10 Smart Home Gifts for Mom

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Whether it's Mother's Day, her birthday, or just to show you care, Mom deserves the best. We've rounded up the best smart home gifts we could find that can help make her life a little easier so she has more time to enjoy doing what she loves most. 

Whether she's a master chef, green thumb, fitness lover, or all three, these smart home gadgets can streamline her lifestyle. 

Here are our 10 favorite smart home gifts for Mom

1. Amazon Echo Show: Best for multitaskers

Best for multitaskers
Amazon Echo Dot

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The Amazon Echo Show 8 3rd Gen is Amazon's latest smart speaker with a screen. It comes with Alexa voice service and brilliant 8-inch display. 

If Mom already has security cameras, video doorbells, or other smart devices, it's a cinch to connect them to her new smart speaker and control the home with her voice. 

Along with playlists, videos, on-screen recipes, audiobooks and more, this model comes with a subscription Alexa Emergency Assist, the brand's urgent response feature, so if she's in trouble all she needs is to call for help from the speaker. 

Alexa is an excellent digital assistant for mothers with full hands and hectic schedules. Now, Ma can catch up on her favorite audiobooks and check the weather before heading to the park or getting to work in her home office.

To help Mom learn more about what Alexa can do, send her over to our guide to Amazon Alexa.

Look, Ma! No Amazon!

If Mom’s a diehard Google fan, you might consider getting her a Nest Audio (around $100) in place of an Amazon Echo. It doesn’t have the seamless integrations with Amazon services that make Alexa so amazing, but it’s usually better at answering questions and holds its own in terms of audio quality. Learn more in our guide to Google Assistant.

2. Fitbit Versa 4: Best for active moms

Best for active moms
Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch

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We don't recommend unprompted fitness gifts for Mom (or anyone else for that matter). But if she's been trying to get her steps in or trying out new activities, a sharp fitness tracker like the Fitbit Versa 4

With over 40 exercise modes pre-programmed into the watch, she can count her laps whether it's in the pool or on the track. Fitbit watches are designed to provide accurate, in-depth readings for fitness number junkies and newcomers alike. 

The Fitbit app also has features like the "Readiness Score" which gauges your energy level and "readiness" for workouts. So she'll be able to budget her energy throughout the day to make room for working out. 

For fitness newcomers

If cash is tight or Mom's just starting her fitness journey, check out these highly reviewed budget trackers like Rumien, Fitpolo, and Amazfit that are all worth...watching. 

3. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden: Best for chefs

Best for chefs

If your mom's a legendary home chef, the Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden can bring pasta night to a new level. At just over 12-inches long, this garden kit is small enough to fit in most kitchens and windowsills. It comes with three basil pods included, but Mom can replace these slots with any of her fresh favorites. 

The programmable light paired with the self-watering hydroponic system keeps kitchen herbs fresh without the need of a green thumb. And as her garden grows, she can choose from 50 different compatible plants for her window. 

Appliance power

If Mom isn't interested in growing her own dinner, an Instant Pot Pro Plus (around $150) is a do-it-all countertop must-have. It's compatible with smartphones and can make anything from cheesecake to baked potatoes without the mess of extra pots and pans.

4. NextMug Temperature-Controlled Self-Heating Mug: Best for coffee lovers

Best for coffee lovers

Mom might never part with her beloved coffee maker or her ancient electric kettle, but you can coax her into using a brand-new self-warming mug. The NextMug Temperature-Controlled Self-Heating Mug stays warm all day. Whether she sips at her desk or keeps it on the coffee table, NextMug adjusts to her preferred temperature and keeps it there with its long battery life. 

For coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, and even hot cocoa sippers, this is a real game changer! It might not be as cool as the mug you painted for her as a kid, but it's a close second. 

Thumbs Up
Smart coffee without an app

If Mom wants more than a simple cup of joe in the morning, then she might appreciate the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (around $180). It has multiple brewing settings so mom can create the perfect iced coffee or cappuccino to fit her mood.

5. B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer: Best for gardeners

Best for gardeners
B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

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Keeping up with the vegetable garden or flower beds doesn’t require an intricate underground sprinkler system when a hose and sprinkler can do the job. Help Mom save water and time with the B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer.

This smart gardening device uses batteries, so it’s easy to install on any faucet before attaching the hose. Mom starts by setting schedules with her smartphone, and the B-hyve does the rest—right down to accounting for current weather conditions.

