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What Sets Scout Apart

Scout is a flexible home-security option for both homeowners and renters because of its wireless equipment, tool-free setup, and adjustable contract. By building your own system with Scout, you’ll ultimately have more control over how much protection your home needs from the amount of equipment you purchase to choosing the type of monitoring that best suits your life.

    Key Features

  • Security Monitoring
  • Mobile Access
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • No Annual Contract
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • One-Year Warranty

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Scout Prices & Packages

Insider Tip: Save money by choosing the $9.99/month ‘Always On’ option. You can enjoy the assurance of professional monitoring, as well as keep yourself up to speed on your home’s happenings with the Scout mobile app. You’ll get email and push notifications, and never be left wondering about your home’s security.

Always On+


  • Standard Features
  • Email Notifications
  • Push notifications for iOS and Android devices
  • Scout mobile app
  • Always On Features
  • 3G cellular and battery backup
  • SMS alerts
  • No annual contract
  • 24/7 professional monitoring service with UL-certified monitoring centers
  • Dispatch police on your behalf

Current Deal: Order today and get your money-back guarantee.

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About Scout

Mobile Access

Scout technology allows you to check in from your smartphone and keep tabs on either your entire system or a single sensor. Not only that, but you’ll be able to set custom actions and alarms, arm and disarm your system, and stop false alarms from virtually anywhere.

Easy Installation

Installing Scout equipment requires absolutely no tools or hardwiring thanks to wireless connections and sleek mounting accessories. This also means that you can easily and safely install your Scout Hub, sensors, and panels yourself.

The Scout Commitment

Cutting-edge equipment is only half the story, Scout also wants you to be completely satisfied with its service. To accomplish this, Scout offers a money-back guarantee, one-year product warranty, and professional support.

No Annual Contract

Going with Scout allows you to modify your service plan whenever you’d like. With Scout, you’ll never be hit with penalties and you’ll reap the benefits of a flexible service agreement just in case you need to change things up.

UL-Certified Monitoring

When you choose the AlwaysOn+ monitoring plan from Scout, you’ll get UL-certified monitoring included. By certifying its services through the storied testing company UL, Scout monitoring has undergone a rigorous, independent analysis and has been proven to be a brand you can trust.

About Scout

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Scout Equipment

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    The wireless relay center of your security system, this device connects all of your sensors and maintains constant contact between your smart devices and Scout.

    Scout Hub

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    This device monitors anything that opens or closes, with the added capability of arming or disarming your Scout alarm when you tap your registered key fob at any entry door.

    Door Panel

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    This is a wireless sensor that is also designed to monitor anything that opens or closes, such as doors, windows, and cabinets.

    Access Sensor

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    Featuring a range of up to 25 feet, this sensor can detect movement day or night and can be installed virtually anywhere.

    Motion Sensor

Pricing listed requires a 3 year monitoring agreement. Prices subject to change.

Why Choose Scout? The Bottom Line

  • Cost effective with no annual contract
  • Easy, DIY installation
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Sleek, cutting-edge equipment
  • Money-back guarantee
  • One-year product warranty
Why Choose Scout

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