TELUS SmartHome Security Review

TELUS security stands out with great monitoring, flexible installation, and a solid equipment selection.
Best bundling discounts
TELUS SmartHome Security
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    Transparent equipment prices
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John Carlsen
Feb 28, 2023
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In the last few years, TELUS grew into one of the largest Canadian home security companies after acquiring ADT Canada. TELUS SmartHome Security stands out from competition with great monitoring, flexible installation options, and a solid equipment selection. You’ll also get online security services with any plan you choose.

TELUS monitoring prices are on the higher side but include up to $1,400 in free equipment. And folks who bundle their plan with other TELUS services rake in nice discounts that we’ll discuss below.

pro Choice of professional or DIY installation
pro Discounts for bundling TELUS services
pro Equipment pricing transparency
pro Canada-wide coverage
pro Excellent smart home compatibility
pro Online security with every plan
con Long-term contracts
con Expensive monitoring without a bundle
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TELUS internet required in Western Canada

Customers in Alberta and British Columbia must also subscribe to TELUS home internet to use TELUS SmartHome Security. People in Eastern Canada don't need any other TELUS plans to subscribe.

TELUS SmartHome Security costs

TELUS SmartHome Security plans come in two flavours depending on whether you want professional monitoring. Every plan includes some base equipment for free.

  • Smart Camera is exclusively for self-monitoring security cameras.
  • Smart Automation Plus is another self-monitoring plan. It adds smart home devices like a thermostat, plugs, and a garage door opener into the mix while keeping the security camera features from Smart Camera.
  • Secure is an entry-level professional monitoring plan that works with security and safety sensors. You can add security camera features for an extra $10 a month with Secure + Video.
  • Control brings smart home controls to the Secure monitoring plan and has an optional $10 monthly camera add-on in Control + Video.
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TELUS Online Security included

Every TELUS security plan includes TELUS Online Security Basic, which provides security, dark web monitoring, and VPN access for two devices (with self monitoring) or three devices (with pro monitoring). The pro monitoring plans come with TELUS Online Security Standard, which includes extra features like ID theft protection and antivirus software.

Compare TELUS SmartHome Security monthly costs

Monthly cost
Contract length
Professional monitoring
Security cameras
Home automation
Learn More
Smart Camera 3 years
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Smart Automation Plus 3 years
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Secure 3 or 5 years
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Control3 or 5 years
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Security + Video3 or 5 years
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Control + Video3 or 5 years
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Discounts are TELUS's secret ingredient

TELUS offers home security discounts when you bundle with other TELUS services

Screenshot: John Carlsen, SafeWise

Existing TELUS customers qualify for various discounts when they bundle TELUS SmartHome Security with other services like TV, home internet, and mobile phones. However, the promotion doesn't apply to the Smart Camera plan.

  • TELUS Internet, TV, and Home Phone customers save $5 monthly on their bills.
  • TELUS Mobility or Koodo customers save $10 a month on their accounts.

Five-year contracts

You can choose a five-year contract (instead of the default three years) on Secure and Control plans to save another $5 a month on your monitoring fees.

The best part is that all these discounts stack so you can save up to $20 a month with a five-year contract while bundling with other TELUS services—pushing the Secure base plan as low as $27 a month. This means you can afford some extra equipment while spending less than the original price.

Thumbs Up
Control + Video plan discount

Right now you can save an extra $7 on the Control + Video plan, taking the monthly cost for TELUS's most comprehensive plan down to $60/mo.

Offer valid as of post date, check for availability.

How TELUS compares with other security systems in Canada

Lowest monitoring price
Starter equipment price
Learn more
Read review
$0.00 CADPro or DIY
$269.99 CADDIY
$129.00 USDDIY
$199.99 CADDIY price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Bundling TELUS services is the best way to go since its non-discounted prices are among the highest for Canadian security companies. Still, the free starter equipment makes TELUS a little easier to start with than Ring, Frontpoint, and ThinkPro. While you need to pay for a TELUS home security installation, the $100 refundable DIY fee is convenient, and its professional installation costs around $50 less than Bell Canada.

Curious about industry clout? TELUS snagged the "Best Alarm Service" spot in the BrandSpark's 2022 Most Trusted consumer goods lineup.

TELUS SmartHome Security contract and warranty

TELUS requires a three-year contract for all of its home security plans, similar to what you'll find with most security systems. Still, it's not as competitive as contract-free options like Ring Alarm and ThinkPro. We think the TELUS SmartHome security system would be a lot more appealing if it offered a month-to-month payment option.

