The Best Products to Keep Your Property Safe in the Snow and Ice

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In many parts of the United States, the winter season means snow and ice—which can cause all sorts of problems. Ice makes for precarious footing and sometimes results in injuries, and snow and ice together can form ice dams on your roof or snap tree branches, potentially damaging your home or yard. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and winter safety tips to help your family and home stay safe this time of year.

1. Take Care of Your Roof, Driveway, and Sidewalk

Driveways, outside stairs, and walkways sometimes become treacherous in the winter, particularly if snow coats a layer of underlying ice. In such conditions, you or another person may slip and fall. You can help prevent this with the following winter safety rules and tools.


Be aware of your surroundings.

Always pay attention to the surfaces ahead of you, including sidewalks and your home’s entryway. Doing so won’t prevent all falls, but it will mitigate most of them.

Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

When shoveling snow, opt for flat shoes with a noticeable tread. Don’t forget to wear gloves, especially if spreading ice-melt mix on the driveway.

Walk carefully.

In the winter, take things slow. Make sure your feet are securely placed before taking another step.


Next, invest in some tools to help you through the season. Some prevent ice accumulation, while others are useful once snow and ice cover the ground.

Snow Blower

Most people begin clearing away snow with a snow blower. It’s a sensible choice. The blower reduces the amount of snow and ice you’ll need to shovel by hand, which means you shouldn’t incur any back injuries. These popular snow blowers will help you successfully manage the snowfall.


Toro Curve Snow Blower. With over 700 customer reviews averaging four stars, you can trust this snow blower to get the job done. It also features a mid-range price tag—just $249.

Sun Joe All-Purpose Electric Blower. This snow blower perfectly handles light snow. It’s great for patios, decks, and other outdoor nooks and crannies.

DuPont Teflon Snow and Ice Repellent. This product keeps your snow blower in pristine operating condition by preventing snow buildup on augers and chutes.


You likely will need more than one type of snow shovel: one for pushing and another for scooping and tossing. Consider the handle length, grips, and overall sturdiness.

AAA Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. The multipurpose shovel features an adjustable handle and easy disassembly for storage.

True Temper Ergonomic Snow Shovel. This shovel has been the fan favorite for three years in a row at The Sweethome.

Hopkins Subzero Snow Broom. To finish clearing the snow, add this snow broom to your arsenal.

Driveway Markers

When four feet of snow fall overnight, you need visual cues for where the driveway and sidewalks are. Driveway markers help you stay “in the lines.”

Rebound Snow Stakes. Each package contains six stakes, so you may need to purchase two or three kits. The stakes are made of steel and fiberglass, so they’ll last for a long time.

Dasco Pro Driveway Marker with Reflective Tape. Dasco’s product uses a similar construction to the Rebound ones, but each package includes ten markers instead of six and is slightly less expensive.

Ice-Melt Spreaders

Ice-melt distributors work great at what they do, but exercise some caution when deciding on the ice-melt mix you use. Some mixes hurt plants and irritate pets’ paws.

Scotts Mini Broadcast Spreader. This spreader is a helpful tool to distribute ice-melt salt. You can also use it to apply fertilizer in March or April—just make sure to wash it thoroughly first.

Home-X Salt Spreader. If only a small surface area requires salt, consider using a handheld spreader and saving yourself some money.

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter. Safe Paw’s ice-melt mix ranks as an Amazon bestseller because it’s safe for pets, kids, and plants. Its pellets also cover more surface area than standard rock salt.

Heated Mats and Cables

Heated mats and cables make shoveling snow a dim memory. The mats can be combined to cover a driveway or used individually on walkways, stoops, and steps. The cables prove ideal for tight corners, such as those found on stairs or patios.


HeatTrak Residential Snow-Melting Walkway Mat. This mat can melt up to two inches of snow per hour and be used all season long.

Warmly Yours 120V Snow Melt Cable. Warmly Yours provides cables in varying lengths and voltages, and the company also sells mats.

