The 23 Best Smart Tech Gifts Under $100

You don’t have to drain your savings to find cool tech gifts for family and friends. Some of the best tech gadgets your loved ones will use every day cost under $100.

We dug deep to find tech gifts with the best price and features for everyone on your list. On our way, we found some that were strange and useful and others that were just strange.

Cameras under $100

Buying a security camera doesn’t have to be a deep-pocketed investment. We found several high-quality, low-price cameras that stream footage right to your smartphone.

Wyze Sense Starter Kit

Budget-friendly camera

One of our favorite budget-friendly cameras is now available with a full security system for under $100. The Wyze Sense Starter Kit is affordable, self-monitored, and self-installed, making it perfect for renters and apartment dwellers.

  • The Starter Kit comes with:
  • Wyze cam
  • Two contact sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Wi-Fi Bridge

The Wyze cam sends a high definition live stream video directly to your smartphone. Through the app, users can watch this feed and speak to anyone on the other side (like the kids when they get home from school).

The contact sensors work with doors and windows, letting you know when anyone uses an entrance. But you can place them on other surfaces like cabinets.

The motion sensor catches movements wherever it sits and sends alerts to the mobile app. And finally, the Wi-Fi bridge extends your network’s reach, allowing you to add more Wyze products.

Check out our review of the Wyze Cam Pan to scope out one of Wyze’s cameras.

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell feels like space-age technology at a modest price. It live-streams video to a mobile app so you can watch your doorstep from anywhere. Its two-way communication feature allows you to talk to the mail carrier, neighbors, or any other visitors. Learn more from our Ring Doorbell Pro review.

Blink Outdoor Cam

Indoor/outdoor security

Blink Outdoor camera is a sturdy camera with a two-year battery and two-way audio. Like other motion sensor cameras, it sends live-stream video to your phone through the mobile app.

We like that you get motion alerts whenever your Blink XT2 spots something unusual. So whether it’s the cat getting into the garbage again or something more serious, you’ll see it in clear 1080p.

Alexa products under $100 

Alexa comes in many forms. Along with the Amazon Echo, she’s recently found a home in products like microwaves, car phone holders, smartphones, and wall clocks. Learn more about how you can use the famous voice assistant in our Guide to Amazon Alexa.

We picked a few Alexa products for under $100 that make great gifts for kids, teens, adults, and families. Even better, a few of them are new additions this year, like the updated Echo 3rd Gen, new Echo Dot, and Echo Glow

The Amazon Echo Family 

Echo 4th Generation

The newest Alexa iteration comes in four colors with a slick new speaker. The Echo 3rd Gen is a smart speaker with Bluetooth and smart home compatibility to control your home’s smart plugs, bulbs, and other tech.

New Echo Dot

The newest Echo Dot has a lot of the same features like answering questions, setting timers, or controlling smart home devices. But this version has an improved speaker, new colors available, and new games and skills. The Glacier white dot also has a digital clock display, as seen in the 3rd gen. version.

Echo Show 5 (2nd gen)

The Echo 5 was the first of Amazon’s Echo devices to debut a screen, which changed the game for Alexa and Amazon Echos everywhere. Its 5.5-inch screen can stream live footage from cameras, stream TV shows, make video calls, and even walk you through recipes. Plus, it’s recently dropped below the $100 mark.

Echo Glow for Kids

This newcomer to the Echo family comes with a colorful night light your kids and you will love. The Echo Glow changes colors based on commands, timers, and schedules.

One of our favorite features is the Rainbow Timer that changes colors as the Echo counts down, making naptime a little more soothing.

Echo Wall Clock

For families who are always behind schedule, the Echo Wall Clock helps keep everyone on task. This stylish wall clock can display the countdown for multiple Alexa-set timers so you know exactly when to get moving.

Workouts, wearables & fitness trackers 

No need to sweat the price over these fitness gifts. If your pals want to cut calories and you want to cut costs, these gifts are a win-win.

Whether your loved one is a fitness fiend or just starting their fitness routine, the right gear makes workouts more fun.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Budget fitness tracker

The Letscom Fitness Tracker is a great gift for fitness fans who want to measure their heart rate, daily steps, calories burnt, and sleep quality. It can also track activity from one of 14 unique exercise settings like running or biking.

It looks like the famous FitBit fitness tracker but costs a portion of the price. Its battery life lasts an average of seven days, and it alerts its wearer of messages and calls. There’s no excuse to get off the treadmill or put down your weights.

Rotibox Headphones Beanie

A cozy beanie makes chilly mornings good, but music makes them better. The Rotibox Headphones Beanie is a Bluetooth headset disguised as a comfy winter hat.

The washable beanie comes in over 30 styles and can play favorite music or podcasts while keeping you warm. The beanie has skip, pause, and volume controls to quickly control audio instead of pulling out a phone.

Wireless chargers 

Wireless chargers, power banks, and extra-long charging cables are all useful tech gifts for givers on a budget. We picked a couple top-tier wireless chargers that make great gifts for anyone.

