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We tried the She’s Birdie personal alarm, and it can definitely draw attention when you need help.
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She's Birdie personal alarm
She’s Birdie
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John Carlsen
Apr 30, 2023
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Personal alarms are a non-violent way to protect yourself on your walk home from work or while loading groceries in a dark parking lot. One of the best personal alarms is She’s Birdie. It’s loud and easy to carry, and it has a few features for additional safety. Here’s why we think this tiny device is worth your money.

pro Batteries last for 40 minutes
pro 5% of She’s Birdie’s profits are donated to women’s charities
pro 125db alarm
con Cell connection needed for Birdie+ extra features

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Best overall 130dB
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What's in the box

She's Birdie

Image: She's Birdie

  • Instructions
  • She’s Birdie personal alarm
  • Carabiner and keychain

Two sisters made She’s Birdie to protect other women

Two sisters, Amy Ferber and Ali Ferber Peters, were preparing to send their children off to college, excitedly helping them plan their dorm decor and necessary textbooks. However, excitement turned into fear after discovering some shocking statistics on sexual violence and assault on college campuses. 

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), an American non-profit organization, 13% of students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. Fearing for their children's safety, the Ferber sisters decided to take action and founded She's Birdie in 2019. 

This personal alarm keychain has since gained popularity, and it’s become one of the most popular products of its kind. It makes a loud noise that can alert others when an individual is in danger, providing a sense of safety and security to those who use it.

She’s Birdie is easy to use, and it’s loud


Image: She's Birdie

The She's Birdie alarm is super portable, thanks to its tiny size (barely bigger than your car’s electric key). And it’s easy to use. It is available in two versions: Basic and smarter. 

The basic version is the original product Ferber sisters initially launched, and it features a 125-decibel siren, which is as loud as a thunderclap or a chainsaw. It also has a built-in strobe light.

The smarter version, Birdie+, includes Bluetooth connectivity that can send a message to a call center representative, who can call your phone or emergency services. The call can be a good cover if you need to escape an uncomfortable situation. Or if there’s an emergency, the rep can call the police for you and give them your location.

How to use She’s Birdie

To use She's Birdie you pull the loop at the top from the bottom.

Image: She's Birdie

The classic She's Birdie alarm is straightforward to use. You activate the alarm by pulling the removable top from the body. The alarm then creates an ear-piercing sound that can deter an attacker or attract the attention of nearby people. The strobe light also goes off to create just a little more attention-getting mayhem. 

Birdie+ is just as easy to use. One tap sends a prerecorded call to your phone, which you can pretend is your mom or best friend who needs you right away to get out of a creepy situation. If you need help, double tapping the button alerts a rep that you’re in an emergency situation, and holding the button down shares your location with your emergency contacts. Of course, there’s an alarm too. Just pull the top section apart from the bottom.

She's Birdie is reusable, making it a cost-effective solution, unlike pepper spray. No need to worry about wasting it, either. Use it whenever you feel threatened. Trust your gut.

She’s Birdie is effective


Image: She's Birdie

We tried out the classic version and can confirm it’s loud and painful. In fact, we were surprised at just how jarringly loud this personal alarm is. It’s definitely painful at close range, which may be enough to distract a would-be attacker.. The flashing light might get lost in the commotion, but the sound is enough to get someone's attention.

“I would believe that this is 125 decibels,” said our tester, Katie McEntire. “It will definitely stop someone at least in their tracks to cover their ears or something 'cause it's pretty earth-shattering. As far as loudness, yes, she's very loud.”

Final word

The She's Birdie alarm is a simple and effective tool that can provide a layer of security to anyone who carries it. It is a loud, portable, and affordable solution to the growing problem of sexual violence and assault on college campuses and beyond.

She’s Birdie FAQ

The 125 decibels hurt our ears during testing, so pretty loud.

Yes, it is. It is also easy to remove from your bag at a TSA checkpoint thanks to its nifty carabiner.

The classic version doesn’t, but the Birdie+ can call a rep automatically on your phone. They will stay on the phone with you as long as you need and call for help if you’re in trouble. All you need to do is double-tap the button.

She's Birdie is a personal alarm to use when you feel threatened or need to get other people’s attention. Its design is sleek and modern, and it can be attached to keys, bags, backpacks, or clothing. It comes with a carabiner clip that allows the user to clip it onto a bag or keyring for easy access.

How we reviewed She’s Birdie

She's Birdie HWR

Image: She's Birdie

We tested She’s Birdie for our review. We also researched what real people thought of the product by looking at online reviews. You can learn more about how SafeWise reviews products and services on our methodology page.

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