Light Bulb

While the Lomi 1 is pricey (around $380), this highly rated kitchen composter makes sure nothing goes to waste. This 3-liter countertop composter allows Mom to throw in kitchen scraps and use those leftovers to feed her garden nutrient-rich goodness. 

6. MoCuishle Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager : Best for spa-goers

Best for spa-goers

Even for moms who love being pampered, spa days aren't always on the calendar. Between carpooling, office errands, and playtime at home, Mom can have a mini-spa day with the MoCuishle Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager.

With eight deep tissue modes, heating, and adjustable speed, she can bring the spa with her anywhere she goes. 

Aromatherapy with an app

If Mother dabbles in essential oils, she’ll love the Sierra Modern Home Smart Diffuser (around $40) she can control using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Not only does it help fill Mom’s home with a pleasant aroma, but it also works as an ultrasonic humidifier to help save her skin from dry air.

7. Apple AirTag: Best for organizers

Best for organizers
Apple AirTag

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The slim, quarter-sized Apple AirTag is the ultimate tool for those who are organized (or need help getting there). These devices use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology that uses the power of other Apple devices to keep tabs of what it's attached to. 

AirTags are ideal for luggage, purses, briefcases, and diaper bags. They can even slide into kiddo's backpacks and bags for keeping track of the family during extra curriculars. 

If Mom loses her item, she just needs to use the Find My app on her iPhone to pinpoint its location. 

Air Tag Alternatives

As useful as they are, AirTags have had some bad press in the last few years. If your family is hesitant about getting one (or four) but still want a sleek tracker, check out the Tile Pro.

It’s a remarkably simple device—when Ma presses a button in the mobile app, the corresponding Tile Pro chimes for easy recovery.


8. eufy Security C210 Smart Lock: Best for protectors

Best for protectors
eufy Security C210 Smart Lock

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Whether she lives alone or is the head of the family, Mom needs to know what's going on at home. The eufy Security C210 Smart Lock can keep her briefed on whether or not the door is locked or unlocked at any time. This five-in-one smart lock combines physical keys, a touchpad, app access, Apple Watch access, or smart speaker commands to lock and unlock the deadbolt. 

It works well with her busy schedule and she can program the lock to open and close automatically when she leaves the house for work, errands, or play. 

Step up the security

If a smart lock isn’t enough, consider getting Mom a security camera like the eufy SoloCam S220. It’s easy to install and uses local storage so she can even use it without a subscription.

9. Ring Video Doorbell: Best for shoppers

Best for shoppers
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen)

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If Mom loves to shop online (honestly, same), there’s a good chance she’ll want a Ring Video Doorbell to spot deliveries on the porch. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent way to chat with Grubhub drivers as she makes her way to the door.

Beyond shopping, a smart doorbell can boost security by monitoring the front yard and porch for suspicious activity. Mom can even pair the Ring Video Doorbell with a smart lock to let the kids in after school.

Check out our Ring doorbells breakdown to learn more about Ring’s doorbell cameras.

Thumbs Up
Never miss the mail

If Mom already has a Ring doorbell, consider expanding her system with this Ring Mailbox Sensor (around $50). Bundled with a smart bridge, it will alert her to when the mailbox opens and closes so she'll always be ready for her deliveries. 

10. Furbo Pet Camera: Best for dog moms

Best for party animals

When she says "my kids are animals," she means it. While dog moms may never get a smart home present from their fur babies, the Furbo 360 Pet Camera is a treat for humans and canines alike. 

Furbo is a rotating 360-HD camera that can follow her best friend around the room. She can load it with their favorite kibble or treats and the device can launch it for a little remote playtime. Furbo also comes with two-way talk, color night vision, and barking alerts. 

She can also subscribe to Furbo's Pet Nanny smart assistant service (only $7/month). Pet nanny captures exciting moments, sends reminders and provides a daily log of her pup's activity. It's even smart enough to recognize smoke and CO alarms to alert her if there's danger at home.  

Light Bulb
Staying on track

For moms who enjoy adventuring with their furry friends, check out Tractive. This GPS dog collar attachment costs just under $40 and around $9/month for service. Like a Fitbit for Fido, it provides her app with health alerts, and activity monitoring. 

Final word

The best smart home gifts give Mom more time in the day to enjoy who and what she loves most. Thankfully there's a smart home gift for everyone out there!

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