Ring Camera Troubleshooting

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Sometimes tech has a bad day, including Ring video doorbells and Ring cameras. Here are some common problems and fixes to help keep your Ring cameras rolling. While our guide generally applies to all Ring cameras, you can find doorbell-specific advice in our Ring doorbell troubleshooting tips.

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Ring troubleshooting

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Why is my Ring camera not connecting to my Wi-Fi?

The first thing to check if your Ring doorbell or camera's connection drops should be the power source.

  • Check the plug on your wired power cord. Is it still in the outlet? If it is and still doesn't work, check the outlet itself by plugging in a different device, like a lamp. You may need to reset a tripped breaker or replace the outlet.
  • Check the battery if your device uses one, and keep up with low-battery notifications in the Ring app. You may need to charge your camera's battery.

If your camera powers on, then it's time to check your Wi-Fi connection.

  • Check the Device Health section in the Ring app for camera and doorbell status. It can tell if the Wi-Fi signal strength was too low before it failed.
  • Bring your camera near your router to see if the connection comes back. You can also try putting your router in a more central location. For good measure, you may need to restart the Ring app too.
Your Wi-Fi connection affects Ring's video quality

If your Ring video quality looks subpar, you can often fix it by establishing a better Wi-Fi connection. Ring suggests restarting your router, computer, smartphone, or a combination of the three. If the signal is still weak, you may need a Wi-Fi extender, like the one in the Ring Chime Pro, to reduce interference from obstructions like walls.

Why is my Ring camera not making sound?

There are a few things that can negatively affect audio on your Ring camera:

  • Smartphone volume: Make sure your sound isn't on mute or too low.
  • Two-way audio: Don't forget to use two-way audio to activate the live video and audio feed on your phone so people can hear you through the camera and vice versa.
  • Adjust phone settings: Ending ongoing phone calls and turning off Bluetooth can fix audio issues.
  • Restart your camera: This classic troubleshooting tip is sometimes all it takes to fix a problem with your Ring device.
Reset your Wi-Fi or your camera if all else fails

Sometimes tech needs a fresh start. See the sections above and below this one for tips on resetting your Wi-Fi and your Ring camera. If neither option works, you'll need to contact Ring customer service.

How do I reset my Ring doorbell or camera?

You can perform a hard reset without removing the camera from the Ring app. Ring doorbells and cameras have a physical reset button (it's also the setup button) that you hold down for 10 to 20 seconds. Here's where to find the reset button on your Ring camera:

The reset process may take a few minutes to finish. Once complete, the camera will load into setup mode—follow the instructions in the Ring app to set up your camera again.

Changes to the Ring app

The app is changing as of March 29, 2023. All Ring doorbells and cameras will require a Ring Protect Plan subscription to access the Home and Away Modes feature.

How do I know if my Ring camera is recording?

Ring's cameras and doorbells show a light on the front when they record or if someone's watching a live view—they also send motion alerts to your phone. You need to pay for a Ring camera storage plan to record video.

How do I prevent my Ring cameras from getting hacked?

Read our article "Can Ring Cameras Be Hacked" for more info about end-to-end encryption and how to set up other security settings.


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