LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Review

Written by | Updated July 31, 2018

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LifeLock monitors and helps safeguard your valuable, sensitive information against identity theft and fraud, but how does it compare to other identity theft protection services?

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Best for Monitoring Your Identity

  • Tiered plans
  • Additional coverage for children and older adults
  • Restoration services
  • Professional monitoring and support
  • Norton Security available

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About LifeLock

At a basic level, LifeLock is a monitoring service. LifeLock surveys and inspects locations, platforms, and services where your identity-related information (like Social Security number, credit card information, or driver’s license number) is stored. LifeLock will alert you to any suspicious behavior or indications that your information has been stolen. Signing up for a LifeLock package does not guarantee that your identity won’t be stolen—the company is simply a watchdog for red flags.

Prices and Packages

Standard Advantage Ultimate Plus
View Plan View Plan View Plan
Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
  • Credit
  • Social Security number
  • Identity fraud
  • Credit
  • Social Security number
  • Identity fraud
  • Bank
  • Credit
  • Social Security number
  • Identity fraud
Stolen Fund Reimbursement $25,000 $100,000 $1 Million
Active Monitoring
  • 1 credit bureau
  • Your identity
  • Dark web
  • Websites
  • Public platforms
  • 1 credit bureau
  • Your identity
  • Dark web
  • Websites
  • Public platforms
  • 3 credit bureaus
  • Your identity
  • Dark web
  • Websites
  • Public platforms
Wallet Protection Yes Yes Yes
Norton Security* Yes Yes Yes
Mobile and Desktop Platform Yes Yes Yes
Priority Live Support No No Yes
Criminal Monitoring No Yes Yes
Annual Credit Reports and Scores Yes Yes Yes
Restoration Services Yes Yes Yes
Service Guarantee 60 days 60 days 60 days

*Available for purchase in addition to a Standard, Advantage, or Ultimate Plus plan

How LifeLock Stacks Up

Price and Contract

LifeLock’s tiered plans are contract-free, so you can go month-to-month if you please. This approach provides a versatile feel for people looking to protect themselves against identity theft.

What We Like

  • Tiered Plans
    Whether you’re searching for a basic, entry-level monitoring service or want something a little more robust, LifeLock has you covered. And regardless of what plan you choose, LifeLock includes the following: Million Dollar Protection Package, alerts, lost wallet protection, USPS address change verification, dark web monitoring, LifeLock Privacy Monitor™, and credit bureau monitoring.
  • Coverage for Older Adults and Children
    If you have young children or aging family members, you can elect (with their permission) to add them onto your monitoring plan for at most around $20 per month.
  • Million Dollar Protection
    As mentioned LifeLock includes this component in every plan. LifeLock helps you navigate the financial woes of stolen funds, legal costs, and personal expenses. And in the event you become a victim of identity theft, LifeLock works hand-in-hand with its US-based team of restoration experts to ensure your good name is brought back to its original integrity.

What We’d Like to Change

  • Limited Monetary Restoration
    The amount of money you receive for legal fees or fund reimbursement is dependent on what plan you elect. For example, the LifeLock Ultimate Plus Plan includes monetary restoration services up to $1 million in reimbursement for stolen funds or personal expenses, as well as legal coverage.
  • No Daily Monitoring
    Rather than monitoring on a daily basis, LifeLock surveys platforms on a monthly basis. This means that an incident could slip through the cracks or that an alert could be delayed, impacting your reaction and recovery time.

Tech, Inclusions, and Add-Ons

To outsmart identity thieves, LifeLock stays up to date with theft-related trends and data breaches, and it periodically audits dark web platforms. Consequently, you stay well defended against sneaky criminals.

What We Like

  • Norton Security
    LifeLock gives you the option of purchasing Norton Security in addition to your anti-theft monitoring plan. If you’re unfamiliar with Norton Security, the antivirus and anti-malware company provides protection against online threats. This technology helps defend your computer and other devices against data breaches—so you can shop, read, and cruise around online confidently.
  • App
    LifeLock’s mobile app allows you to maintain a watchful eye on your surveillance plan from the comfort of your phone or other mobile device, whether you’re at work, at home, or abroad.
  • Alerts
    Regardless of what plan you sign up for, LifeLock will alert you if any shady business pops up surrounding your credit score or Social Security number. If you choose the Advantage or the Ultimate Plus plan, you’ll receive alerts for the following: bank and credit card activity, crimes, data breaches, and fake identities. If any of those instances occur, like a fake alias being associated with your Social Security number, LifeLock is sure to notify you.
  • Restoration Team
    LifeLock has their very own US-based team of restoration experts who will work hand-in-hand with you to rebuild your credit, name, and information should your identity or sensitive information be stolen while enrolled in LifeLock’s monitoring plan.
  • Dark Web Surveillance
    Like its name implies, the dark web is a spooky place where identity thieves sell your information. LifeLock monitors dark web platforms to make sure your information is not only kept from being sold but also prevented from falling into the wrong hands.

