remains under the secure watch of Cove.
  • The upgraded Cove Connect app: Experience a more user-friendly interface. Key features include:
    • All-in-one access and control—no need to go into multiple apps to see what's going on at home.
    • The power to customize your dashboard with favorites.
    • Flexibility to set up more home automations and scenes to make your life more convenient and efficient.
    • Quicker response time within the app. Cove's original app had some lagging issues, but Cove Connect delivers a smoother, faster app experience.
  • Boosted Alert System: Now you can get an extra siren device to augment the built-in siren in the panel, ensuring that if an alarm is triggered, you'll know about it—loud and clear. This addition gives you alarms and sirens wherever you want them throughout your home and property.
Woman reading in bed with Cove alarm panel on bedside table displaying "Armed Stay"

Image: Cove

Coming soon from Cove

The new alarm panel, hub, and mobile app are just the first phase of changes for Cove in 2024. Later this year, customers can expect new camera integrations and expanded smart home compatibility. 

  • Eufy camera integration: Cove loves Eufy's cameras as much as we do. Soon you'll be able to enhance your Cove security system with the inclusion of Eufy cameras, all accessible through the Cove Connect app.
  • Z-Wave Connectivity: Finally! We're so pleased to see Cove open its arms to the plethora of smart home gadgets that help you stay safer (and more comfortable) at home. With this integration, Cove users will be set to unleash the potential of home automation scenes—from locking the door and turning out the lights when you leave for work to triggering the coffee pot in the morning.

What does this mean for current Cove customers?

Fear not! This new launch in no way affects your existing Cove systems. They remain fully functional and continue to receive Cove's reliable monitoring and support. We'll keep you posted as we get more details about how you can elevate your existing setup with the new panel and cameras, should you wish to.

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