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About Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers basic packages that are anything but basic, which means you can end up with more security for your money. Link Interactive aims to protect your whole home—not just your front door.

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Link Interactive equipment
Link Interactive
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Link Interactive control panel


Am I getting the newest and most up-to-date equipment?

Link Interactive provides you with the newest equipment. The company doesn’t sell used or refurbished equipment. However, you can reuse some of your old equipment from another provider, to upgrade to Link Interactive systems. Reusing old equipment can dramatically cut down on the up-front cost and let you buy more devices.

Do I own the home security system or lease it?

With Link Interactive, you own all of the equipment. By owning the equipment, you have the flexibility to use it with other companies once your contract is up.

Does Link Interactive service its equipment?

Link Interactive will service its equipment. The company’s technicians will troubleshoot any issue you may have, and they’ll send out new equipment if they can’t resolve it.

How often does Link Interactive check its systems?

According to Link Interactive, its security system does a self-check every hour to ensure everything is working properly. You can also use the app to see if anything is malfunctioning.

Are batteries required?

Yes, Link Interactive’s equipment requires batteries, but they’re pretty easy to find and replace. According to Link Interactive, you can find the batteries in any hardware store, and the prices range between three and five dollars.

Also, batteries are included in the equipment you purchase. The sensors’ batteries last between five and seven years. And the control panel comes with a 24-hour battery backup.

Here’s the list of batteries that Link Interactive provides on its site.

Link Interactive equipment table

Can I take my security system with me when I move?

Link Interactive allows its customers to move with its security system without a fee. All of Link Interactive’s equipment is wireless, making the setup process simple. And because Link Interactive is a national provider, you’ll likely have service no matter where you decide to move.

Is the service transferrable?

Link Interactive’s Takeover Program allows you to use your existing equipment from another company with its service. Transferring your equipment is a great way to save money on up-front costs, and it allows you to purchase additional equipment you might want to add.

If you’re looking to transfer Link Interactive’s equipment to another provider, you’ll have to check with the new security company to see if the components are compatible.

General capabilities

Can the system detect smoke or gas leaks?

All of Link Interactive’s packages include smoke and gas detectors. And even if your alarm system is disarmed, the detectors will still notify you if there’s an environmental threat.

Will Link Interactive dispatch for fire, smoke, and CO?

Once danger—whether it’s fire, smoke, or CO—is detected by a sensor, a signal will be sent to the monitoring center. If you accidently set the sensor off while cooking, for example, you can enter your code in the control panel and call the monitoring center to cancel the alarm. If you’re in danger, help will be on the way as soon as the sensor is triggered.

Does the system work if the power goes out?

Link Interactive has a 24-hour battery backup that keeps the security system working in case of a power outage. However, we did come across a customer review on Consumer Affairs that stated Link Interactive’s system took up to twenty-four hours to reboot after a power outage.

Does it require manual resetting in the event of a power failure?

There’s no manual resetting required. According to Link Interactive, in the event that the power outage is longer than twenty-four hours, your system will restart with all your settings updated once the power is back.

How long is the response time?

Link Interactive uses AvantGuard as its monitoring center. This company is considered a leader in its industry with response times averaging around twenty seconds. However, it’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a response-time guarantee. There are various factors that can impact when authorities arrive at your house, including how busy they are, the call volume at the monitoring center, and your distance from town.

Does Link Interactive offer systems with advanced safety features?

All of Link Interactive’s packages come with the advanced safety feature of Crash & Smash protection. This safety feature is part of the control panel. Basically, even if a burglar tries to destroy your control panel in an attempt to disable the alarm, a signal will still be sent to the monitoring center.

Does Link Interactive require a phone line?

Link Interactive’s security system is 100% wireless, meaning there’s no need for a landline connection. A wireless connection uses an uplink to communicate with the monitoring center. It’s quickly becoming the new standard for security systems because it’s the safest and most reliable option.

Man checking phone in airport

Device capabilities

Can I control my home security from my phone?

With Link Interactive’s Gold and Elite packages, you can control your security system from your phone or other web-enabled device. The app lets you do everything from arming and disarming your security system and setting up email and text alerts to controlling your lights, locks, thermostat, and small appliances.

Nest thermostat at home

Integration capabilities

Does the Link Interactive system integrate with Z-Wave devices?

Link Interactive supports Z-Wave devices, but according to the company the list is always changing. So give Link Interactive a call when you’re ready to purchase to see what devices it supports at the time.

Does the hardware sync with other security systems?

Link Interactive has a unique Takeover Program that allows you to reuse some of your old equipment with its security system. Not all components will be compatible, so you’ll have to call Link Interactive to see how much of your old equipment you can use.

If you’re looking to use Link Interactive’s equipment with another home security provider, you’ll have to see what specific requirements that company has for syncing hardware.

Can I mix and match the components?

Yes, you can seamlessly use some of your old devices along with new ones. And because Link Interactive lets you create a customized solution, you can add exactly what you’re looking for in a security system without any unnecessary extras.

Does Link Interactive integrate with other smart home platforms and devices?

