Ring Battery Doorbell Plus Review

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Ring offers a variety of video doorbells, each with its own set of features and price points. Among them, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus stands out as a notable addition to the lineup. In this review, we'll dive into the features, performance, and overall value of this new Ring doorbell.

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Ring Battery Doorbell Plus battery life

I installed the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus on September 20, and by October 18, the battery was still going strong at 26%. With recommended settings to conserve battery life, I captured consistent and reliable clips from my doorstep. Adjusting motion sensitivity and video clip length can extend battery life, although you'll receive fewer notifications and recordings in return. While a month on a single charge is commendable, it falls short compared to competitors like Blink, which boasts a two-year battery life on a set of AAs.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus video quality

The standout feature of the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is its video quality. This doorbell records and streams in a sharp 1536p resolution, a significant improvement over Ring's previous 1080p offerings. Whether in low light or bright conditions, the clarity and crispness of the footage were consistently impressive.

The 150x150-degree field of view provides a square picture ideal for viewing on your smartphone. The microphone effectively captures sounds from nearby streets and even from a distance. However, the two-way audio function can be inconsistent, varying from clear to choppy.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus smart features

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus comes equipped with smart responses, offering a range of customizable voicemail-like messages for visitors. From standard greetings to seasonal or even quirky options, this feature adds a touch of personalization to your doorbell experience. Additionally, the doorbell incorporates a package protection feature that uses machine learning to recognize packages on your porch. While it generally works well, it occasionally misidentifies non-packages as packages.

Subscription plans for the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Upon activation, the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus includes a 30-day trial of Ring's highest-tier subscription plan. This subscription offers SOS emergency calling through the Ring app, providing an added layer of security. Essential features like saving, sharing, or recording video clips are unavailable without a subscription, which can be frustrating.

Integration with the Amazon ecosystem

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus seamlessly integrates with Amazon Echo smart speakers and other Amazon smart home devices. You can include it in routines and automations to interact with lights, locks, and other smart home devices. For Echo Show owners, the doorbell can stream live camera footage on demand or when someone rings the bell.

Final word

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is a solid choice for Ring enthusiasts. It offers excellent video quality, flexible power options, and smart features like smart responses and package protection.

However, it needs more battery life compared to some competitors and requires a subscription for full functionality. While it may not be the best option among all video doorbells on the market, it is a noteworthy addition to Ring's lineup, especially for those already invested in the Amazon ecosystem.

Ring's newest video doorbell

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