Samsung SDC23: Tech, Smart Home, and Security Takeaways

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  • SDC23 was held October 5, 2023 in San Francisco.
  • Open innovation, sustainability and security were in the spotlight.
  • Platforms like Bixby, Samsung Knox, SmartThings, and Tizen for developers were showcased.

Samsung's annual Developer Conference (SDC23) showcased the latest multi-device experiences and services enabled by a cross-platform and truly connected ecosystem. The event, held yesterday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, emphasized Samsung's commitment to open innovation and service strategy while showcasing platforms like Bixby, Samsung Knox, SmartThings, and Tizen for developers.

Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics, stated, "Over 500 million Samsung products are sold every year, and the number of people using Samsung accounts exceeds 600 million. To us, this is both a huge achievement and a profound responsibility."

Samsung's focus on sustainability and security was evident throughout the event, highlighting these values' importance in the hyperconnectivity age.

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Image: Samsung

Smart homes more connected than ever

Samsung's vision of the connected home is deeply rooted in SmartThings and open innovation. Since adopting the Matter standard last year, the number of SmartThings users connecting compatible products and services has surged to over 290 million.

SmartThings Home API

The introduction of the SmartThings Home API makes it easier for developers to create innovative smart home apps. At the same time, integrating SmartThings Hub functionality into a wide range of products ensures users have centralized control over their connected homes.

This Multi-Hub Network feature allows for easy device replacements and additions, guaranteeing a stable network for a continuously smart home.

Samsung's partnership with Aqara was also highlighted, demonstrating how IoT sensors can work seamlessly with SmartThings to create more intuitive and accessible smart homes.

Tizen OS expands

Tizen OS, which has powered digital screens for over a decade, is expanding its reach to even more devices, including home appliances with 7-inch screens. The introduction of Home AI Edge technology enables appliances with lower computing power to request AI services from more powerful devices, making all home devices intelligent.

Tizen also plays a significant role in Samsung's gaming experiences, with the Samsung Gaming Hub supporting 3,000 games on the cloud platform. HDR10+ GAMING and Samsung's IRIS tool for graphics developers enhance the gaming experience on Tizen.


Samsung unveiled the second-generation SmartTag2, featuring an impressive battery life lasting up to 700 days (we'll have to take a couple of years to test this one!), IP67 water and dust resistance, and a sleek, compact design. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, the SmartTag2 can effortlessly track lost items, even in challenging conditions such as rain, snow, or underground environments.

Bixby integration

Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant, is increasingly integrating with SmartThings. With a focus on multi-device environments, Bixby can now intuitively understand which device best suits each command, providing users with a more seamless and personalized experience.

Knox Matrix and security

Security and privacy are paramount in a world of connected devices, and Samsung is addressing these concerns with Knox Matrix, its blockchain-based security vision. This year, Samsung is updating Knox Matrix's key features, including Credential Sync and Trust Chain.

Knox Vault is also expanding to more devices, including Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs and select Galaxy A series smartphones, providing users with enhanced security and convenience.

One UI 6 for a personalized experience

The new One UI 6 offers users more ways to personalize their smartphone experience. A revamped Quick panel, new exclusive typeface (One UI Sans), and AI photo editing tools make using Samsung smartphones more enjoyable and convenient. Samsung Studio allows users to make multi-layered edits (think TikTok style) to their videos—adding text, stickers, and music where and when they want.

Taking healthcare to the next level

Samsung is taking health care to new heights with enhanced digital health experiences provided by SmartThings and Samsung Food, a cooking app that aims to be all things culinary for home cooks. A personalized sleep environment and improved connections between users, devices, and services are in the spotlight. Samsung further demonstrated its commitment to health with the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, which enables developers to create digital health solutions using the Samsung BioActive Sensor.

Samsung also highlighted its collaborations with institutions like Brigham & Women's Hospital, the MIT Media Lab, Tulane University, and Samsung Medical Center, showcasing its dedication to advancing healthcare through technology.

Samsung Food, a comprehensive food experience across all connected devices, was introduced, offering personalized recommendations, recipe-sharing, and grocery purchase services. Samsung plans to integrate Samsung Health with Samsung Food, providing users with comprehensive health suggestions—from tips for better sleep to steps for a healthier diet.

Samsung invited developers, creators, partners, and others to join its commitment to open innovation and better experiences enabled by connectivity.

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