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We tested the Angel Watch and loved its long battery life and huge list of features.
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Angel Watch kids smartwatch
Angel Watch
4.3 out of 5 stars
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    Secure communication
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    No web browser or app store
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    Health monitoring
Cathy Habas
Apr 03, 2023
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The Angel Watch is absolutely bursting with features. It’s a kids GPS tracker, smartwatch, and fitness tracker rolled into one—and still manages to be more affordable than some of its competitors. After testing the Angel Watch hands-on, we can confirm that it works smoothly and is a worthwhile purchase.

pro No internet, app store, or games
pro Health monitoring
pro 3-second SOS button
pro Location history and tracking
pro Discreet audio and visual check-ins
pro Worldwide functionality
pro Battery lasted 96+ hours in tests
con Setup is limited for long-distance family members
con Default settings aren’t safe for kids
con Not very durable

Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

Compare Angel Watch pricing

The Angel Watch comes in two varieties: Series R (for kids) and Series R - Assist  (for older adults).

Each watch comes with a free SIM card from Red Pocket Mobile, which uses the same cellular network as AT&T. A Red Pocket Mobile subscription costs $10 per month, but you’re welcome to use a SIM card from another GSM cellular provider.

Target user
Medication reminders
Sedentary reminders
Class schedule
Learn More
Angel Watch Series R KidsSilicone
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Angel Watch Series R - AssistOlder adultsLeather
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

What's in the box

Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

  • Angel Watch
  • SIM card (US purchases only)
  • Charging cable
  • Mini screwdriver
  • SIM card pusher
  • User manual

Angel Watch vs. other kids smartwatches

Best for
Watch price Icon Tooltip  Dark
Video calling
GPS tracking
Max. number of contacts
Compatible cell providers
Learn more
Angel Watch kids smartwatchAngel Watch
Best for SOS calls
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
25Red Pocket (AT&T)
Best for Verizon customers
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Budget pick
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
100Gabb Wireless
Best for unlimited data
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
10COSMO Family Safe Network
Best advanced GPS tracking
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
10AngelSense subscription using AT&T, T-Mobile
Tester favorite
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
53Red Pocket,
T-Mobile, AT&T price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.
*Limited time deal.
 **No contract required. $30 activation. New lines only.

No internet, no games

The Angel Watch connects to a 4G LTE cellular network to send messages and make phone calls. It also uses Wi-Fi for more accurate location tracking and to sync up with other Angel Watch users. But none of this means your kid can access the internet through the Angel Watch.

There’s no web browser, no social media, no dangerous apps, and no games apart from a timed math challenge.

Screenshot: SafeWise

The Angel Watch's "app store" contains just five apps:

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Google Translate
  • Line
  • WhatsApp

Secure communication with some complicated rules

With no games on the Angel Watch, your kid’s main entertainment comes from socializing with friends and family members. But before we dive into the watch’s communication nuances, we need to address some Angel Watch lingo.

Here are the permission levels for contacts:

  • The Administrator (one) sets up the app account and maintains control of the Family Member contact list.
  • Family Members (11) can see your child’s location and health status, become an SOS contact, and communicate through phone calls, text messages, and video calls.
  • Angel Watch Friends (four) are other Angel Watch wearers your child syncs up with for watch-to-watch messaging.
  • Cell phone contacts (10) can call and be called by the Angel Watch wearer.
  • Line contacts (unlimited) can send messages and phone calls through the Line Lite app.

There are three different messaging platforms on the watch:

  • Chat is just another name for group texts. Only Family Members can use Chat.
  • Friends messaging means two Angel Watch Friends are messaging each other through their watches.
  • Line Lite is a third-party app that anyone can join. Your child can send text, photo, video, and voices messages with an unlimited number of users through Line, but you set up those connections. It’s the only way computer users can communicate with the Angel Watch.

Here’s how kids can communicate with different levels of contacts and through the different messaging channels:

  • Written texts: Kids can only send written texts through Line. They can receive written texts from Family Members through chat but must respond with a voice message.
  • Voice texts: Kids can respond to written texts with voice texts. They can also receive voice texts from Family Members, Angel Watch Friends, and Line contacts.
  • Video calls: Kids can video call with pre-approved Family Members who have the companion app and scan the watch’s QR code. They can also share videos with Line contacts.
  • Voice calls: Kids receive voice calls from Family Members and cell phone contacts.

Picture texts: Kids can send photos to Family Members, Angel Watch Friends, and Line contacts.

Double-check these settings before using the Angel Watch

The Angel Watch has an optional free-dialing keypad. Disable this setting in the companion app to limit outgoing calls.

