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Brinks Home offers a large selection of security sensors and smart devices that work with its security systems. While it's not the most affordable gear, Brinks sells everything you'll need to build a system to detect and deter burglars. Here's a rundown of Brinks equipment and third-party smart devices to consider.

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Brinks-compatible equipment

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Core Brinks equipment

You’ll find the control panel, motion detector, and door sensor in every Brinks security system equipment package. These help you build a security perimeter around your home to detect intruders.

How much does Brinks cost?

Overall, you should expect to spend more on Brinks equipment than SimpliSafe, Cove, and Frontpoint. Still, Brinks doesn't cost as much as ADT or Vivint. Brinks' DIY installation doesn't cost anything.

Here's a quick overview of how many sensors you can expect in the base Brinks equipment packages and costs for each.

Monthly cost
Equipment cost
Base equipment
Smart Security EssentialStarts at $39.99/mo.$199.99Control panel, motion sensor, door sensor (2)
Smart Security CompleteStarts at $44.99/mo.$349.00Control panel, motion sensor, door sensor (2), video doorbell
Smart Security UltimateStarts at $49.99/mo.$699.00Control panel, motion sensor, door sensor (2), video doorbell, outdoor camera

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Brinks control panel

All Brinks packages include a sleek touchscreen control panel that you can use to arm and disarm your system. It connects you to the Brinks home monitoring station using a cellular signal and has a battery backup to keep your system online when the power goes out.

Beyond controlling your system, you can use it to add new devices, manage user access, and watch live feeds from your security cameras.

Brinks Home Security app

Brinks includes a smartphone app with every equipment package. This is a nice bonus compared to most security companies, which limit mobile apps to pricier plans. It works a lot like the control panel by controlling your system's arming status, adding devices, and watching live camera feeds from your Android or iOS device.

Light Bulb
Brinks warranty

Brinks offers a two-year warranty on its equipment so you can contact customer support to replace faulty devices that could trigger a false alarm.

Brinks motion sensor

Motion sensors are a standard component in every home security system because they detect movement using infrared light. The Brinks motion sensor has an 80º detection radius to see up to 30 feet away and 25 feet on either side. Brinks includes only one motion sensor in its base packages, but you can buy extras for around $60 each.

Brinks door sensor

A door sensor has two halves that attach to your door and door frame. The sensor separates when the door opens and triggers an alarm. You can also use these as window sensors to track when someone opens a window. Brinks systems include at least two door sensors in every equipment package, but you'll pay about $40 each for additional sensors.

Brinks cameras

Brinks' pricier plans also include security cameras beyond the core devices. We cover these in detail in a separate security camera section below.

Brinks home security accessories

While the base Brinks system comes with devices for a simple security system, you can expand what Brinks can detect with add-ons and accessories.

  • Recessed door and window sensor ($49): A typical entry sensor goes on the outside of a door or window, making it easy to see. But a recessed sensor goes inside the door to keep it away from prying eyes—plus, it's a bonus for folks who want to protect their decor from unsightly devices.
  • Garage door tilt sensor ($39): An open garage door is a tempting target. A tilt sensor attaches to the door to tell you when it's open so you can secure the garage when you finish the yard work.
  • Glass break detector ($79): Some intruders know that traditional door and window sensors don't detect someone coming in through a broken window. A glass break detector is a great choice to listen for shattering glass and sound an alarm.
Brinks Glass Break Detector
  • Smoke detector ($89): While the shrill tone of a smoke detector can get most folks up and out of the house, having pro monitoring ensures the fire department responds sooner. This life-saving tool is great for everyone but is an essential upgrade for people with disabilities or households with pets.
  • Carbon monoxide detector ($79): Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can disorient and kill you if too much builds up in your house. Having the monitoring center watch for CO means emergency responders can help you get to fresh air before it's too late, especially if you have limited mobility.
  • FireFighter device ($99): Sometimes, it's not practical or affordable to swap out every smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home. A FireFighter is the next-best option because it listens for the sirens from existing detectors and alerts the monitoring center of an emergency.
Brinks FireFighter Device
  • Flood detector ($49): Connecting a water leak sensor to your system gives you an early warning before you're ankle-deep in water. Spotting water leaks before they cause too much damage can save you a lot of money on repairs.
  • Keychain remote ($29): Also called a key fob, this handy device is great if you want a quick way to arm and disarm your system without the touch panel or a smartphone. It's also a convenient way to give access to a cat sitter or plant waterer while you're on vacation.
Brinks Z-Wave Smart Thermostat
  • Kwikset SmartCode smart locks ($249 to $299): Brinks sells two types of Z-Wave Kwikset smart locks that you can unlock with a built-in keypad or the Brinks app. The smart deadbolt is more affordable, while the smart lever-lock has an integrated handle for doors without a deadbolt.

Brinks cameras

Like all Brinks security products, you'll pay for a monitoring service to use Brinks security cameras. The security cameras work well but don't really bring any unique features compared to other wireless security cameras. Still, Brinks sells five cameras for different places around the house.

Brinks Home Indoor CameraIndoor Camera
Brinks Home Indoor Camera w/ Two-Way VoiceIndoor Camera w/ Two-Way Voice
Brinks Home Outdoor CameraOutdoor Camera
Frontpoint doorbell cameraSkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell
Brinks Home Smart Video DoorbellSmart Video Doorbell
Resolution1080p1080p1080p720p1440p (2K)
Field of view113º180º117º180º150º

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

  • Indoor Camera ($160): This basic indoor camera is a good choice for common areas in your home, like a kitchen, entryway, or family room. It comes with a 1080p video resolution, a 113º field of view, and infrared night vision.
  • Indoor Camera w/ Two-way Voice ($240): This premium indoor camera builds on the entry-level model with a better speaker and a wider 180º field of view. There's also a button on top for family members to call you in the Brinks app.
  • Outdoor Camera ($249): The outdoor camera is a great way to watch what's happening in your yard. It has weatherproofing, a 117º field of view, and infrared night vision that sees up to 40 feet.
  • SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell ($199): This entry-level SkyBell model is Brinks' oldest camera—it's a standard feature in the Complete and Ultimate equipment packages. Its 720p resolution doesn't hold up to most modern video doorbells, but it's affordable and easy to install.
  • Smart Video Doorbell ($240): This video doorbell is the most advanced camera Brinks offers. Its impressive 1440p (2K) video resolution and wide 150º field of view give it a clear picture of what's happening on your porch. Plus, its sleek design looks better than anything else Brinks sells.

Learn more in our full Brinks cameras review.

Third-party smart home products

Brinks works with three major smart home platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Z-Wave.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Alexa can control your Brinks system through the Alexa skill. There aren't a ton of voice commands for your system, but you can arm your alarm system, adjust smart lights, lock doors, and control the thermostat by asking Alexa on an Echo Dot. Unfortunately, you can't watch security camera feeds on compatible Echo Show smart displays.


The Brinks control panel is compatible with Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave is most useful for adding smart light switches and smart outlets to your home security system. Brinks' website doesn't mention compatibility with third-party Z-Wave motion sensors and door sensors, so you might need to stick with the pricey ones it sells. (It's common for a home security company to support only a few types of third-party Z-Wave devices.)


Most Brinks equipment comes from, including the control panel, sensors, and security cameras. Some home automation equipment uses Z-Wave technology to work with the Brinks system, like the smart lock.

No, Brinks requires a professional monitoring plan to use its equipment.

Ring devices don't work with Brinks, but you can use them both with Amazon Alexa.

Read more answers to Brinks FAQs.

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