AngelSense GPS Tracker Review

AngelSense watches over autistic or special needs children* with 4G tracking and wandering alerts.
Best GPS tracker for kids with special needs
AngelSense GPS Tracker
4.5 out of 5 stars
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    Learns child's routines
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    Sensory sensitivity wearables
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    24-hour battery life
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    Free device with monthly or annual plan
Monthly cost
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Monthly1 year$19.00
Annual1 year$19.00

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability subject to change.

Cathy Habas
Mar 27, 2023
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We can tell that a lot of thought and love went into making the AngelSense GPS kids tracker.

AngelSense’s features directly address the challenges kids with special needs and parents face every day. We also consider AngelSense one of the best GPS trackers for people with dementia, since its location tracking makes it easy to locate anyone who's lost.

We tested the original AngelSense and loved it. You won't find a more accurate GPS device for live location updates, indoor tracking, and location sharing. Plus, the AngelSense customer service team is the best in the business.

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Get a free AngelSense device

🔥 AngelSense is currently offering a FREE kids GPS tracking device (regularly $229) when you sign up for a month-to-month or annual service plan! 

Info current as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

pro Nonremovable design
pro Wearables that cater to sensory sensitivity
pro One and two-way communication
pro Wandering and unexpected place alerts
pro Water-resistant device (waterproof pouches available as an add-on)
pro Tons of customizable features
pro Device arrives activated
con Expensive monthly costs
con Limited voice minutes

AngelSense cost

AngelSense sells two devices: a small tracker designed for people of all ages and a new GPS watch designed for kids around ages 10 and up.

The official retail prices are $229 for the tracker and $179 for the watch. But AngelSense launches frequent promotions and discounts throughout the year. In their latest promotion, the device was free as long as you signed up for a one-year contract.

AngelSense subscription price

When you sign up for an AngelSense tracker, you’ll need to select a payment plan too. You can pay about $53 each month for a month-to-month plan, about $40 per month for a 1-year contract, or pay up front for an annual plan at around $400 (equal to about $33.33 per month).

Other than price and contract, there isn't much difference between AngelSense’s three subscription plans. You'll pay higher device and activation fees on the month-to-month plan, but you'll have access to all of the device's features no matter which service plan you choose.

Each AngelSense GPS device you buy needs its own service plan. Fortunately, AngelSense offers a discount for additional subscriptions. In the US, they're about $30 per month or $300 per year.

Other AngelSense costs

Unless it's waived during a promotion, every AngelSense device and service plan has a one-time activation fee:

  • $59 for the month-to-month plan 
  • $19 for the one-year contract plans

Shipping is free if you don't mind waiting a couple weeks for your AngelSense order. Otherwise, you can choose to pay about $20, $30, or $70 for Express, Second-Day, or Next-Day shipping.

Finally, you can buy AngelSense accessories to make sure your loved one is comfortable wearing the small tracker. We've listed the prices below. Jump to that section.

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What’s in the box

The AngelSense v4 comes with the following:

  • AngelSense tracker
  • AngelSense tracker sleeve
  • Five magnetic fasteners
  • Two keys
  • Wall charger and USB cable
  • Instruction pamphlet
angel sense equipment from box

Image: Anastasia Hrivnak, SafeWise

Here's what's in the AngelSense Watch box:

  • AngelSense Watch
  • Charging platform
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick start card

Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

Sensory-friendly wearables 

It’s common for kids with autism or sensory issues to have trouble with clothing. Whether it’s texture, fit, or feel, a simple t-shirt or pair of pants can cause severe discomfort. AngelSense took this into account when they designed wearables for the device.

AngelSense is the only kids’ GPS we reviewed that put this kind of thought into their tracker. In fact, they've recently added a belt clip and watch band so your child has many different ways to wear AngelSense. What's comfy one day might not be tolerable the next, so we love that there are so many accessories to choose from.

Magnetic pins + sleeve

Much like those you’d see at a department store, these pins can only unlock with a magnetic key. These fasteners keep your kids (or others) from removing the AngelSense tracker from your child’s backpack, pocket, or other clothing and accessories.

Every AngelSense order includes this device sleeve, three magnetic pins, and a pin remover. Additional sets cost $9.99.

Cut-to-fit belt

The AngelSense cut-to-fit belt is helpful for kids who have trouble keeping shirts, pants, or other articles of clothing on. It buckles like a regular belt and fastens with a pin to secure it on your child during the day.

This 47-inch belt costs $19.99.


This compression-fit undershirt features a pocket for the AngelSense. The shirt is reversible, so the device can be on your child's chest or back. The pouch can be pinned closed.

The shirt is made of 92% Natural Modal and 8% Spandex. It's soft, breathable, and comes in all sizes. It costs $23.99.


The armband is made of cotton and lycra and wraps snugly around the wrist, arm, or ankle. Wearers can easily yank this armband off, so it's not ideal for younger kids.

