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Medical Guardian sells one of the largest selections of medical alert equipment on the market, but some of their options aren’t easy to find on their website. We’ve combed through Medical Guardian’s catalog to help you understand what’s available from this leading medical alert company and how to choose what’s right for you.

What Medical Guardian sells

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Mobile medical alerts from Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian’s lineup of mobile medical alerts has changed a lot over the last couple of years. We love the company’s dedication to innovation. Here’s the current selection of wear-anywhere medical alerts from Medical Guardian.

Mobile 2.0

The Mobile 2.0 is the most versatile medical alert from Medical Guardian. The battery-powered base unit can be worn around the neck, but if it’s too clunky, you can slip it inside your pocket and wear a secondary button as a bracelet or necklace.

You can take the Mobile 2.0 outside the home or use it as a mini indoor system—just make sure the secondary buttons stay within 500 feet of the base unit. The base-unit battery lasts three to five days on a single charge.

Another unique feature in the Mobile 2.0 is a unit status/test button. Press it to confirm that the unit is working without having to talk to the monitoring center.

  • Cost: $124.95 unit fee + shipping and $39.95/mo. subscription
  • Available add-ons: Fall detection, wireless wall button, voice-activated wall button
  • Comes with: Lanyard, belt clip, charging cradle, help button with lanyard and wristband attachments in black or white

Mini Guardian

The Mini Guardian doesn’t come with secondary buttons, but it performs the same crucial functions as the Mobile 2.0 in a sleeker and slightly lighter package. For the fashion-forward, the Mini Guardian comes in three colors: white, black, and silver.

There’s no discreet test button on the side of the Mini Guardian. You’ll have to test it the normal way by pressing the help button, waiting for a professional monitor to pick up the call, and telling them you’re just testing the device.

  • Cost: $149.95 unit fee + shipping and $39.95/mo. subscription
  • Available add-ons: Fall detection
  • Comes with: Lanyard, belt clip, charging cradle

MGMove medical alert watch

The MGMove is a medical alert watch that tells time, shows the weather forecast, and tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned. As expected, it has an emergency help button, built-in speaker, and GPS tracking. Like the Mobile 2.0, there’s also an easy-to-use test button on the MGMove. 

The MGMove is easy to put on with one hand and is a discreet, modern alternative to other medical alerts, but it needs to be charged daily. It isn’t for people at risk of falls—there are no fall detection sensors in the MGMove.

  • Cost: $199.95 unit fee + shipping and $39.95/mo. subscription
  • Available add-ons: Support Circle apps
  • Comes with: Charging station

In-home medical alerts from Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian’s in-home medical alerts come in two flavors: landline or cellular.

Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian is the landline-dependant system. It’s currently the only Medical Guardian product loaned to users for free. The Classic Guardian comes with one help button (wristband or necklace) that works up to 1,300 feet away from the base station.

The base station itself has a large help button and a 32-hour backup battery.

Medical Guardian Classic Guardian system
  • Cost: Shipping and $29.95/mo. subscription
  • Available add-ons: Fall detection, wireless wall button, voice-activated wall button, extra pendants
  • Comes with: Power cord, your choice of wrist button or lanyard button

Home 2.0

The Home 2.0 unit uses a 4G LTE cellular connection to communicate with the monitoring center. It comes with a help button that snaps into a wristband or lanyard attachment.

This button works up to 1,400 feet away from the base station. Like the Classic Guardian, the Home 2.0 base station has a help button and a 32-hour backup battery. This model has a test button.

Medical Guardian Home 2 (1)
  • Cost: $124.95 unit fee + shipping and $34.95/mo. subscription
  • Available add-ons: Fall detection, wireless wall button, voice-activated wall button, extra pendants
  • Comes with: Power cord, help button with lanyard and wristband attachments in black or white

Medical Guardian accessories

Once you click “Select Options” on a Medical Guardian product page, you’ll see a list of compatible accessories and services. Here’s what you can expect.

Extra black or white button kits

Grab an extra button kit for a spouse or to have your own backup. They come in black and white. The buttons that come with the Classic Guardian unit look a little different, though.

  • Cost: $2.99/mo. each
  • Works with: Mobile 2.0, Home 2.0, Classic Guardian

Fall Detection Pendant

A fall detection pendant automatically signals the monitoring center when it detects rapid downward motion. Fall detection pendants from Medical Guardian include a help button too, so you only have to wear one thing, but they’re not available as wristbands.

There’s also no separate fall detection pendant for the Mobile 2.0 and Mini Guardian—you just pay for an additional level of monitoring.

Learn more about how fall detection works.

