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What happened to the ADT Pulse app?

ADT Pulse was the previous version of smart home and mobile app controls for ADT, but the company phased it out in 2020 to make way for its successor: ADT Command and Control. While ADT Pulse was both the equipment and a mobile app, ADT Command included all ADT equipment. More recently, ADT started using the Google Home app.

Most of us are familiar with ADT and its security systems, but ADT has some specialized products and services that are more of a mystery.

ADT Pulse has been around for a while, but what is it? This guide will answer all your burning questions about the ADT Pulse app and what it can do.

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ADT Pulse app overview

The ADT Pulse app is your mobile control center for ADT Pulse security systems and smart home components.

Who it’s for: People who want to automate their home security and add smart home devices.

Who it’s not for: People living in remote areas with spotty cellular coverage.

The Pulse app doesn’t work with every ADT system. Pulse is specifically designed for home automation.

And because Pulse is a smart home security system, it doesn’t work with a landline connection. That means you need to pick one of ADT’s cellular monitoring plans.

If you’re interested in adding smart home functions to your security system, be sure to let ADT know. Then they can help you figure out which system is right for all of your needs (including location if monitoring type is a concern).

Compare ADT security systems

Monthly price
Monitoring type
Mobile app access
Smart home control
Video access
Basic $28.99Landline
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes

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Simplicity first

ADT Pulse App Dashboard

With ADT’s Pulse app, creating a simple user interface was the top priority. The result is a straightforward app that gives you basic functions, including:

  • Checking status of devices
  • Reviewing activity logs
  • Turning devices on and off
  • Arming and disarming your security system

But those functions aren’t the only things you can do with Pulse. To tap into all of its resources, you need to log into the ADT Pulse web portal on your computer.

ADT Pulse web portal 

The web portal is where you do most of the administrative setup and control of your Pulse smart security system, including setting up alerts for different sensors and security cameras.

You can also organize and review things like system activity logs and video clips.

Our favorite feature in the web portal is the ability to set up schedules for your home automation devices. It’s too bad you can’t access this feature in the Pulse mobile app, but we’re glad it’s available—even if you have to switch from your phone to your PC to make it happen.

Light Bulb
What's a smart home schedule?

Schedules let you create routines for your smart home devices, including smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart security cameras.

What a smart home schedule might look like

Let’s say everyone is out the door for school and work by 9:00 a.m. every morning. You can set up a schedule to turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat, and activate the door locks at 9:02 a.m.

That way you don’t have to worry about someone forgetting to leave the house locked up or heating an empty house all day.

You can set that routine to activate every weekday and then program a different schedule for the weekends.

Tech requirements

The Pulse app works on both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart watches.

Operating system
Pulse app compatibility
Learn more
iOSiOS 9 and above
Android4.4 and above

What you can do with the ADT Pulse app

On top of remotely arming and disarming your home security system, the Pulse app also lets you control smart home devices.

ADT Pulse components
ADT Pulse app features
Contact sensorsReceive alerts,
Track and filter sensor activity
Pulse security camerasView saved images,
View live footage,
Take snapshots,
Record videos,
Manage clip gallery
Smart lights and switchesTurn lights on and off,
Check lights' status
ThermostatsManage temperature,
Change modes and settings
Door locksCheck door lock status,
Remotely lock and unlock
Garage door openerCheck garage door status,
Remotely open and close garage door

ADT Pulse app smart home compatibility

In addition to controlling your Pulse system and smart home components, the Pulse app also works with plenty of third-party devices.

Here are the brands and smart devices that Pulse is compatible with:

ADT Pulse and Z-wave

Pulse also works with Z-Wave, which makes it compatible with any other smart home gadgets that use Z-Wave to connect.

Z-Wave really expands the capability and power of your home automation setup because you’re not limited to ADT’s smart home equipment.

What's Z-wave?

Z-wave is a technology that lets smart home devices and other compatible equipment (like your security system) talk to each other. See ADT’s full list of compatible Z-Wave devices.

One type of Z-wave device we really like is smart plugs. Smart plugs or outlets let you make any small appliance in your home smart—from the coffee pot to the TV.

When you add a smart plug to your Pulse app, you can remotely control anything that’s plugged into it.

If you’re afraid that you left the iron on, all you need to do is check the Pulse app, and you can turn the iron off from the office, the airport, or the school play (as long as it’s plugged into a Z-wave smart outlet).

What's the difference between ADT Control and ADT Pulse?

The biggest difference between Control and Pulse is your in-home security system controls. ADT Control uses one touchscreen panel that lets you access both smart home and security equipment.

With ADT Pulse, you have to use the app or the web portal to control your smart home functions—you can’t do it on your security system control panel.

ADT likes to keep us all on our toes

ADT launched the Control app in 2020. This is the next generation of ADT’s smart home security suite. New customers will use the ADT Control app instead of ADT Pulse. But the millions of ADT Pulse customers that already use Pulse can keep using it without needing to upgrade or switch.

Final word

We’re excited about ADT Control because it lets you control everything from one, seamless app—no more toggling between multiple apps. It also works with ADT’s swanky new equipment.

But if you currently use ADT Pulse, we don’t think the cost of upgrading to an entirely new security system is worth it—unless you’re also looking for new and improved security or smart home components.


Yes. ADT Pulse uses wireless security system equipment, so you don’t have to worry about all the walls getting destroyed when you install it.

But the main control panel needs to be hardwired, so be sure to check with your landlord or property manager to make sure it’s okay to have that equipment installed.

No. The only security cameras that work with an ADT Pulse security system are those sold by ADT.

For your privacy, ADT’s security cameras use specific end-to-end encryption that’s not supported by third-party security cameras.

Here’s our complete guide to ADT cameras.

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