The armband costs $14.99.

Belt clip

The belt clip is new to AngelSense's lineup and slides onto a waistband, belt, pocket, purse, or backpack. Since there's no way to pin it in place, the belt clip is a good option for older kids or adults.

The belt clip retails for $14.99 and doesn't fit the original AngelSense.

Images: AngelSense

Watch band

AngelSense's new watch band accessory was also designed with older kids or adults in mind. There's currently just one watchband size: 10.5 inches.

It costs $19.99 and doesn't fit the original AngelSense.

Other AngelSense accessories

AngelSense also sells a lanyard ($5.00) and some waterproof bags ($23.99), but there's no reason you can't use a lanyard or bag you already have on hand to save a bit of money.

AngelSense also offers a 5-pack of iron-on patches for $5.00. You can add your phone number with a permanent marker so that people know who to call if your child is lost.

Finally, an extra magnetic pin remover costs about $20, and extra pins costs around $2 each.

How to buy AngelSense accessories

AngelSense's online buying process isn't super intuitive. You can only add accessories to your order after buying the AngelSense device. Current AngelSense customers can buy accessories through the AngelSense app. 

AngelSense Watch


Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

AngelSense recently added a watch to its lineup. It has the same features as the smaller AngelSense tracking device and adds a couple extra perks:

  • Clock face
  • Direct calling from watch to caregiver (SIM card included)

The AngelSense Watch has a shorter battery life, lasting just 16 hours. Due to its somewhat bulky design, it's not the best option for younger kids. It had excellent audio when we tested it. 

AngelSense tech and features

Intelligent location tracking and geofencing

AngelSense does way more than just show your child's location on a map or alert you when your child leaves a predefined safe zone. This device learns your kid's routine—right down to their school bus route—and immediately lets you know if there's a deviation.

A recent AngelSense upgrade also introduced indoor location tracking, which uses Wi-Fi hotspots to figure out where your child is at school, in the store, in your apartment building, etc. It's the only kids GPS tracker on the market with this feature.

And if your kiddo likes to play hide-and-seek in the worst possible moments, you can activate a device alarm and follow the sound to find them.

But AngelSense's genius doesn't stop there. If your child has wandered off and you need to ask the police for help (such as if you're 20 minutes across town and need to make sure your wandering child is safe now), you can send a temporary tracking link to dispatch—or to anyone you know nearby. 

Thumbs Up
Great for kids who ride the bus

Regular location updates make AngelSense a fitting choice for bus-riding kiddos. You can get alerts for surprises like unexpected stops or places, an ETA when they leave, or a late departure notice. If they took the wrong bus or a different route home, you’ll get your child's location in near real-time. You'll even know if the bus driver is speeding.

Continuous location tracking leads to short battery life

AngelSense's battery lasts about 24 hours, which means you'll need to remember to charge it every night. The reason it lasts such a short time compared to other kids GPS trackers is that the AngelSense provides more frequent location updates and is constantly analyzing your kid's routine. We think that's a good trade-off for kids at risk of wandering. 

Voice calls and audio check-ins

Screenshot: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

AngelSense has two-way voice communication, a pretty standard feature for a kids’ GPS tracking device. But the automatic pickup feature makes it stand out.

Automatic pickup doesn’t require your child to answer for you to speak with them. You call, and they’ll hear you. The speaker can get really loud, so we were glad to see that you can adjust the volume settings in the parent app. 

You get 60 voice minutes for calls every month, but you can buy more through the AngelSense app as needed. 

It’s also a unique GPS tracker because of its listen-in feature. This one-way voice button lets you listen in on your child’s environment. If you’re concerned about wandering or bullying, you can check in to make sure your kids are okay.

Activity monitoring and fall detection

AngelSense not only counts your child's steps, but also monitors their activity level at different locations throughout the day. This can give you important insight about how much exercise your child got during the school day. 

The latest version of AngelSense also includes automatic fall detection, which alerts you if your loved one falls and doesn't move—an indication they need immediate help. This feature is especially helpful for aging adults who spend time alone but are at risk of falling. Learn more in our fall detection guide.

Image: Anastasia Hrivnak, SafeWise

Installing and setting up the AngelSense app

AngelSense does a great job introducing new customers to its product. Expect plenty of video guides, step-by-step instructions, and even a personalized onboarding call. Here's a quick overview of the AngelSense setup process.

  1. You'll get an AngelSense username and password when you purchase the tracker.
  2. Download the AngelSense app from the Google Play or Apple App store, or visit
  3. Use the provided login information to sign in, and then follow the on-screen instructions to create or edit your loved one's profile. 

Once the tracker arrives, charge it for at least two hours. It turns on automatically once connected to the charger.

AngelSense then recommends that you take the device for a drive at least 1.5 miles away from home so it can connect to local cell towers. Taking it outside also helps it get a clear GPS signal. 