TELUS SmartHome Security cancellation fees

TELUS offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new subscribers but charges a cancellation fee after that first month:

  • Smart Camera and Smart Automation Plus plans: Expect to pay $10 for each month remaining on your contract.
    • This means you'll pay $120 if you have 12 months left.
  • Secure and Control plans: This fee is $35 for each month remaining on your contract if you subscribe to any version of the Secure and Control plans.
    • For example, you'll pay $420 if you have 12 months left.

TELUS's flat-rate cancellation fees are more competitive than brands that charge a percentage of the remaining balance. Flat fees are easier to calculate and lower the financial risk of subscribing to a top-tier plan with tons of equipment.

Returning equipment when you cancel

You only need to return equipment that's part of a financing plan where you pay for it as part of your monthly monitoring fee. All equipment you buy outright when you order a system is yours to keep.

TELUS SmartHome Security warranty

The TELUS warranty covers all your equipment as long as you're a subscriber. This is a sweet deal since you won't need to pay to replace defective devices.

TELUS SmartHome Security equipment and fees

Although TELUS SmartHome Security doesn't have equipment packages, it includes some base equipment in every plan option. We love that you can choose which starting equipment you want with most of the plans. This means you can pick some security cameras, sensors, and automation devices according to your needs without paying extra.

What's included
Camera choices
Device choices
Learn more
Smart CameraChoice of camera
Icon Yes  Light3 options
Icon No  LightNone
Smart Automation Plus Choice of devices (2),
choice of camera
Icon Yes  Light3 options
Icon Yes  Light5 options
Secure Control panel,
motion sensor,
door/window sensor (2)
Icon No  LightNone
Icon No  LightNone
Control Control panel,
motion sensor,
entry sensors (2),
choice of devices (3)
Icon No  LightNone
Icon Yes  Light13 options
Secure + Video Control panel,
motion sensor,
door/window sensor (2),
choice of camera
Icon Yes  Light3 options
Icon No  LightNone
Control + Video Control panel,
motion sensor,
entry sensors (2),
choice of devices (3),
choice of camera
Icon Yes  Light3 options
Icon Yes  Light13 options

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

Additional devices

Screenshot: John Carlsen, SafeWise

It's easy to add more devices to your system after choosing a plan. Unlike the basics of each plan, these additional devices aren't free. You can choose to pay for add-ons up-front or by rolling the cost into your monthly fee.

TELUS even goes further with exceptional equipment pricing transparency online, so you know what each device adds to your monthly bill. When you account for exchange rates with US-based competitors like Frontpoint and Abode, TELUS SmartHome Security's equipment is among the most affordable in Canada. Still, Ring Alarm's equipment usually costs less than that of TELUS.

Here's all the equipment you can add to your TELUS smart home security system:

Security and safety sensors

The sensors in TELUS's repertoire reflect what you'll find in most home security systems, and their names do a good job describing what they do. These devices are vital for sending a notification and alerting the monitoring centre when there's an intruder or hazardous condition.

  • Window and Door Sensor ($35)
  • Motion Sensor ($70)
  • Glass Break Sensor ($75)
  • Flood Sensor ($75)
  • Smart Smoke Sensor ($75)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector ($110)

While you may need more window sensors, they are more affordable than devices that monitor entire rooms like motion detectors. Beyond the basic entry and motion sensors, we think adding a glass break sensor on the ground level offers extra protection against intruders.

Safety sensors that detect smoke and carbon monoxide are good additions to any home but are much more expensive than traditional versions at the hardware store.

Smart home devices

Unlike passive security sensors that observe your home, you can control smart home devices using the TELUS SmartHome app. This is helpful if you have trouble moving around or just to check that the door's locked or the garage isn't open for all the world to see.

  • Smart Light Bulb ($30)
  • Smart Plug - Appliance ($60)
  • Smart Plug - Lamp ($60)
  • Smart Garage Door Opener ($140)
  • Smart Thermostat ($180)
  • Smart Lock ($230)

Security cameras

TELUS indoor security camera on a shelf

Image: TELUS

The security cameras with TELUS are pretty ordinary compared to standalone wireless cameras from Ring, Arlo, and Google Nest. Still, their integration with the TELUS security system is a valuable asset for watching over your home.

  • Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera ($200)
  • Slimline Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera ($230)
  • ​​Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera ($280)

TELUS allows up to four security cameras in each home, which is generally enough for most people, but might not be enough for the largest properties. Beyond that, you'll need a TELUS custom plan.

The security cameras can save up to 3,000 short video clips in the cloud each month, but you can get an extra 5,000 clips by calling TELUS—we couldn't find an option online for this.

TELUS SmartHome Security setup and installation

TELUS offers both self and professional installation options with different costs.

