Lorex 2K Video Doorbell Review

We compare the Lorex video doorbell and its excellent night vision to other top doorbells.
Best night vision
Lorex 2K Video Doorbell
Lorex 2K Video Doorbell
4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    2K video quality
  • pro
    Up to 256 GB local storage
  • con
    No cloud storage
John Carlsen
Oct 29, 2022
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Lorex security cameras are some of the best without a cloud storage plan. The Lorex 2K Video Doorbell stays true to form by offering excellent local storage and impressive 2K video quality. This doorbell camera also sports color night vision—a rarity among video doorbells, though it doesn't look nearly as good as the included infrared night vision.

As for price, the Lorex doorbell is on par with the Nest Doorbell (both roughly $180), though it doesn't have as many smart detection features or a battery-powered option. Still, it's a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable doorbell camera with local video storage. Read on for our full review to see how it compares to the competition.

pro Excellent 2K video quality
pro No monthly fees
pro Includes microSD card
pro Color night vision
pro Nightlight that doubles as a warning light
con No cloud storage
con Wired installation isn't for everyone

How Lorex compares to the best video doorbells

Best for
Resolution (aspect ratio)
Field of view
Power source
Learn more
Read review
Best night vision 2560 x 1920 (4:3)164ºWired
Best overall 960 x 1280
145ºBattery, wired
Best for smart homes 1536 x 1536
Best local storage 2560 x 1920
180ºBattery, wired
Best battery doorbell 1920 x 1080
155ºBattery, wired, solar
Best budget doorbell 1296 x 1728

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What's in the box

  • Lorex 2K Wired Video Doorbell
  • Pre-inserted microSD card (32 GB)
  • Mounting kit
  • 15º horizontal bracket
  • 5º vertical bracket
  • Electrical wiring
  • Chime kit
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

Lorex doorbell video

Video quality

Lorex's reputation for excellent video quality continues with the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell. Its 2K QHD video resolution is the highest on any video doorbell—double that of 1080p HD—and right up there with Eufy's 2K doorbell offerings.

We like that the 164º field of view is wide enough to capture plenty of action in front of the camera. While there's a noticeable fisheye effect around the edge of videos, it's not an issue for subjects in the center of the frame.

Resolution and field of view aren't everything, so we dug into recordings and screenshots to see how it holds up:

  • Daytime video shows plenty of detail.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) setting makes for vibrant colors. The HDR also helps balance out shadows on visitors, so you don't miss important details.
  • The video doorbell also performs well at night, thanks to color and infrared night vision options.

Color night vision is noteworthy because Lorex is the only brand we know with the feature on a video doorbell. (Color night vision is more common on spotlight cameras—like Reolink, Ring, and Arlo.)

Although the color night vision can't match the detail of daytime video, it looks great close to the camera. As with most low-light videos, it can be grainy at times but should work for most folks. For greater range, infrared night vision is the way to go. There's no color, but you'll see more detail overall.

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The Lorex 2K offers an excellent pre-recording feature—similar to Pre-Roll on the Ring Video Doorbell 4—that saves recordings five seconds before a motion alert starts. It's a great way to ensure you don't miss any action. (This feature isn't magic. The camera continuously records a five-second video buffer and only keeps it when there's a motion event.)

Video storage

Lorex relies entirely on local video storage—there's no cloud storage—and we're here for it. Viewing recordings is effortless in the Lorex app; you can download them to your phone as needed.

But what sets Lorex apart from other video doorbells is how much storage comes in the box. It comes with a 32 GB microSD card, double the internal storage of the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K. By comparison, most smart doorbells with a local storage option don't even include a memory—that's a separate purchase.

The icing on the Lorex cake is that you can swap out the included card for a larger one—up to 256 GB. While this can't match the unlimited storage on Wyze cameras, that brand doesn't offer local storage on video doorbells.

No cloud storage

Lorex is one of a handful of security camera brands without a cloud storage plan. While you won't pay monthly fees to store video, it's also more challenging to back up footage. But this is a sacrifice we're glad to make for such an excellent local storage option.

Does the Lorex doorbell record to an NVR?

When the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell's microSD card isn't enough, you can connect it to network video recorders (NVRs) like Lorex Fusion and Lorex Home Center. The systems can increase local storage possibilities up to 10 TB—depending on the model you choose. You'll pay a premium to add an NVR, but it's one of the best ways to store security footage from multiple Lorex cameras in one place.

Smart detection

Lorex offers two types of smart motion detection:

  • Motion zones
  • Person detection

These are extremely helpful when you don't want notifications for every motion event. Smart detection also greatly maximizes local storage space by skipping unnecessary recordings.

You'll set up motion zones in the Lorex app by drawing up to three distinct zones on an image of your doorbell camera's view. Anything that moves in these zones will trigger a recording.

Motion zones are fairly common on most video doorbells, so we're glad that Lorex offers person detection too. The concept behind person detection is simple; it doesn't capture non-human subjects on video. Lorex even allows you to set up "person motion zones" to ignore other types of motion.

Despite its helpful tools, the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell lacks the robust smart detection of Nest; our top doorbell pick—there's nothing specific for animals, vehicles, packages, and familiar faces like Nest offers.

Lorex doorbell features


The Lorex 2K Video Doorbell's bright LED Nightlight is one of our favorite features. It's a small white LED that points down from the bottom of the camera for extra light at night. We love how it helps your doorbell pull double duty as a porch light that won't shine in your eyes. While other video doorbells include some LEDs to help visitors find the button at night, they aren't bright enough to illuminate areas near the doorbell.

