SimpliSafe Equipment Compatibility: How Does It Work?

SimpliSafe consistently ranks highly among our top home security systems thanks to affordable monitoring and no contracts. It also sports a huge selection of proprietary security devices compared to DIY competitors like Google Nest Secure and Ring Alarm.

Unfortunately, that selection doesn't apply to SimpliSafe's smart home compatibility with third-party brands. The brand integrates with Alexa, Google, and August, but that’s about it.

Here's a quick breakdown of the equipment that works with the SimpliSafe security system. For more information about SimpliSafe as a whole, including professional monitoring, pricing, equipment, and customer service, check out our full SimpliSafe review.

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Does SimpliSafe need Wi-Fi to work?

No, but you can't use SimpliSafe cameras or the SimpliSafe app without it. The system's sensors and cellular monitoring service work independently of your home Wi-Fi network.

Base SimpliSafe equipment

Every SimpliSafe starter kit comes with four essential components: a base station, keypad, motion detector, and entry sensor. Without all four devices, your system isn’t fully set to detect when intruders enter your home. Everyone with a security system should build on this foundation.

Base station


Motion sensor

Entry sensor






  • Control system
  • Keep tabs on sensors
  • Backup battery
  • Communicate with monitoring center
  • Arm/disarm system
  • Adjust system settings
  • Detect motion using infrared light
  • Detect when windows or doors open and close
  • Info current as of 08/07/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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    Bigger kits have more sensors

    In general, the number of motion and entry sensors changes based on the starter kit.

    SimpliSafe add-ons

    Although you'll find the same base equipment in every SimpliSafe system, the add-ons depend on the starter kit you choose or how you customize your system. All of these devices tie into the SimpliSafe alarm system to trigger alarms or change system arming status.

    None of these add-ons are strictly necessary for a functional security system, but they can bump your security up to the next level, depending on your needs.

    SimpliSafe pours a lot of money into proprietary add-ons for its system, similar to Vivint's professional system. This isn't common among DIY security systems, which often have fewer sensors overall or rely on third-party equipment to fill the gap.

    By creating its own devices, SimpliSafe can reduce costs and control the quality of the products, but has almost no flexibility to work with third-party brands.

    Here are the possible add-ons for SimpliSafe security systems:

    Key fob


    Glass break sensor

    Panic button

    Freeze sensor

    Water sensor

    Smoke detector

    Carbon monoxide sensor











    Remote system control

    Audible warning alarm

    Detect window smashing

    Trigger emergency response

    Prevent pipe bursts from frozen pipes

    Spot leaks and flooding

    Detect smoke

    Detect hazardous CO buildup

    Info current as of 08/07/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

    You might buy a key fob or panic button for easier system controls, while a siren can help scare away intruders. Or maybe you want to spot environmental hazards like flooding, freezing, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

    Glass break sensors fill a gap between motion detectors and entry sensors since you might have motion detectors in main areas of your home but not bedrooms.

    SimpliSafe Smart Lock

    The SimpliSafe Smart Lock (about $99) is affordable compared to most smart locks but doesn't match competitors' advanced features like August's open-door detection and Yale's smart home versatility.

    It's also slightly harder to add to a custom system since it doesn't show up in any starter kits or SimpliSafe's customization menu. Instead, you buy it separately, which is disappointing since the lock doesn't work without a SimpliSafe system.

    To learn more, read our SimpliSafe smart lock review.

    Stand-alone SimpliSafe devices

    While most SimpliSafe equipment works as part of the security system, its two camera products work without it. These two devices are a great jumping-off point if you want to try SimpliSafe gear but don't want to commit to a full-blown security system.


    The SimpliCam security camera (about $99) is a stand-alone device that you can use without other SimpliSafe equipment. It's a fairly average device compared to other security cameras but has a few noteworthy goodies:

    • Physical privacy shutter
    • Motion detection alerts
    • Optional cloud video storage
    • Optional outdoor case

    Check out our SimpliCam review to learn more.

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    Camera storage comes with SimpliSafe's Interactive monitoring

    If you have SimpliSafe's Interactive monitoring plan, you don't need a separate cloud storage subscription for the company's cameras.

    SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

    The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro (about $169) is one of the more affordable smart doorbells. But it doesn't have the same robust night vision as competitors like Ring, Google Nest, and Arlo.

    It's also far more limited because it integrates only with SimpliSafe equipment, rather than the broad range of smart home devices that work with the competition.

    Visit our SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro review for more information.

    Third-party smart home devices that work with SimpliSafe

    We appreciate that SimpliSafe supports third-party smart home devices in the first place, but it's far less communicative than competitors like ADT and Vivint. Most of this comes down to SimpliSafe's meager home automation offerings: no smart lights, plugs, or thermostats.

    Amazon Alexa

    Google Assistant

    August smart lock

    How it works with SimpliSafe
  • Arms system
  • Checks system status
  • Arms system
  • Checks system status
  • Locks based on system arming status
  • SimpliSafe boasts smart home compatibility with three popular platforms: Alexa, Google, and August. While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offer limited control of SimpliSafe security systems, you can control August smart locks as part of your system.

    The Alexa and Google commands are pretty limited with just two options: arming the security system and checking system status. Citing better security as a goal, SimpliSafe won't disarm using a voice assistant, making it less useful than ADT's option to disarm with a spoken code.

    Nest compatibility

    SimpliSafe used to work directly with the Nest thermostat, but now Google Assistant (or Alexa) controls the thermostat and system arming status.

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