  • Cost: $10.00/mo.
  • Works with: Mobile 2.0, Mini Guardian, Home 2.0, Classic Guardian

Wireless Wall Button

Medical Guardian’s wireless wall buttons work up to 500 feet from the base units. We highly recommend placing them in the bathroom—especially within reach of the tub floor or the toilet. This is a great backup option in case you need help but aren’t wearing the help button—such as if you take a shower or get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break.

The wall button that comes with Classic Guardian looks different from the one that comes with the Mobile 2.0 and Home 2.0, but it has the same signal range.

  • Cost: $2.99/mo. each
  • Works with: Mobile 2.0, Home 2.0, Classic Guardian
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Medical Guardian buttons are shower safe

You don’t have to take off any Medical Guardian wearable products to take a shower—they’re all water resistant, as is the wireless help button.

Voice-Activated Wall Button

Like the Wireless Wall Button, the Voice-Activated Wall Button works up to 500 feet from Medical Guardian’s base units. They can be activated by saying “help me, help me” or pressing the button.

This is a rare accessory in the medical alert industry. Out of the dozens of brands out there, only GetSafe, Aloe Care Health, and Alexa Together use voice activation—in addition to Medical Guardian, of course.

  • Cost: $4.99/mo. each
  • Works with: Mobile 2.0, Home 2.0, Classic Guardian

Alert 911

The Alert 911 device is a bit of an odd duck.  Instead of calling Medical Guardian’s professional monitoring center, it calls the nearest 911 dispatch center at the touch of a button. You can talk to dispatchers through the two-way speaker.

Medical Guardian doesn’t sell the Alert 911 by itself, but it can be purchased alongside any Medical Guardian system.

  • Cost: $9.99/mo. each
  • Available with: Any Medical Guardian purchase
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Why bother with professional monitoring at all?

Professional monitors have a file with your medical history, current location, and other important information—including the code to the lockbox holding your front door key. They can share this data with dispatchers even if you’re not feeling well enough to talk. They also know which family members to contact in the event of an emergency.

Calling 911 may be faster by a minute or two if you’re able to speak and know where you are.


You can lease a lockbox from Medical Guardian and ask them to set it up with a specific four-digit code. Keep it outside your door in easy view of first responders. They’ll use the code provided by the monitoring center to retrieve your door key—a nice alternative to busting down your door.

You can also buy a lockbox from a local hardware store and share the code with Medical Guardian at no charge.

  • Cost: $2.99/mo.
  • Available with: Any Medical Guardian purchase

Icons Collection fashion pendant

Medical alert buttons aren’t really chic. That’s why some companies sell fashionable covers. For Medical Guardian, that’s the Icons Collection—a series of four buttons designed to look like medallions with inset gemstones.

The Icons Collection buttons take the place of the basic help buttons that come with the Mobile 2.0, Home 2.0, and Classic Guardian. They don’t include speakers or fall detection, but pressing them does trigger a call to the monitoring center through the base station.

We recommend calling Medical Guardian to purchase a pendant from the Icons Collection.

Medical Guardian Icons necklace
  • Cost: Call to inquire
  • Available with: Mobile 2.0, Home 2.0, Classic Guardian

Medical Guardian services

We set out to provide a guide to Medical Guardian equipment, but it seems silly not to mention the upsell services you’ll encounter during checkout too. Here are the extra services up for grabs.

OnGuard Alerts

With OnGuard Alerts, you allow people in your Care Circle (which you define in the MyGuardian web portal or app) to get instant texts and emails when you start an emergency call.

  • Cost: $2.99/mo.
  • Available with: Any Medical Guardian purchase

MG Protection Plan

The MG Protection Plan is basically an extended warranty. One base unit, two buttons, and unlimited batteries are replaced per 12-month period with the Protection Plan. You also get an unspecified discount on extra equipment.

As with any equipment warranty, there’s some fine print. Damage has to meet certain criteria to qualify for equipment replacement, for example, and the MGMove doesn’t qualify as a “button replacement.”

  • Cost: $6.99/mo.

  • Available with: Any Medical Guardian purchase

Support Circle Apps

Only available on the MGMove, Support Circle Apps currently include the Messages App and Reminders App.

The apps pair with a loved one’s smartphone, allowing them to text you and set up medication or appointment reminders. You’ll see the messages and reminders on your MGMove watch—just like any other smartwatch.

  • Cost: $5.00/mo.
  • Available with: MGMove

Final word

We like the quality and price of Medical Guardian’s equipment. Read our full Medical Guardian review to learn more about this company and see how it compares to the top medical alert systems.

Medical Guardian equipment FAQ

Medical Guardian’s cellular equipment connects to the AT&T 4G LTE network.

We’re fans of the Home 2.0. It covers all the bases with mobile coverage, optional in-home accessories, and optional fall detection. If you don’t go outside by yourself, you’ll save a bit of money every month if you get the in-home Classic Guardian or Home 2.0 models instead.

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