What Happens to My Alarm Monitoring If My Phone Line Is Cut?

Sometimes during burglaries or home invasions, an intruder will cut the phone line to prevent the alarm system from reaching the monitoring center. The lines can also be cut accidentally during construction work. Two common ways to get around this problem are cellular backup systems and wireless broadband systems.

Cellular Backup

In many cases, modern home security systems come equipped with cellular backup. This is a system that routes the signal wirelessly using the same technology as cellphones—no landline required.

Cellular monitoring is a game-changer. It eliminates one of the greatest vulnerabilities of traditional home security systems: the fact that the physical line between the alarm and the monitoring station is vulnerable to breaks. Having the cellular backup option means that if the primary connection goes out, you still have a lifeline.

There are two types of cellular monitoring systems: direct and indirect. Direct systems send their signal straight to the alarm company’s central monitoring station, while indirect systems route the signal to a third-party monitoring station. Some people may prefer the direct method because it has fewer variables involved, but either method gets the job done.

Broadband Security Systems

There are also fully wireless home security systems that route alarm information through broadband connections rather than landlines, but these systems have the same drawbacks as landline-exclusive systems; that is, they’re one-trick ponies. Wi-Fi connections, while generally reliable, can go out for various reasons. These types of wireless security systems are great options for homes that don’t have landline connections, but they’re not the most reliable setup out there.

In the end, your best bet is a hybrid system that combines multiple options: a hardwired landline connection with a cellular backup in case that wired connection is unavailable, for example.

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