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We heard all of your Brinks Home Security questions, did the research, and rounded up the answers in our Brinks FAQ.

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Brinks FAQ: The basics

Brinks is a security company that lets you choose your security system online, or call their customer service line at +1-888-398-9877. They also make physical security devices like padlocks, door locks, and prepaid cards to keep your money safe. And they offer armored truck services. Here are some answers to the most common Brinks questions.

Does Brinks security require a contract?

Yes, you have to sign a contract when purchasing a Brinks system.

Does Brinks offer DIY installation?

For sure. It’s simple to install yourself, but Brinks also offers professional installation for free.

How much does a Brinks security system cost?

Packages range from $199 to $699, and monitoring plans range from $39 to $49.99.

How many customers does Brinks Home Security have?

Brinks reports it has more than 1 million customers throughout North America.¹

Are ADT and Brinks the same company?

Nope, they are entirely different companies. You can see how they compare and differ in our ADT vs. Brinks guide.

Who are Brinks’ competitors?

Vivint and ADT are both big competitors. They are both professionally installed systems, much like Brinks. You can learn more by heading over to our best home security systems comparison.

Did Brinks buy out Protect America?

Yes, and all of Protect America’s accounts were transferred to Brinks Home Security in mid-2020.

Does Brinks still offer monitoring for Nest Secure?

They sure do. Nest is no longer making Nest Secure equipment, but Brinks still offers monitoring if you still want to use your Nest Secure equipment.

Does Brinks call the police?

Sometimes. When your alarm system is triggered, a signal travels to the Brinks Alarm Response Center. The dispatcher will review the information, and if needed, they call the police, fire department, or EMT.

How do I contact Brinks customer support?

There are three ways to contact Brinks customer service:

  • Text them at +1-469-513-8685
  • Call them at +1-800-447-9239
  • Chat online on the Brinks site

What is Brink’s Money, and how do I get a Brinks card?

Brink’s Money is a prepaid card that you use, like a debit card. You can set it up for direct deposit for your paycheck or tax refund, or you can add funds manually. To sign up for a Brinks card, go to their sign-up page.

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Brinks FAQ: Equipment

Smart Security Essential
Brinks equipment pack
Pro Bullet 1 motion sensors
Pro Bullet 2 door sensor

Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Brinks has three equipment packages: Smart Security Essential, Smart Security Complete, and Smart Security Ultimate. These equipment packages come with the typical sensors and cameras, but you can also add on various devices. Here’s what you need to know about this security system’s equipment.

What type of devices can you get with a Brinks security system?

Brinks has around 30 devices that you can add to your system:

  • SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell
  • Brinks Home Indoor Camera
  • Brinks Home Outdoor Camera
  • Keychain remote
  • Simon XT GSM
  • GE Simon Wireless Talking Bi-Directional Keypad
  • GE Talking Touch Screen Keypad for Simon XT & XTi
  • Qolsys Encrypted Door/Window Sensor
  • Wireless door sensors
  • IQ Wireless Garage Door Tilt Sensor
  • Wireless Glass Break Detector
  • GE Wireless Vibration Detector
  • Motion sensors
  • IQ Recessed Door/Window
  • GE Backup Battery Pack
  • IQ Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • FireFighter
  • GE Security 60-744-95R - NX-695 Wireless Water/Flood Sensor
  • IQ Wireless Flood Detector
  • Wireless Freeze Sensor
  • IQ Smoke Detector
  • Kwikset SmartCode Wireless Keypad Deadbolt in Satin Nickel
  • Kwikset SmartCode Wireless Keypad Leverlock - Satin Nickel
  • GE Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer
  • GE Z-Wave In-Wall On-Off Switch
  • GE Z-Wave Plug-In Fluorescent Light and Appliance Module
  • Smart Switch
  • GE Z-Wave Outdoor Module
  • GE Z-Wave Wall Receptacle 

How do I test my Brinks alarm?

You should do a monthly test on your Brinks alarm to make sure it’s functioning correctly. You can run a test in a jiffy with just a few simple steps:

  1. Go to your Brinks dashboard.
  2. Hover over My System in the menu.
  3. Click on System Test.
  4. Click Start Test.
  5. Enter your code word.
  6. Choose Next.
  7. Tick the checkbox and click Next.

Will Brinks cameras work without a professional monitoring service?

You’re out of luck on this one. The cameras need a hub to work, and the hub needs monitoring to work.

Will Brinks security system work without a monitoring plan?

Basically, if it has anything to do with a Brinks home security system, it needs a monitoring plan.

Are Brinks’ security cameras wireless?

While most security cameras these days have battery packs or solar power, Brinks’ cameras need a connection to your home’s electrical supply.

Will Brinks still work if my Wi-Fi goes out?

It sure will. Your system has a 4G LTE cellular backup service that communicates with the Brinks monitoring center when there’s no Wi-Fi.

Will Brinks still work if my power goes out?

You may be in the dark, but your system isn’t. It has battery backup power that lasts for at least 24 hours during a power outage.

Does Brinks work with home automation?

Brinks works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Z-Wave. This means you can connect your security system to a gaggle of smart home devices and even arm and disarm the system using voice commands.

Is the Brinks Home Security app free?

100%. It’s available with all monitoring plans and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Do I need a landline to use Brinks security systems?

Nope. Brinks can use a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

Brinks FAQ: Contracts and cancelation

Brinks contracts are for 36 months. (They do offer month-to-month service for Nest Aware products.) Here’s what to know about Brinks’ contracts.

Does Brinks have a trial period?

Yep, you can cancel your contract any time within the first 30 days, and the 30-day countdown starts the day you place your order.

How do you cancel your Brinks Home Security account?

You’ll need to call Brinks customer service line at +1-800-447-9239 to cancel.

What happens when you cancel Brinks Home Security?

Brinks will send you a cancelation document that outlines what will be on your final bill. You’ll need to sign the document electronically.

Then, Brinks will send you your final bill and cancel your service within 30 days of the date you signed the cancellation document. You can learn more about canceling Brinks in our guide.

How much do you have to pay when you cancel your Brinks contract?

You will need to pay 100% of the remaining balance.

Compare the best home security systems

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Best overall$599.00
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Reader favorite$229.00
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Best optional monitoring$199.15
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Best budget pick $85.98
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Most safety sensor options$199.00
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Info current as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.


  1. Brinks Home, “About Us.” Accessed October 18, 2021.


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