TOZO W1 wireless charger

We never thought a wireless phone charger could be sexy, but the TOZO W1 wireless charger proved us wrong.

To charge, place a phone (case and all) on the sleek charging plate. Its mirrored surface lights up as the phone charges.

It works with iPhone 8 and up or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and up. All you need is a USB plug to connect the TOZO to the outlet.

Yootech 2-pack charging stands

Two chargers are better than one, especially if your phone is always dying.

Yootech charging stands are compact and practical, making them perfect for your bedside table or desk at work. The charger can power a phone through its case, whether it sits horizontally or vertically on the stand.


Welcome your favorite bookworm into the 21st century. E-readers aren’t as expensive as they used to be. Now you can expand their library for under $100.

Kindle Fire 7 for adults & for kids

Kindle Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Edition is a mini-tablet perfect for watching videos, reading books, listening to music, and surfing the web. Both the kid and adult versions are under $100 this year too.

The kids version comes packed with thousands of age-appropriate games and apps to keep your kiddos occupied. This isn’t the latest version, though. The Kids 8 and Kids 10 are also available with extra features.

Kindle e-reader

Kindle e-reader is for the e-reading purist. Its matte screen makes reading feel more natural, and the gentle backlight lets you read in bed without the hassle of blue lighting. The Kindle can store all your favorite ebooks and audiobooks.

Movies and TV streaming 

If reading isn’t your giftee’s style, a streaming device can connect them with their favorite shows and movies with a simple remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Budget streaming device

Much like Google’s Chromecast and the Roku Ultra, the Amazon Fire TV 4K streaming Stick plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. It accesses Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and of course, Amazon Prime. The Fire TV Stick is also compatible with Alexa, so it turns your TV into a voice-controlled device.

Smart headphones & Bluetooth speakers 

Whether your music lover wants to blast their favorite albums or keep their playlist to themselves, finding the right tech to do it is essential.

Soundpeats earbuds

Apple Airpods are cool, but they’re an expensive investment. Tozo NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are a cheaper alternative to costly noise-canceling earbuds. They have the same touch control, long battery life, and charging case as Airpods.

Cowin E7 Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones

Bluetooth headphones

Frequent flyers, subway commuters, and music lovers will all like having these Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones on their side. If your giftee prefers headsets for music or podcasts, this is a solid choice for noise-canceling headphones that won’t break the bank.

The Cowin E7 headphones are available in six different colors and have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Plus, the 30-hour battery can survive the commute to work and back home again.

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker

The JBL Flip 4 speaker is under $100 but costs more than most Bluetooth speakers. However, it’s worth the price.

With the JBL speaker, two users can connect through Bluetooth at once, so everyone gets a turn to play their favorite songs. It's great for days at the beach or lake because it's waterproof with a battery that lasts 12 hours.

Smart kitchen gadgets

Gadgets come in handy when you’re cooking dinner for a hungry family. But not everyone needs highly specialized tools for their recipes. We found some cool tech gifts for skilled or inexperienced chefs alike.

AmazonBasics Microwave

Multitasking moms and college students can all appreciate this voice-controlled microwave. For under $100, you can get an AmazonBasics Microwave and an Echo Dot to pair it with. It’s Alexa-enabled, so you can stay on the couch while you ask the microwave to reorder groceries online or pop popcorn for movie night.

SmartShow Jimi Smart Ceramic Mug

Some like it hot, and others like it exactly 120 degrees. The Smartshow Jimi Smart Ceramic Mug is an impressive gift for the coffee connoisseur. Its smart features let you adjust the coffee mug’s warming temperature and display it on the LED screen at the bottom of the cup.

Coffee stays warm for up to eight hours and will cool down once the mug is empty. Control the temperature, display color, and even display messages on the mug from your phone.

Kids’ gifts 

Tech gifts for kids can be pricey, especially if they’re asking for a smartphone or computer. We found a few cool tech gifts for kids of all ages that cost less than $100.

Bnext VR Headset

The Bnext VR Headset creates an immersive VR experience with a smartphone. Download the app on your iOS or Android phone and buckle up for simulations like roller coasters or haunted house games.

Of the VR headsets we found, the Bnext is the best under $100, especially for beginners. Most games on the Bnext respond to your eye contact, but you can purchase a remote control separately for the games that need it.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

For kids who want a mobile device but aren’t ready for a smartphone, the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch finds a happy middle ground.

This kids’ smartwatch has a camera for selfies and video chat, games, and fitness challenges to keep them moving and playing.

We also like its time-teaching apps that encourage punctuality and time management in a fun way.

Really RAD Robots

Voice-controlled toy

The Really RAD Robots voice-controlled robot is not your old RC car. Your kids can control it via remote control and voice commands. It tells jokes, does spins, and explores its surroundings too.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find a great gift for everyone on your list. Check out our Black Friday Deals page to find more affordable tech gifts all year long.

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