We also recommend toggling the Reject Strange Calls feature in the companion app to make sure no one can call your child without permission.

Screenshot: SafeWise

Long-distance family members have to wait for video calls

The only people who can video call your child are the Family Member contacts. But there’s a catch: they have to scan the watch’s QR code with their phone to activate video calls.

This is an extra security measure to make sure no one can video call your child without permission. But it means long-distance family members can’t complete the setup process until the next get-together.

This issue isn’t unique to the Angel Watch—the TickTalk 4 requires the same setup for video calls.

Discreet audio and visual check-ins

The Angel Watch isn’t the only kids smartwatch or GPS tracker with discreet audio check-ins, but it’s the only one we know of that offers visual check-ins too.

By dialing the parent number, you’ll prompt the Angel Watch to automatically call you back. This lets you listen in on your child’s surroundings without distracting them.

If you’d prefer to see what’s happening, you can view remote images through the parent app too. 

Fastest SOS button in a kids smartwatch

Your kid only needs to press the Angel Watch’s SOS button for three seconds to trigger the emergency call cycle. This is much faster than other watches, which require their SOS buttons to be pressed for 5–10 seconds.

We also like that the Angel Watch calls three emergency contacts in a row. If the first person doesn’t pick up, the watch calls the next, and then the next. Then, it tries all three contacts a second time.

911 option

Most kids smartwatches don’t let you add 911 as an SOS contact, but the Angel Watch does. We love that—it’s a great backup in case the first two family contacts don’t pick up.

If you set up the SOS button this way, make sure you teach your kid about the dos and don’ts of calling 911. Some municipalities issue fines for false alarms.

Location history, GPS tracking, and geofencing

The Angel Watch uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower positions (LBS) to show your child’s location in the parent app. The app also shows your location for reference. If you have more than Angel Watch-wearing kiddo, you’ll see all of them on the map at once.

We like that the map can be set to a normal, satellite, or traffic view.

You can also set up geofence alerts in the app to know when your child enters or leaves a safe area.

To see location history, make sure the app fetches location data automatically. If you check location manually (which helps preserve the watch’s battery life), the app can’t display historical data.

Is the Angel Watch an accurate GPS tracker?

Screenshot: SafeWise

We found a few user complaints about the Angel Watch’s location being miles off base sometimes. But to be fair, we’ve encountered the same glitch with every GPS device we’ve ever tested, so it doesn’t necessarily mean the Angel Watch is a bad device.

In our tests, the Angel Watch often showed my location darting across the street or into the neighbors' yards even when I never left the house. It seemed accurate when I took walks in the neighborhood or drove around.

I was disappointed about the Angel Watch's lack of live tracking, though. Location updates can be set to 10- or 60-minute intervals. Tapping the green pin in the map view will show you the watch's current location, so you can still get quasi-live tracking in a pinch.

Angel Watch requires AT&T coverage

Depending on your area’s infrastructure, the Angel Watch might not have enough data to show an accurate location. We recommend verifying that you live in an area with AT&T coverage (since Red Pocket Mobile uses the same networks as AT&T). If you live in an area with only Verizon coverage, you may need to choose the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 for a smoother experience.

If you’re still not sure if the Angel Watch will work in your area, test it during the 7-day free trial.

The only kids smartwatch with health monitoring

The Angel Watch is more powerful than it looks. Sensors rest against your child’s skin and record these health stats:

  • Temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen
  • Steps taken
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep quality (number of times your child rolls over)

The Angel Watch user manual states that it’s not a medical device. In other words, take these measurements with a grain of salt. The watch shows trends over time, but it isn’t as precise as a clinical-grade blood pressure monitor or a thermometer, for example. 

During tests, the Angel Watch often read my body temperature lower than usual. I took several blood pressure readings and all remained in the normal range. The Angel Watch overestimated my step count quite a bit—doubling the count that other trackers usually give. 

Measurements are given in metric units, such as centimeters and kilograms. There’s no way to program the watch to inches and pounds.

Automatic fall detection

The Angel Watch even includes fall detection, a feature normally reserved for senior medical alerts. If the watch senses a fall (sudden downward acceleration followed by no movement), it sends an alert to SOS contacts.

Even if your kiddo gets hurt and isn’t able to press the SOS button, you’ll know something happened. You can then call the phone, use the check-in features, and track their location to figure out your next move.

While it’s refreshing to see fall detection in a kid’s smartwatch, you should still preach the buddy system. Fall detection technology is never 100% accurate. It’s prone to false alarms and doesn’t detect “slow falls,” such as if your child leans on the wall and slides down to the floor.

