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It's no surprise that Blink cameras are so popular: they're affordable and easy to use. But they don't offer as many features without a subscription plan. This is intentional because subscription plans are where the money's at for security camera companies. We're here to help you figure out what makes Blink plans worth buying, if Blink's local storage is a good alternative, and which plan we think is the best fit for most people.

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Compare Blink subscription plans

Monthly cost
Yearly cost
Number of cameras
Cloud storage
Extended warranty
Learn more
Icon No  LightNo
160 days
Icon No  LightNo
Unlimited60 days
Icon Yes  LightYes price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Blink subscription features

Without a plan

You can use your Blink camera without a monthly fee, but there aren't many features compared to free plans from brands like Ring, Arlo, and Google Nest. Still, it's a nice way to save some cash when you don't want cloud video storage. Here's what Blink offers without a plan:

  • View live video: You can watch up to five minutes of live video at a time, but there's no way to save video clips for free unless you use Blink's local storage option.
  • Two-way audio: You can speak with visitors on your live feed through the Blink Home Monitor app. We like this feature for checking in on family and talking with guests at the door.
  • Motion notifications: The Blink app will send a notification every time it detects motion. It's a nice way to keep up with happenings in your home and yard, but it isn't as convenient when you're in a meeting.
  • Alexa compatibility: You can view your Blink camera's live feed on Amazon Echo Show smart displays.

Blink Basic Plan

The Blink Basic Plan adds a lot of cloud video storage features for a single camera for about $3 a month. This price is competitive with Arlo Secure and Ring Protect Basic but isn't a bargain like the base plans from Wyze Cam Plus and Nest Aware. Blink Basic includes all of the free features while adding these upgrades:

  • Motion-activated video recording for one camera: Your camera records a short clip when it sees motion. These clips last up to 30 seconds on Blink Mini and 60 seconds on other models. Blink keeps a copy of your video clip in the cloud for 60 days before automatically deleting it. You can share or download video clips any time before the 60 days are up.
  • Live view recording: You can tap a button when live-viewing a camera to record everything you see. This is a nice way to record clips on demand.
  • Photo capture: The camera takes a photo every hour when armed and creates a short clip of each day.
  • Live view up to 90 minutes on Blink Mini: Watching a live security camera isn't at the top of everyone's list for entertainment. Still, it makes the Blink Mini useful as a baby monitor when you put your child in bed. Other Blink cameras still retain the five-minute limit from the free plan as a way to increase battery life.

Blink Plus Plan

The biggest benefits of Blink Plus are that it covers unlimited cameras and adds an extended warranty—all for around $10 a month. It's a great upgrade for anyone with multiple Blink cameras. Here's what you can expect from Blink Plus:

  • Unlimited number of cameras: The 60-day video storage now covers all your Blink cameras and helps keep costs down when you add new cameras.
  • Extended warranty: Blink cameras include a one-year warranty, but Blink Plus adds lifetime coverage for subscribers.
  • 10% discount: You save 10% on Blink cameras and accessories you buy through Amazon.

Blink local video storage

Local storage price as of post date.
Read full disclaimer.

Blink's local storage doesn't require a subscription, but we think it's worth mentioning since it's a one-time cost. All four Blink cameras support local storage via the Blink Sync Module 2.

It comes in the box with the Blink Outdoor and Blink Indoor—these two cameras require a Sync Module to run. If you're using a Blink Mini or Blink Video Doorbell, the Sync Module 2 is an optional upgrade that costs around $35—the same price as the Blink Mini.

Setting up Blink local storage

  1. You enable local storage by connecting a USB flash drive—it supports up to 256 GB—another thing to buy.
  2. Once connected, the Blink app may ask you to format the drive before it can record.
  3. After formatting completes, the USB drive is ready to save your videos.

Local storage tips

  • You can use local storage alongside a Blink subscription, but it's unnecessary unless you want to record live views, access photo captures, or use other Blink subscription plan features.
  • Local storage saves clips until your USB drive fills up and automatically deletes your oldest videos to make space for new ones.
  • You can review your recordings using the Blink app or by ejecting the flash drive to connect to a computer.

Which Blink plan should I get?

We think Blink Plus is the best Blink camera plan for most folks because it supports unlimited cameras and better live viewing. We also love that it comes with an extended warranty. The 10% device discount is great for saving a little cash as you expand your fleet of Blink cameras—subscribe after buying your first camera for maximum savings.

Pros and cons of paying for a Blink Plus subscription

pro 60-day cloud storage
pro Unlimited cameras
pro Extended warranty
con No free cloud video storage
con Monthly fees

Check out our lists of the best wireless security cameras and best video doorbells to see where Blink ranks among top security cameras.

Blink plan FAQ

Blink cameras offer motion-activated notifications and limited live viewing without a Blink subscription. You need a plan if you want video recording, sharing, and better camera performance.

Blink subscriptions are separate from Amazon Prime.

You can use the Blink Mini and Blink Video Doorbell without a Sync Module. Other Blink cameras—like the Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor—require the Sync Module to function, but it comes included in the starter kits for those models.

You can save Blink videos using local storage or a paid plan. Select the video from your Clips timeline in the Blink app to keep a recording permanently. From there, tap the download icon to save to file to your phone.

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