Link Interactive works with Z-Wave technology, Nest thermostat products, Amazon Echo, and Apple TV. With these integration capabilities, you can create custom settings, stream videos, and use voice commands—easily turning your home into a smart home.

Alarm capabilities

How does the Link Interactive alarm system work?

Link Interactive’s alarm system has three main components: the sensors, the control panel, and the monitoring center. When a sensor is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel that notifies the monitoring center. Once the signal is transmitted, the monitoring center will contact you to verify the incident and then call authorities.

What do I do in the event of a false alarm?

If you accidentally set off a false alarm, disarm it by entering your passcode in the control panel within thirty seconds. If you think you’ve waited too long, Link Interactive advises you to give the monitoring station a call at 1-800-662-2512.

Can the Link Interactive alarm system connect to a TV?

Yes, the Link Interactive alarm system can connect to an Apple TV. This allows you to stream live video and watch recorded clips.

Who does professional monitoring call first?

If a sensor is tripped, Link Interactive’s monitoring center will contact you first to verify that it’s not a false alarm. If you do not answer the phone, or if you respond and verify that it’s an emergency, the monitoring center will contact the authorities.

Does the alarm sound a siren when activated by an intruder?

Yes, Link Interactive’s control panel will sound a siren when it’s triggered. The siren is a loud sound that’s meant to notify everyone in your home, as well as neighbors, of possible danger in the area.

What happens after hours if I need help with my alarm system?

Link Interactive’s technical support team is available 24/7, meaning no matter what problem or issue you encounter with your system or devices, the company will be there to help.

Will my children be able to operate the alarm system?

Link Interactive has a simple interface that should be fairly simple for anyone to use. And if you have the app set up on your child’s phone, they can easily arm and disarm the system without using the control panel.

Will I be provided with alarm yard signs and decals to put up around my home?

Each Link Interactive package comes with three decals and a yard sign. These visuals let burglars know that your home is protected, which might help deter them from attempting to break in.

Mother and daughter in kitchen

Monitoring capabilities

If I have an emergency, who should I call first?

It’s always a good idea to contact the police first, even if your alarm system is tripped and you know that help is on the way.

Will somebody be monitoring my home at all times?

Yes, Link Interactive provides 24/7 professional monitoring with all its packages. That means regardless of the reason a sensor in your house is tripped, authorities will be notified if it’s an emergency. And even though Link Interactive won’t be notified if your alarm system is disarmed, your environmental sensors will still be active.

Does Link Interactive have its own monitoring center?

Link Interactive uses AvantGuard for monitoring. The monitoring company has two fully redundant, UL-listed centers located in Utah and Idaho.

What are my monitoring options?

Link Interactive’s packages come with 100%-cellular coverage. You won’t have the option of a broadband or landline connection with this company. However, cellular is becoming the new industry standard because it’s safer and more reliable than other connections.


How much does Link Interactive cost?

Link Interactive offers three monitoring plans: Standard, Gold, and Elite. The Standard plan is $29.99 per month, the Gold plan is $34.99 per month, and the Elite plan is $39.99 per month. Once you decide on a plan, you can call Link Interactive and create a customized solution based on the type of equipment you need. Your price will vary based on what devices you purchase.

Does Link Interactive offer automatic payments and paperless billing?

Yes, Link Interactive offers both automatic payments and paperless billing. Simply log in to your Link Interactive account to set up your specific preferences. You can also call the support center if you run into any issues.

What additional fees does Link Interactive charge?

If you decide to cancel your service with Link Interactive early, you’ll have to pay the remaining balance on your contract. There are no other fees that we could find, and a Link Interactive representative reassured us that there are no fees associated with their service.

Does Link Interactive offer any customer discounts or services when I move?

Link Interactive doesn’t offer discounts when customers move, but there are no moving fees. However, if you’re looking for a discount, customers say to call Link Interactive because the company has special offers from time to time, so it’s worth seeing if it has anything available.

Can Link Interactive’s system qualify me for a homeowners insurance discount?

Yes, most home security systems can qualify you for a homeowners insurance discount. However, this will depend on your specific insurance company. The homeowners insurance discounts can vary drastically depending on the insurance company, security system, and features you select.

Will I be provided with a certificate to show my homeowners insurance company?

Yes, Link Interactive will provide you with a certificate that verifies you have a home security system.

What type of contract lengths are offered?

Link Interactive requires a 36-month contract with its service. If you own—instead of lease—your equipment, it offers one-, two-, and three-year contracts.

Do Link Interactive security systems come with a warranty or guarantee?

Link Interactive’s equipment comes with a two-year warranty. Under the warranty, Link Interactive’s support team will resolve any device issues and replace faulty equipment.

Does Link Interactive offer free installation?

Yes, Link Interactive’s installation is free. It’s a DIY process, meaning you set up the equipment on your own. If you have any questions along the way, simply give Link Interactive’s support team a call at 1-877-826-5443, and a technician can assist you. The company also provides a list of guides that can help you figure things out if you get stuck.

Does Link Interactive offer a referral program?

Yes, Link Interactive offers a referral program. You and the person you refer will get one free month of monitoring service.

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