Is Cove’s New Alarm Panel Worth the Hype? We Put It to the Test

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Cove launched a new hub and alarm panel earlier this year. We got the chance to try out Cove's new equipment and compare it to the company's original system

SafeWise expert Katie McEntire takes us through every step of the setup process and shares her insights in a comprehensive how-to video. See if Cove's reputation for plug-and-play, fast setup still holds up with the new panel and hub.

How to install Cove's new security system

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How to install Cove with the new panel and hub

Although Cove's updated home security system offers significant advancements, the setup remains refreshingly straightforward. The alarm panel, in particular, steals the show by making the entire installation process a breeze. So let's delve into the installation nuances of this revamped system:

  • Check your equipment: As is the norm, ensure that all ordered items are in the package. 
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Always dig deeper into the box. Sometimes, essentials, like a power cable, can be sneakily nestled in unexpected corners.

  • Power up: Position the hub and panel near two available outlets and close to the home router. Make sure you have plenty of room for the new Cove hub near your Wi-Fi router—it's bigger than what we've been used to.
  • Get to know the Cove hub: The heart and brain of the system, the hub seamlessly interlinks all sensors and the alarm panel—and it's no longer 100% reliant on a cellular connection, making use in more rural areas a better fit. To initiate, plug the hub to your power source and connect it to your wireless router using an ethernet cable.
  • Set up the alarm panel: Cove’s revamped panel is reminiscent of a sleek Android tablet, complete with a stand. This device simplifies settings adjustments and arms or disarms the system. After you connect it to a power source, you'll see prompts that take you through the setup process—from connecting the system to your home network to setting up the master PIN and adding all your sensors.
  • Connect your sensors: The Setup Wizard on the alarm panel guides you through the entire sensor installation process. From door sensors to motion sensors and from flood detectors to medical alert pendants, each device pairs easily. You can use the pre-set names for each sensor or add your own. We suggest using names that tell you where a sensor is, like "Kitchen Window" or "Back Door."
  • Show your Cove pride: After all the sensors are connected, you're ready to put Cove on guard. Let neighbors and everyone else know your home's protected with the included yard sign.
  • Don't forget about the Cove Connect app: Unlike other DIY systems where the app guides the installation, Cove’s new system primarily utilizes its panel. But we recommend getting the app installed and set up before you install the system so it's ready to go when your system is. You can find your login credentials in a post-purchase email from Cove. Hold onto this information as it's crucial for seamless setup—but if you do lose track of it, Cove's helpful customer service reps are just a call away. 
Get more from Cove Connect later this year

You don't need to be too bummed if you've got Eufy cameras that aren't yet connected through Cove's new mobile app. Cove told us that we can expect to see Z-wave compatibility and integration for their new Eufy cameras soon.

Cove installation verdict

Within an hour—from unboxing to full-fledged operation—Katie had Cove's home security system up and running. We were happy to find that the new system upgrades don't hinder the ease and convenience we've come to expect from this DIY home security brand. The panel and it's Setup Wizard were easy to navigate and because Cove pre-programmed it to know all the sensors and devices that came with our system, nothing got overlooked.

If you want an in-depth review of Cove's new setup, Katie's going to cover every detail—from pricing to how well the sensors work—in a full report after having Cove on the job in her home for 30 days.

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