Don't be alarmed if your AngelSense has a poor battery life the first couple of weeks. It uses more power initially as it learns your loved one's routine and automatically sets up geofences at common locations.  

Excellent customization options

We were impressed by how many options can be customized in the AngelSense parent app. For example, you can reduce false alarms by requiring the SOS button to be pressed for a longer period of time or for a certain amount of time to pass between call attempts. 

You can set up the AngelSense to call you directly or to simply send you a push notification asking you to call the device. The only hiccup we encountered during testing is that the AngelSense can't hang up a direct call that goes to voicemail, so that can prolong the time it takes for you to actually get the voicemail—the wearer is stuck waiting for your phone to drop the call. 

The SOS button can also be deactivated entirely.

Screenshot: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

AngelSense customer service 

The AngelSense service staff employs parents of special needs kids to help you with your questions. You can share your own experiences with them or get insight from their family when you contact them with questions. They'll also give you call to help set up the device and introduce you to all of its features.

When we tried the live chat, we connected with a supportive rep who answered our questions quickly.

The AngelSense Help Center FAQs page provides information about the tracking device and payments, while the resource page covers lifestyle and parenting tips.

The AngelSense FAQs page can answer questions you have about the device while the resource page connects you with counselors, independent living experts, and other resources that can help you provide care for your child.

AngelSense versus other kids GPS trackers

If you can pay whatever's necessary for the best kids GPS tracker, go with AngelSense. It's undeniably the best for real-time location tracking, indoor tracking, geofencing, and smart alerts. It's just expensive.

If you need something that's gentler on your budget, consider Jiobit. This device also learns your child's routine and gives intelligent alerts, but it doesn't have any audio or voice calling capabilities. You'll have to find your own sensory-friendly wearables for it too.

Other than Jiobit, we recommend looking at kids smartwatches as alternatives to AngelSense. While AngelSense still reigns supreme for location tracking, smartwatches introduce more communication options, like texting and video calling. 

Compare AngelSense to the competition

Best for
Monthly subscription
Max. battery life
Two-way talk
Learn more
Best overall $44.99/mo.24 hours
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Smartwatch pick $10.00/mo.62 hours
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best value $14.99/mo.**48 hours
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Best for crowded events N/A1 year
Icon No  LightNo
Icon No  LightNo
Best battery life $8.99/mo. 240 hours
Icon Yes  Light


Icon No  LightNo price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.
*Limited time deal.
**$30 activation fee. New lines only. No contract required.

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability subject to change.

Final word

AngelSense is fantastic for people with special needs. No other GPS tracker on the market comes close to matching the nuance of its tracking and emergency features.

But all of those features are expensive and drain the device's battery. If your child or loved one isn't at risk of wandering off, some of these features may be overkill. Check out our other recommended kids GPS trackers for more affordable alternatives.

AngelSense FAQs

AngelSense is not typically covered by Medicaid, but there are some case-by-case instances where the device could be approved through Medicaid HCBS waivers. It's best to contact your Medicaid caseworker for assistance. AngelSense customer service can also provide some guidance, even though they can't guarantee coverage.

The AngelSense device is not waterproof, but there is a waterproof sleeve available for the screenless version.

Yes, the AngelSense tracker can also keep loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia in touch. If your loved one wanders or gets lost, you can listen in with the one-way voice feature, speak to them directly, or find their location on the mobile app.

How we reviewed AngelSense

Image: SafeWise

To write an accurate review of the AngelSense tracker, customer service, and other features, we went straight to the source. We asked questions to one of the company’s customer service reps via the live chat on the websites. We also emailed the company directly to learn more about the most recent update of the AngelSense device and software. We even conducted an exclusive interview with AngelSense.

There were also tons of first-hand testimonials from parents with and without kids who have special needs.

We compared all of this to similar GPS trackers we’ve reviewed to get a better sense of how AngelSense stacks up. To learn more about our review process for AngelSense and other products, read our full methodology.

*Caveat: SafeWise strives to use inclusive language in all of our publications. Although we usually opt for person-first language, we found that in the case of autism, there are many opinions about person-first versus identity-first language. Although the semantic approaches may vary, we remain committed to respectful and inclusive language, and we want to hear your thoughts and questions. Please send feedback to

Compare the best kid safety products

Best for
Standout feature
Learn more
Read review
Best kids GPS tracker Two-way calling and listen-in functionGPS tracking with transit alerts + location history
Best kids phoneUnlimited talk and textBuilt-in parental controls
Best kids smartwatch No internet, video calling,
25 contacts
SOS button, 96+ hour battery
Best parental control appRequires iOS 11 or Android 5 and upMonitors 24 social networks
Best booster seat For kids up to 120 lbs. 3 layers of side-impact protection
Best kids bike helmet47–57 cm. head circumferenceEasy-to-adjust tri-glide strap sliders price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.

*For annual plan, paid yearly.

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