Verisure Alarm UK Review

After researching Verisure, we were impressed with its innovation and worried by the long contract.
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    30 years experience
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    In-person guards
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    No price transparency

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Alina Bradford
Nov 03, 2022
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Verisure is a well-loved UK home security company, with 3.6 million customers and high customer ratings on Trustpilot.¹ We love it too. It offers innovation with fog barriers, smart home integration, and in-person security services. Plus, it tallies more than 30 years of experience.

While Verisure has a lot going for it, we don’t like its lack of transparency on costs and monthly fees. Plus, its contract is a load of tosh. If you can overlook those flaws, it’s a top-notch security system.

Verisure home alarm systems aren’t for the US

Though Verisure is in 16 countries, including Europe and Latin America, it does not service the United States. Here are our top picks for US security systems.

pro Extensive smart home integration
pro 30 years of experience
pro In-person guard
pro Innovative products and services
pro 24/7 monitoring
con No price transparency

Verisure cost

Since Verisure doesn’t offer up price information, we can’t tell you what to expect. Our previous research showed monitoring started around £40. From our research, it seems that each customer’s monthly fee depends on their setup. Verisure does customised estimates based on each flat’s needs, so your price won’t be the same as your mate down the lane.

Though we understand Verisure’s reasoning, it would be nice to know what each piece of equipment costs before diving into a consultation.

Get ready for your quote

Before you give Verisure a ring for an estimate, here are some things to jot down:

  • How many rooms does your home have?
  • How many entryways and windows do you want protected?
  • Do you want alarms, cameras, smart doorbells, or other equipment?

Is Verisure right for you?

Verisure is perfect if you want a security system with innovations no other security company in the UK provides.

It’s also great if you want smart home integration, but don’t want to fuss with setting up all of the devices yourself. A Verisure technician installs everything for you.

Verisure doesn’t offer general price range before getting an estimate. If you don’t have time to muck with consultations, we suggest skipping Verisure and trying SimpliSafe or Ring.


Verisure is a hands-off kind of security system. It only offers professional installation and professional monitoring.

How Verisure stacks up

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Starter equipment price
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Info current as of 07/23/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Verisure contract and warranty

While the company is beloved around the UK, you may notice some bad reviews when you go browsing. Many of these stem from cheesed off customers that didn’t understand the contract. No surprise there.

Most companies have decided to forgo contracts, and rightly so. We think contracts are confusing, restrictive and need to make their way to the rubbish heap. The one benefit of contracts is that companies often offer financing when you sign a contract, which can make it easier on those without the means to make an up-front payment.

The warranty is stellar, though. Once Verisure has you captured, it provides lifetime service on all of its products.

Verisure equipment

Verisure offers a wide variety of devices and equipment:

  • Smoke, flood, leak and temperature detection
  • Shock sensors
  • Fog barriers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Smart plugs
  • Break and enter sensors
  • Alarms
  • Panic buttons
  • Photo detectors
  • Perimeter detectors
  • Deterrent signs
  • Smart key readers and smart keys
  • Remote control alarms

This is the largest lineup of devices we’ve seen in top security systems. All devices are wireless, so no worries about holes in your walls. Many pieces are particularly impressive when compared to offerings from other security companies. These are some of our favourites.

Zero Vision Fog Barrier

The Zero Vision® Fog Barrier is one of the most unusual pieces of security equipment we’ve seen. When an intruder is verified by Verisure, the device essentially blinds them with a blast of fog. The hope is that the disoriented intruder scurries away.

GuardPass Keypad

This keypad doesn’t look very impressive, but it has a few quirky features, like its anti-jamming technology to protect your security system from hackers. Plus, you can use the keypad to talk directly with the Verisure monitoring center.

Seniors Protection

The Seniors Protection wrist watch and service is a great way to protect your aging loved ones. It keeps track of their location and can detect falls. If there’s trouble, a press of the SOS button can send for help.

Photo Detector

This nifty gadget will take pictures of anything that sets off its motion sensor. Verisure’s team analyses the images and sends help if there is a problem. It’s an interesting alternative to video surveillance that we haven’t seen with other security systems.

Perimeter Detector

The Verisure Perimeter Detector is another one-off device. It detects someone moving toward your home. Not only is this useful for detecting intruders, but it can also be used to track children playing in the garden.

Verisure setup and installation

Verisure is completely professionally installed and maintenanced. You don’t have to lift a finger, except maybe to ring the company for repairs or questions. Customers report that installation is quick and the installers are ace.

Verisure app

Once installed, you can use the Verisure app (available through the Apple Store or Google Play) to arm and disarm your new security system. You can also use it to view security camera footage, or control Verisure’s lineup of smart devices.

Verisure smart home features and compatibility

If your smart device isn’t sold by Verisure, it probably won’t work with this security system. The one exception is the Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell.

If you’re just starting on your smart home integration journey, you’ll be pleased. As noted above, the company offers a wide range of smart devices, from smart plugs to smart cameras. All of the devices are installed and integrated by a professional. It couldn’t be simpler to get your smart home up and running.

Verisure customer service and support

We’re impressed with Verisure’s level of service and support.

The 24/7 Guard Response service provides you with an in-person guard when needed. This is a very unusual offering. If you don’t want the authorities to visit your home, a guard is a good option.

The alarm receiving centre’s response time after an alarm is triggered averages at 45 seconds. That’s speedy. And technical help is available night or day.

Final word

We love the innovation packed into Verisure’s products and services, even though there’s a bit of mystery around prices. 

How we reviewed Verisure

Our Verisure review resulted from years of safety and security expertise and hundreds of hours of research. We studied Verisure, scoured countless customer and expert reviews and tested competitor systems.

To learn more about how we review products and services, please see Safewise’s methodology page.

Verisure FAQ

Yes. Verisure meets the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) accreditation standards and is gold-certified.

Verisure’s alarm receiving centre (ARC) is notified and you are contacted. If there is a need, a guard is sent to your home.

Yes, its alarms use a GSM transmitter unit to send information through the cellular network.

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