What We’d Like to Change

LifeLock lumped a lot of the most appealing features into the Ultimate Plus plan, which costs about $36 a month—that’s a pretty penny all things considered. We wish that LifeLock had more comprehensive entry-level offerings to choose from.

  • Limited Credit Score Monitoring
    Unless you choose the Ultimate Plus plan, LifeLock only monitors one major credit bureau on a monthly schedule, which really narrows the scope of defense and ultimately leaves you vulnerable to an attack.

Customer Service

We appreciate that LifeLock provides professional monitoring, but based on recent customer reviews, LifeLock’s customer service is less than savory. Reviewers stated that LifeLock’s customer services did not relay alerts in a timely enough fashion and that call center etiquette was severely lacking.

What We Like

  • Professional Monitoring
    We believe that some monitoring is better than no monitoring at all—LifeLock provides 24-hour support, so you’re able to tackle an emergency situation when it does arise.

What We’d Like to Change

  • Delayed Alerts
    Customers stated that LifeLock’s alerts arrived two to three days after theft. This lag in response time impacts your ability to react to the situation’s severity, so we understand customers’ frustration.

LifeLock FAQs

How much is LifeLock?
LifeLock plans start at $9.99 a month and go up to $35.99 a month for the Ultimate Plus.

How will LifeLock alert me if my identity is stolen?
LifeLock alerts you via email or through the mobile app. The mobile app provides access to your membership and offers real-time alerts to suspicious activity.

How do I find out my credit score?
You can request a credit report from any one of the three major credit bureaus. That said, Equifax recently experienced a data breach, so it might be safer to access your information via Experian or TransUnion.

Does LifeLock have a sign-up bonus?
No—at this time, LifeLock does not have a sign-up bonus or promotion affiliated with their membership.

Does LifeLock offer a prorated refund if my identity is stolen and they don’t alert me?
Yes—according to LifeLock’s legal disclosure, there are some caveats that impact a full refund if you’re unhappy with the service or feel as though LifeLock has not restored your identity and funds to the fullest extent. Read more here.

Will LifeLock’s restoration services cover out-of-pocket costs?
Yes—but the amount of out-of-pocket expenses LifeLock covers is dependent on the plan you elect. Find out more about LifeLock’s Million Dollar Protection Package.

Does LifeLock monitor sex offender registries?
Yes—this protection feature is available with only the Ultimate Plus plan.

Does LifeLock monitor my credit score and existing bank accounts?
Yes—regardless of what plan you choose, LifeLock monitors your credit score through at least one credit bureau. But if you enroll in the Ultimate Plus plan, you receive monitoring on bank accounts, credit cards, and credit reports through all three credit bureaus.

What if I lose my wallet? Will LifeLock help me?
Yes—LifeLock offers Lost Wallet Protection in every plan.

Do I have to purchase Norton Security if I buy LifeLock?
No—but LifeLock provides security services at a reasonable price, so you can maintain an online presence in confidence.

Who is Todd Davis?
Todd Davis is LifeLock’s founder. He’s had his identity stolen thirteen times—likely because he broadcast his personal information on billboards across the United States in an attempt to market and showcase LifeLock’s effective monitoring programs.

The Bottom Line

LifeLock’s monitoring services add an element of safekeeping and help prevent you or a loved one from becoming a victim of identity theft.


  • Tiered plans
  • Additional coverage for children and aging adults
  • Restoration services
  • Professional monitoring and support
  • Norton Security available


  • Expensive monthly fees
  • Negative customer reviews

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How We Evaluated LifeLock

Our evaluation of LifeLock was a two-fold process. We started by researching the company and read articles published both by LifeLock and reputable news sources. We then sifted through customer reviews, weighing the company’s claims against customer statements on Better Business Bureau’s site. And finally, we assessed consumer interest and general need for products like LifeLock. To read more about our approach, visit our methodology page.


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