Roof Cables and Rakes

To prevent damage to your home’s roof, purchase heating cables. Snow rakes help, too.

Easy Heat Snow De-Icing Kit. This kit can be purchased in different lengths in order to fit your roof. You can easily install the cable with the kit’s included clips and instructions.

Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake. Garelick’s rake keeps you safely on the ground even as you clear the roof of snow and ice.

2. Take Care of Your Pipes and Water Faucets

Unprotected outdoor pipes and water connections can sometimes burst, cause floods, or break sprinkler systems. Implement these basic winter safety tips to provide extra protection against the elements.


Drain water from irrigation systems.

You’ll also want to drain water from outdoor faucets and pools. Standing water can cause pipes to break or cracks to form in a pool’s foundation.

Close indoor water valves that supply outdoor faucets.

Then, open the faucets to allow the remaining water to drain.

Store water hoses.

Detach, drain, and store hoses until it’s time to water the lawn and garden again.


Look for insulating items like sleeves and foam to care for your pipes and faucets. You can also use a heating cable for pipes located in crawlspaces.

Pipe Insulators

M-D Pipe Heating Cable with Thermostat. M-D’s cable comes in several lengths and prevents freezing down to minus fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Reflectix Spiral Pipe Wrap. Consider insulating exterior pipes or aboveground sprinkler systems with a product like this pipe wrap.

Duck Insulated and Flexible Faucet Cover. Duck’s cover uses weather-resistant fabric and secures a variety of exterior faucets.

3. Take Care of Your Patio and Deck

Patios and decks—especially those made of wood—will appear worse for wear in the spring without some weatherproofing in the fall. Plus, if you plan on roasting marshmallows in the patio fire pit at all during the winter, you’ll want to keep the area free of snow and ice.


Clean the deck or patio.

Dirt, grease, and other debris accumulate during the summer.

Apply a wood sealant.

It’s best to apply a wood protector annually. It prevents water from seeping in and causing mold, mildew, and wood rot.

Cover or store planters and furniture.

To keep away rust and mold, store planters and patio furniture in a dry location or buy weather-resistant covers.


Products for the patio include the heating cables mentioned in the driveway and sidewalks section above. These other products are more preventative.

Outdoor Wood Care Products

Wagner HVLP Sprayer. You can forget about working on your hands and knees with the Wagner Sprayer. It will make applying wood protector quick and easy.

Eco Advance Wood Siloxane Waterproofer-Concentrate. This non-toxic sealant protects wood from ice-melt salt, water damage, and mildew.

Classic Accessories Patio Table and Chair Covers. Covers are a simple addition, but they keep snow and ice from ruining your favorite outdoor furniture.

4. Take Care of Your Grass, Trees, Shrubs, and Plants

Setting down mulch and trimming trees are typical winterization duties, but you should also think about ways to best transition plants from winter to spring. The winter safety tips that follow should be done before winter sets in.


Trim trees.

Pay particular attention to drooping limbs near your roof. They tend to break when weighed down with snow and ice and could damage your home or yard.

Cover plant beds.

Begin with a layer of mulch and follow it with a protective cover of burlap or other material.

Rake leaves.

Raking gets rid of dead growth, helping nutrients reach the grass and plants that remain.


Just like you can heat your driveway, you can most certainly heat your yard or garden. You can also protect it with mulch, covers, and pruning. These products will help your outdoor areas survive even the coldest of winters.

Trimming Supplies

Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw. You can trim trees down to size with Sun Joe’s easy-to-use—and extendable—pole chain saw.

Haus & Garten Titanium Pruning Shears. These shears have a higher price tag, but they’re so heavy duty that they’re well worth the investment.

With the products and winter safety tips listed here, your home and property will stay safe all winter long. You’ll have no frozen pipes, slips on driveways, or dangerous ice dams. Once you’ve conquered winter, make sure your home is prepared to stay safe during spring, too.

*SafeWise has conducted impartial research to recommend products. This is not a guarantee. Each individual’s unique needs should be considered when deciding on chosen products.

Written by Katherine Torres

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