Angel Watch vs. AngelSense: Choosing the Right Safety Watch for Your Child

We researched and compared Angel Watch and AngelSense GPS tracker so you don't have to.
Best all-around
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    No social media
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    Lockable strap
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    Health monitoring
Best kids watch for SOS calls
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    Smaller size
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    Health monitoring

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Are you on the lookout for a gadget to help keep an eye on your little one? You might have heard about the AngelSense Watch and the Angel Watch. They sound similar, but they're quite different in what they offer. The one you pick all depends on what you're looking for.

Compare AngelSense vs. Angel Watch

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Video calling
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Best for SOS calls
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AngelSense Watch: Keeping track with ease

Think of the AngelSense Watch as your personal child safety assistant. It's mainly a GPS tracker with an SOS button – perfect for parents who want to know where their kids are at all times. It's simple for kids too – they can see the time and call you if they need to. The big win with AngelSense is the peace of mind it gives parents, knowing they can always locate their children.

Read more about the AngelSense Watch in our full review.

AngelSense Watch pros and cons

pro Auto pickup
pro Ride monitoring
pro GPS Tracking
pro Water resistant
pro Fall and activity detection
pro Discreet audio check-ins
con 60 minutes per month limit
con 1-year contract with monthly plan
con 24-hour battery life
con Large on small children's wrists
Light Bulb
Don't know what tracker you need?

AngelWatch: Fun and safety in one

Now, the Angel Watch is like a mini-smartphone for your kiddo's wrist. Not only does it track location, but it also lets your child take photos, make video calls, and even send texts to you and other family members. It's great for kids who love gadgets, and for parents who want to keep in touch and monitor their child's steps or health.

Read more in our full Angel Watch review.

Angel Watch Pros and Cons

pro No internet, app store, or games
pro Health monitoring
pro 3-second SOS button
pro Location history and tracking
pro Discreet audio and visual check-ins
pro Worldwide functionality
pro Battery lasted 96+ hours in tests
con Setup is limited for long-distance family members
con Default settings aren’t safe for kids
con Not very durable

Making the right choice

Both watches focus on safety and keeping track of your child, but they cater to different needs. AngelSense is all about straightforward tracking, making it a solid choice for parents. The Angel Watch, with its extra features, is fantastic for tech-savvy kids and parents who love staying connected. When picking the right one, think about what you and your child need most – simple tracking or interactive features?

Each watch has its charm and purpose, so choose the one that aligns best with your family's lifestyle and your child's personality.

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