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  • Discounts when bundled with TV or internet service
  • High-pressure sales staff
  • Monitoring starts at $40./mo.*

Info current as of 06/25/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Katie McEntire
Staff Writer, Safety & Security
June 25, 2020

We started research on Xfinity Home at the source, poking through the website’s packages, plans, and fine print.

To get an accurate firsthand account of Xfinity Home, we interviewed a real customer. From customer service to equipment, Joy told us about her experience of using Xfinity Home for three years. We also compared her experience to Xfinity Home customer reviews across the web.

Read our full methodology to learn more about how we reviewed Xfinity Home and other home alarm systems like it.

Xfinity Home Security Pricing 

Xfinity’s pricing includes a lot of factors beyond equipment and monitoring. Prices can change based on your location and if you’re already an Xfinity customer.

Xfinity Home offers three equipment packages. You can combine any of the equipment packages with one of the two monitoring plans. Xfinity provides monthly financing for your security system, or you can choose to pay for your equipment upfront. And each plan has à la carte options available if you want to add more equipment to your system.

Equipment Prices

Base Home System Complete Home System
Monthly Cost
Total Cost$360.00


Contract Length2 years 2 years
Number of Door/Window Sensors3 5
Live HD Video
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
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Info current as of 06/25/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Pricing is shown for the first 24 months with a two-year contract.

If you use Xfinity Home Security, you’ll have to choose a monitoring plan for your equipment. Both plans have similar features like smart home automation, the Xfinity Home app, and live-streaming video (when you choose a camera). The main difference is the Plus plan gives you access to past videos and better motion detection.

Monitoring Prices

Home Security PlanHome Security Plus Plan
Monthly Monitoring Cost
Price After 1 Year$480.00 $600.00
Smart Home Control2 years 2 years
Live HD Video
Icon Yes  LightYes
Icon Yes  LightYes
Motion-activated Recording
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
Video History
Icon No  LightNo
Icon Yes  LightYes
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Info current as of 06/25/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

All these details combined, you can expect to pay a minimum monthly rate of $55 for Xfinity Home Security. This price is high, but it’s not much higher than other companies. For example, Frontpoint Security starts packages and monitoring at around $45. If budget isn’t an issue and you already have Xfinity, you may get a good deal.

A La Carte Equipment Prices

Xfinity Home offers à la carte equipment to add to your existing packages. We found the prices for Xfinity’s devices.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera


Smoke Detector


Zen Thermostat


Motion Sensor


Door/Window Sensor


Outlet Controller


Wireless Keypad


Info current as of 06/25/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

Xfinity Home Security Devices and Equipment 

Xfinity Home has all the essentials needed for a reliable alarm system. The starter kit comes with three door/window sensors, a touchscreen control center, and a wireless keypad to arm and disarm your system. Plus, you can control your system with the Xfinity Home app.

What we’re most impressed with is the motion sensor with a sky-high weight range. This pet immune sensor will ignore moving objects up to 85 pounds (that’s double the limit of most sensors!). It’s a helpful feature if you have a large dog or kids who stay home alone because they won’t trigger the sensor and cause a false alarm.

You can also add extras like the indoor/outdoor camera, Zen thermostat, smoke detector, or outlet controller to gain extra control over your home through the Xfinity Home app.

Watch a livestream from the Xfinity camera, warm your living room with the thermostat when you come home from work, and keep a light on with the outlet controller.

Xfinity Home Security System

Xfinity Smart Home Security Systems Features 

Xfinity partners with third-party smart home providers like August, GE, and Ecobee. Equipment from these companies, like smart lighting, locks, and thermostats, can work with your Xfinity Home system.

You can control your Xfinity Home system through its mobile app or web portal. From here, you can watch live feeds, control your thermostat, and check on the system when you get alerts.

Xfinity Home Security Systems Installation 

In some cases, you can install Xfinity Home on your own, but it usually requires professionals. If you’re a first-time Xfinity customer, or if it’s been over a year since you’ve had an Xfinity system, you’ll have to go with the pros. Advanced systems with over four pieces of equipment will also have to be set up by a professional.

Professional installation costs a minimum of $99.99, but it’s a one-time payment. And scheduling an installation appointment is easy. Xfinity provides a clear timetable of available times and dates that includes weekends, so you won’t have to take off work to let the tech in for installation.