Works outside the US too

The Angel Watch works worldwide. You’ll just need to activate a SIM card with a local provider that uses 4G/GSM/LTE cellular signals since the Red Pocket Mobile SIM card works only in the US.

Multilingual interface and Google Translate app

The watch comes with at least 18 other language options:

  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Malay
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese 

We also love that the Angel Watch includes Google Translate. Kids use the watch camera to scan texts and see translations on the screen. It’s the perfect accessory for your next international family vacation.

Extra features in the Angel Watch

Angel Watch flashlight. Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

The Angel Watch has a few other cool features worth mentioning:

  • Flashlight
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Weather
  • Timed math game
  • Waterproof casing
  • Do not disturb mode
  • “Find my watch” mode
  • Low battery alerts
  • Heart rewards for good behavior
  • Remote shutdown and restart

You can also buy different-colored silicone wristbands to match your kid’s style.

What’s missing from the Angel Watch?

The Angel Watch isn’t missing much, especially in terms of safety features. Here are a few fun tidbits that you can find on other kids smartwatches but not on the Angel Watch:

  • Rear camera in addition to selfie camera
  • Music and story streaming
  • Talk to text
  • Games
  • To-do list

What could be better?

Durability seems to be the Angel Watch’s main flaw. You’ll definitely want to grab a screen protector from the company’s accessories shop. I wore this watch for a week and it has two minor dings on the screen already. If your kid is the rough-and-tumble type, the rugged TickTalk4 might be a better option.

Other kids smartwatches also have more powerful cameras. You might notice the dip in quality on the companion app simply because your phone screen is much larger than the watch screen. From your kid’s perspective, the 2 MP camera will look just fine.

Photo taken with Angel Watch. Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

Finally, it was tough to navigate to a previous screen. At times I had to reboot the Angel Watch just to reset all the menus. Finally, I figured out that I had to swipe from bottom to top to go back to an earlier screen—but that didn't work most of the time. I did a lot of frustrated swiping while using the Angel Watch.

Angel Watch Series R - Assist: A medical watch for adults

Angel Watch also sells a smartwatch for adults with dementia or other special needs. It offersincludes a few extra features that promote independent living:

  • Fall detection
  • Audio medication reminders
  • Movement reminders (if you’ve been sitting too long)
  • Larger text
  • A leather wristband

It costs around $190—just $10 more than the original Angel Watch.

Since adults don’t (usually) have a class schedule, there’s no timetable feature on the Series R - Assist, but there’s a separate calendar app.

 All other critical features on the Series R kids watch remain on the Series R - Assist, so you can also track vital signs, make video calls, and keep an eye out for fall alerts and SOS calls.

If your loved one gets confused about where they are, you can see their location on the companion app and know exactly where to meet them. And if they need help fast, the SOS button calls emergency contacts.

Not professionally monitored

Note that the Angel Watch Series R - Assist is not a professionally monitored medical alert device. If you need help, your family has to pick up the phone. Alternatively, you can set up 911 as an SOS contact.  

If you’re at risk for medical emergencies, we recommend professionally monitored devices for a faster response time. Plus, your health history is kept on file at the monitoring center, so emergency responders have critical information about how to care for you.

Final word

The Angel Watch sets a high standard for kids safety. It’s the only kids smartwatch with stealthy visual check-ins and health monitoring. Plus, it has the fastest SOS button and works worldwide.

We consider the Angel Watch one of the best kids smartwatches on the market. Still, you may want to consider another watch if you prefer games over health monitoring or if you need to prioritize durability and affordability.

Check out our top kids smartwatch picks if you’re still on the fence.

Angel Watch FAQ

Yes and no. Your child can send text messages from the watch, but they’re processed through the Angel Watch App or the Line Lite app. Messages do not appear on the recipient’s phone like regular SMS texts.

No, Angel Watches are rated IP65, meaning they’re splash resistant.

Yes, Angel Watch uses the same network as AT&T and can use an AT&T SIM card if desired.

The Angel Watch comes with a proprietary magnetic charge cord. You’ll need to plug it into a USB wall adapter (not included) to charge it. Make sure the pins on the charger line up with the pins on the Angel Watch. The magnet helps guide it into place.

Sound Guardian refers to the discreet audio check-in feature on the Angel Watch. You can listen to the watch’s speaker to find out what’s happening around your child. 

How we reviewed the Angel Watch

We tested the Angel Watch for one week. Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

For our Angel Watch review, we wore it for one week, read the Angel Watch user guide cover to cover, spoke with customer service, and read dozens of user reviews. We tested every feature and used our knowledge of other kids smartwatches to gauge whether the Angel Watch offers competitive features at a fair price. Read more on the SafeWise methodology page.

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