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A Comparison of 5 Top Home Security Control Panels

Written by | Updated May 11, 2020

From your smartphone to your high-definition television, today’s consumer technology is programmed to do it all. But there’s nothing more aggravating than buying a new digital device that isn’t user-friendly. It’s no different when considering a home security alarm system. The usability of the control panel — the brains of the entire system — is essential. The last thing you want is to feel frustrated every time you use your control panel.

To help you make the best choice for your needs, let’s take a look at six popular security system control panels on the market and the features they offer (and don’t offer). The panels fall into three categories: HD touchscreen tablets, units with LCD screens and rubber keypad buttons, and mobile app-controlled devices.

1. ADT Command®

ADT Command Panel

The ADT Command interactive touchscreen panel has a seven-inch color HD touchscreen to manage your ADT-monitored home alarm system. It looks like a tablet, so you can use it on the go anywhere in the house.

Safety Features:

  • Panel camera, Apple Watch video streaming
  • Disarm snapshots can be sent to phone
  • Video package accommodates 8 cameras and 6000 clips
  • Monitoring available for carbon monoxide, fires, floods

System Security Features:

  • Bluetooth disarming when user is close to keypad
  • Remote door locking/unlocking for visitors
  • Encrypted alarm sensors for added security and increased wireless range

Home Automation Features:

  • Automation for lights, thermostats, cameras, and deadbolts
  • Security status updates for all home entry points
  • Custom schedules for smartbulbs

Other Features:

  • Two-way voice over cell
  • Built-in how-to videos
  • Imbedded Amazon Alexa service
  • Crash and smash feature

2. Vivint SkyControl™

photo of Vivint Home Security panel

The Vivint SkyControl panel also offers a seven-inch color LCD touchscreen display that serves as an interface for Vivint’s security system features. The panel aggregates data from sensors and homeowner habits to offer tips on how to use the system more effectively.

Safety Features:

  • Offers one-button alarm activation.
  • Streams live HD video from installed video cameras around the home and provides recorded video clips via a DVR application.
  • Allows for direct two-way communication with emergency dispatch professionals via built-in microphone and speaker.

System Security Features:

  • Operates on an encrypted Wi-Fi network independent of the homeowner’s network.
  • Communicates via cellular technology to ensure the system is always available in the event of Wi-Fi disruptions.
  • Updates the system automatically to ensure the latest features are available.
  • Allows you to add up to 48 user codes.

Home Automation Features:

  • Offers direct control of door locks, window and door sensors, motion detectors, and connected power outlets.
  • Manages your smart thermostat.

Other Features:

  • Responds to a light finger touch, instead of applied pressure.

3. Frontpoint Touchscreen Control Panel

product image of Frontpoint control panel. white with color touchscreen. two rubber buttons.

The panel from Frontpoint is similar to the ones offered by ADT and Vivint. It includes a seven-inch color touchscreen tablet to control the security system and supports a variety of Z-Wave-enabled devices for home automation.

Safety Features:

  • Arms and disarms the system with the touch of a button.
  • Comes equipped with a front-facing camera that captures a picture every time the system is disarmed and during every alarm event.

System Security Features:

  • Includes a 24-hour battery backup.
  • Offers simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi connection for redundancy backup and improved speed.
  • Is compatible with Crash and Smash protection, which enables the panel to send alert signals even if it has been damaged.
  • Allows you to program unique user codes.

Home Automation Features:

  • Supports up to 39 individual sensors, including smoke and heat, carbon monoxide, and water and flood sensors.
  • Is Z-Wave compatible to control your home automation devices.
  • Speaks the name of your sensors to give you more intelligent data.

Other Features:

  • Comes with an SD card slot to upload personal pictures.
  • Offers 4-day forecast and daily weather reports.
  • Includes a tabletop stand and wall-mount kit.

4. LifeShield KPC 1000

product image of LifeShield Control Panel. large LCD screen with a rubber keypad and shortcut buttons.

The panel offered by LifeShield falls somewhere in between the more sophisticated touchscreen panels from ADT and Vivint and the basic LCD version from Protect America. It has a large LCD screen with a rubber keypad and shortcut buttons.

Safety Features:

  • Includes a built-in 100-decibel alarm.
  • Offers a one-touch panic button to send an immediate signal to the monitoring center for police, fire, and medical emergencies.

System Security Features:

  • Can run off AC power or rechargeable battery, and has a 24-hour backup battery.

Home Automation Features:

  • Communicates with sensors, cameras, and the central monitoring station by broadband, landline, and cellular signals.
  • Integrates with system components such as cameras, door and window sensors, and doorbell.

Other Features:

  • Comes with a stand and can be wall-mounted.

5. Scout Hub

white scout hub

The Scout security system is a DIY configuration. Components are offered a la carte, allowing you to choose from any combination of door and window sensors, motion sensors, and HD video cameras, all of which are controlled by the hub. Homeowners manage the hub via mobile app, which allows for 24/7 control — whether you’re down the street or across the country.

Safety Features:

  • Uses a mesh network to analyze data from all connected Scout devices, which allows it to tells you exactly what happened, and where.
  • Controls all sensors via Wi-Fi.
  • Includes a 106-decibel alarm.

System Security Features:

  • Includes a 3G cellular backup so it can communicate even when the Internet is down.
  • Offers 24-hour battery backup for when the power is cut.

Home Automation Features:

  • Can control an unlimited amount of sensors in the house.

Other Features:

  • Plugs into your modem or router with Ethernet cable.
  • Allows homeowners to control system by computer, tablet, or smartphone app.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a home security alarm system. Having a control panel that is user-friendly and meets your needs and lifestyle is among the most important. If you have a smaller home footprint and live through your smartphone, a Scout Hub might be best. For homeowners who have many entry points to manage and enjoy bells and whistles, the HD touchscreen tablet panels from ADT, Vivint, and Frontpoint would fit the bill. And for those who don’t like or need potentially complicated interfaces, the straightforward LCD screen and rubber keypad panels from LifeShield and Protect America are ideal.

Now that you know more about the popular control panels on the market, research home security systems and find the system that’s right for you.

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