You can choose your TELUS installation option when buying a plan

Screenshot: John Carlsen, SafeWise

Choosing to self-install: TELUS sends a kit to your home with instructions for setting up your equipment. The kit costs $100, but the company refunds this fee if you activate your system within 30 days of ordering. We like this policy since it encourages you to set up your system sooner, but the temporary cost can affect folks on smaller budgets.

For professional installation: You'll schedule an appointment for TELUS to send a technician to your home to install your devices and activate the system. This option starts at $150 as long as you bundle your TELUS SmartHome Security plan with another TELUS service like home internet. This is comparable to the professional installation cost of Bell Smart Home.

If you don't have another TELUS service, the installation fee starts at $450, which is pretty steep. A small line in the TELUS terms and conditions says you might pay extra to install additional equipment. It's good to double-check your order when checking out to make sure you don'

Preparing for installation

TELUS has an excellent guide to Preparing for your SmartHome Security installation, which provides tips, shows device requirements, and explains what a technician does during installation. There are even video tutorials for self-installation and an in-depth FAQ to help you after installation.

TELUS SmartHome features and compatibility

You can control your TELUS smart devices from anywhere using the TELUS SmartHome app. While you can turn on the porch light with a quick tap, try scheduling an automation rule for automatic lighting every night.

TELUS SmartHome Security offers compatibility with three smart home platforms: Amazon Alexa and Z-Wave. You can also connect TELUS to third-party smart home devices like an Ecobee smart thermostat, MyQ smart garage hub, Rachio sprinkler controller, and Sonos speakers. This is more flexible than Ring Alarm, making TELUS a great option for smart home enthusiasts.

Amazon Alexa

You connect TELUS to Amazon Alexa by looking up the TELUS Home Assistant skill in the Alexa app and logging into your TELUS account. Then, you can control most of your TELUS devices using a voice command on your Amazon Echo. While there's no support for TELUS security cameras, you can arm your security system and control other smart devices like smart locks and thermostats.

Google Assistant

Although TELUS sports some compatibility with Google Assistant,* it doesn't work with SmartHome Security devices, just TELUS Optik TV.


Z-Wave technology uses less energy than Wi-Fi, making it ideal for battery-powered smart home devices like security sensors, smart locks, smart outlets, and smart light switches. It's also a great option for adding devices later without buying them through TELUS. Not all Z-Wave devices are compatible with TELUS, so you should check the list of devices compatible with TELUS SmartHome.

TELUS customer service and support

TELUS has a robust selection of customer support articles, but the navigation isn't as intuitive as we'd like. You need to apply the support filter to search results to prevent other TELUS pages from burying the article you need. Once you realize there's a filter, the search function makes finding help for your security system easier.

You can contact TELUS support through six methods: in-store, phone, live chat, online forums, and a dedicated support account on Twitter. We especially like the public nature of forums and Twitter, which means you might find an existing answer that fits your needs or for tracking ongoing issues.

As you might expect from a telecom company, there are a lot of negative customer reviews about TELUS online. Many common complaints stem from service appointments, high costs, and cancellation fees.

While TELUS likely isn't as bad as the star ratings would have you believe, it's a good idea to be cautious and learn as much as possible before signing a contract. You don't need to buy if a salesperson feels too pushy, and you can adjust your expectations by reading the contract's fine print before committing to TELUS.

Is TELUS SmartHome Security right for you?

We think TELUS SmartHome Security is a great fit for existing TELUS customers. Even if you're not already with TELUS, it's one of the best options for professionally-installed home security in Canada—thanks to competitive equipment prices.

Unfortunately, the company's contracts come with some hefty cancellation and moving fees that can catch consumers off-guard. See how TELUS compares with other top security systems in Canada.


TELUS offers professional monitoring on its Secure and Control plans.

Customers with a Secure or Control plan have access to 24/7 professional monitoring that watches for alarms and sends emergency assistance when needed. If you sign up for Guard Response, a guard will visit your home to confirm alarms when you can't.

TELUS owns and operates its central monitoring station.

Yes, TELUS acquired ADT's Canadian operations in 2019 and migrated existing ADT Security Services Canada customers under the TELUS SmartHome Security brand.

How we reviewed TELUS SmartHome Security

To write our review, we researched TELUS's policies, reputation, and marketing in online customer reviews. We also requested information directly from TELUS when something wasn't immediately clear on the TELUS website.

After collecting the information we needed, we compared TELUS to other home security companies in Canada. Like our other security system reviews, we focus mainly on pricing, contract, equipment, and customer service. Learn more about how we rate, rank, and review services in our full methodology.

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