You can program the Nightlight with a schedule for continuous light or tell it to turn on when there's motion. The motion detection setting is an excellent deterrent for uninvited guests because it can act as a warning light and help bring attention to your doorbell.

Pre-recorded messages

Although two-way audio is a given for a video doorbell, it's not always convenient to speak with a delivery person when you have other priorities. That's why we're glad that Lorex included three pre-recorded responses—a must-have, in our humble opinion—so you can quickly address someone with a single tap:

  • "We'll be right there."
  • "Please leave package at the door."
  • "Nobody can come to the door right now."

If the default messages aren't specific enough, you can record a custom quick response in the Lorex app.

Lorex doorbell smart home compatibility

Lorex supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home  but has the same limits as other smart doorbells. Chiefly, you can view live video, activate the siren, and answer the door using a smart display like an Echo Show or Nest Hub—but the camera won't talk to other smart devices.

Fortunately, you can integrate this Lorex camera with a Lorex Smart Home Security Center, which supports up to 32 security sensors. To craft a security system, you can choose between motion and entry sensors (door and window sensors). Sensors trigger your camera before it sees anything for a complete record of the event.

Beyond Alexa and Google, Lorex doesn't support other smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings.

Lorex doorbell installation

This is a wired video doorbell, so it requires existing doorbell wiring and an electronic or mechanical chime to work. You can't slap it on any old wall like a battery doorbell, so it's not for everyone. Still, we generally prefer wired doorbells because there's no battery to recharge and they're almost as easy to install.

You can expect to install the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell in less than 15 minutes—that Lorex app walks you through the entire process:

  1. Power up the doorbell using the USB cable and add it to the Lorex app.
  2. Turn off the appropriate circuit breaker before removing your old doorbell button.
  3. Connect the included Chime Kit to your interior mechanical chime if necessary.
  4. Secure the mounting bracket on the wall with the included screws. The doorbell also comes with angled brackets to point the camera away from your wall or down the steps.
  5. Connect the doorbell wiring to the terminals on the back of your Lorex doorbell.
  6. Attach the doorbell to the mounting bracket and turn the power back on.

After installation, you can customize the doorbell settings to your liking.

Lorex Wi-Fi Chimebox

If you don't have a doorbell chime or want more than a basic chime sound, you can link the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell to a Lorex Wi-Fi Chimebox (about $50). This wireless chime plugs into an electrical outlet and offers a selection of chime sounds with adjustable volume controls. Unfortunately, you'll still need to power your Lorex doorbell, so it's not ideal for homes without doorbell wiring.

Thumbs Up
Lorex customer support

Lorex offers extensive self-serve customer resources that collect the most relevant articles, videos, software, and manuals on a single page for each product. On the off-chance that the support page doesn't answer your question, it's easy to search the support database to learn more.

Final word

The Lorex 2K Video Doorbell excels in video quality, night vision, and video storage. This smart doorbell's 2K QHD video quality is nothing short of fantastic. Videos look great any time of day, but the color night vision is a unique feature among video doorbells.

Finally, Lorex's local video storage is among the best, with a microSD card and the option to record on compatible Lorex NVRs. Still, a wired installation and lack of cloud storage might be dealbreakers for some folks.

Are you still exploring options for watching over your front door? Head to our review of the best video doorbells to see how Lorex stacks up.

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Lorex 1080p Wired Video Doorbell

If you don't need 2K video quality or color night vision, you can save about $100 with the Lorex 1080p Wired Video Doorbell (around $80). It offers many of the same benefits, including Lorex home hub compatibility, though the microSD card capacity tops out at 64 GB.


Lorex is an excellent option for wired video doorbells—it has over 30 years of experience making security cameras. The 2K video resolution and local storage help it keep up with other popular brands. Still, you won't find cloud storage or as many advanced features as Nest and Ring offer.

Lorex doesn't sell wireless doorbell models at this time.

Power the doorbell with the USB cable and scan the QR code on the back using the Lorex app. You'll enter your Wi-Fi credentials and wait for a successful connection. Follow the app's instructions to complete the installation.

If you already installed the doorbell, you may need to do a factory reset:

  • Remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket by inserting the included security pin in the small hole on the bottom of the device.
  • Insert the same pin into the reset hole on the back of the device and hold it for 10 seconds. The doorbell will chime before restarting.

Your Lorex doorbell might not work in the following cases:

  • The power is off.
  • Your doorbell transformer (the power supply) isn't powerful enough. The Lorex 2K Video Doorbell requires a doorbell transformer with 16–24 VAC. If your home has an 8 VAC transformer, you'll need to upgrade it.
  • Your doorbell doesn't have a stable Wi-Fi connection. Consider moving your Wi-Fi router closer or using a Wi-Fi extender to improve signal strength.
  • If the doorbell works, but your interior chime doesn't sound, you may need to double-check the Chime Kit's wiring and select the correct chime type in the Lorex app.

How we reviewed the Lorex video doorbell

For this review, we focus on the Lorex 2K Video Doorbell instead of the 1080p model. We evaluated the doorbell camera's product pages, customer support articles, user manuals, screenshots, video recordings, and customer reviews to compare how well it holds up to other video doorbells.

While we didn't get any hands-on time testing the doorbell due to a tight schedule, we based our recommendations and scoring on previous testing experience with Lorex security cameras and rival doorbells. Check out our full reviewing, testing, and ranking methodology to learn more.

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