Installation techs promise they’ll arrive within two hours of your scheduled appointment time, and if they don’t, you’ll get a $20 credit. If you have an existing security system from another company, the same Xfinity professionals can take a look at your system to see if it’s compatible or needs to be upgraded.

Xfinity Home Security Customer Service 

Joy, the Xfinity customer we spoke with, spoke to “pushy” sales tactics she experienced with the company: “When I called last time, there was a lot of pressure.” Upgrades were always a point of conversation when on the phone with an Xfinity rep.

She also said getting in touch with a real person could be a challenge. She’d find herself on hold frequently when she tried contacting Xfinity with questions.

Joy’s experience isn’t rare for Xfinity customers. We encountered similar stories from customers online.1

How Xfinity Home Security Stacks Up

Xfinity Home Cox Homelife Vivint
Minimum Monthly Fee
Contract Length2 years 2 years No contract, 2.5 years, or 5 years
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Info current as of 06/25/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. 

Xfinity Home is hard to compare to other security systems because it’s tied to a cable and internet provider. Systems like Vivint and ADT have an advantage over Xfinity Home because they specialize in home security rather than dividing efforts between cable, internet, and security services.

But other cable and internet providers, like Cox, have started offering home security paired with entertainment services. Companies like Cox have caused Xfinity to step up their game, offering more competitive prices and better equipment than in the past.

Stacked against security companies like ADT and Vivint, Xfinity Home lacks essential features and comes with unnecessary extra equipment. But compared with other ISPs with security like Cox, Xfinity comes out on top.

Final Word on Xfinity Home Security

If you’re already on the Xfinity bandwagon for cable and internet, Xfinity Home secure is a nice perk to add to your existing setup. But Xfinity Home doesn’t have enough standout features on its own to justify the price and fine print.

Before you sign on, we recommend reading the contract carefully before signing up because you’ll likely encounter hidden fees and might have trouble with pushy customer service reps down the road.

Want to learn more? See how Xfinity Home compares to this year's Best Home Security Systems.

Comcast Xfinity Home FAQs

Prices vary with Xfinity based on your customer status, location, and the package you choose. But monthly, you can expect to pay between $55.00 and $75.00+ depending on your location, other Xfinity services, and your equipment and monitoring plans.


If you’re looking for home security, we think ADT comes out on top. Unlike Xfinity, ADT focuses on home security instead of bundling services like internet, TV, and phone service. All this multitasking from Xfinity leads to steep prices and confusing contracts.

But ADT isn’t perfect either. Read our review on ADT home security to learn more.

With Xfinity Home, you pair your monitoring plan with an equipment plan.

After professional installation, your devices communicate wirelessly with a central hub, allowing you to watch and control your home system from the Xfinity app. You can check security camera footage, change thermostat temperature, and arm your system remotely.

Xfinity Home works with plenty of third-party smart equipment devices. Here are some examples:

  • Caseta Wireless lighting 
  • August door locks 
  • Chamberlain garage door openers 
  • Sengled lighting 
  • Philips Hue lighting 
  • Kwikset door locks 
  • GE lighting
  • Ecobee thermostat 
  • Cor thermostat
  • Lifx lighting 
  • Yale door locks 
  • Tile locators

Yes. Prices will vary, but expect a minimum of $55 per month for just the Xfinity Home service. You can bundle home security with cable and internet from Xfinity for a better price.

Yes. Xfinity Home offers only one security camera, but it’s designed for indoor and outdoor use. It’s weather-resistant and takes crisp HD live video, night or day. It’s small enough to use as a nanny cam in the nursery or to mount on your doorstep to check on visitors. An Xfinity installation professional can help you find the right spot to place your security camera inside or outside.

Yes. Your Xfinity Home system is monitored 24/7 by trained monitoring professionals. Having the pros on your side speeds up response times from emergency responders and can minimize false alarms.

Katie McEntire
Written by
Katie McEntire
As a renter, pet-owner, and woman living alone, Katie McEntire takes safety seriously. She’s tested devices like pet cameras, home security systems, and GPS trackers in her own home and devices in the name of safety. In addition to testing, writing, and reviewing for SafeWise, she also makes videos for the site’s YouTube channel. She’s been featured on publications like TechGuySmartBuy, Forbes, Healthy Moms, and Digital Care. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She’s held previous writing positions at and Top Ten Reviews.

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