Frontpoint vs. Scout Alarm

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When it comes to protecting your home, it's natural to want the absolute best. It's not uncommon for homeowners to be confused by the number of companies, services and equipment options before them. 

Frontpoint and Scout Alarm both score high marks with consumers. But ultimately, we recommend Frontpoint for its reliable reputation, professional monitoring, and integrated video and smart home options. 

Frontpoint vs. Scout pricing

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Info current as of 09/22/2021. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontpoint and Scout similarities

Scout and Frontpoint have a few key benefits in common:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Mobile access and control of your system at every level of monitoring 
  • Customizable equipment packages so you can choose just what you need
  • Smart home integrations

There are also some similar drawbacks:

  • Higher-than-average equipment prices
  • No free self-monitoring options

Frontpoint and Scout differences

At the core, Frontpoint and Scout offer two different approaches to home security: Frontpoint offers a high-end DIY installation experience, while Scout serves up a budget DIY option that you can monitor yourself or have professionally monitored.

  • Cost: Scout is cheaper
  • Monitoring: Frontpoint has a longer, more reputable history—it's also clearer about video monitoring and video feeds (you can get it all)
  • Connection: Frontpoint wins with its standard cellular connection

How much does Frontpoint cost?

Frontpoint's monitoring may be more costly than other brands, but you get mobile access and geofencing with every plan. In addition, consumers won't need to sign up for a lengthy contract. Instead, you can sign up for professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis when you purchase your equipment outright.

Frontpoint's upgraded monitoring package offers wireless live video, a mobile app, and advanced home automation features for $49.99 per month.

Scout Alarm

Founded in Chicago in 2013, Scout Alarms were developed with cost conscious consumers in mind. Scout Alarm Systems also require no holes in household walls, or having to let service personnel into your house. Setting up your security system takes only a few minutes. After activation, a Scout Alarm system is accessible from any working mobile device. Consumers receive updates if their alarm has been tripped in any room of their home.

Scout Alarm Monitoring is currently available in the United States and Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Service plans and equipment rates are the same for customers residing in both nations. Updates are provided to customers who are in North America, and are delivered in the English language. Homeowners on vacation overseas will not receive updates on international mobile phones.

Complete customization 

Scout Alarm Systems wants their customers to customize their individual home alarm systems by choosing colors and finishes that match their decor. Services were created to be especially flexible so the level of support one receives meets their needs exactly. Installed by clients on their own, Scout Alarms exceed UL Certification and utilize the same 3G cell technology used by today's mobile telephones.

Scout Hub

Scout Alarm Systems were designed to be personalized for the home you live in. This includes every model from a small urban apartment, the average suburban home or a sprawling estate. Your control panel is known as the “Scout Hub” and is continuously on the job. Should it be triggered at any time, a 106 decibel siren audibly sounds. This is in addition to direct communication with your mobile device. Consumers have options to install door panels, access sensors and motion sensors wherever they desire.

Smartphone convenience

Scout Alarms are developed to be read from smartphones and most mobile devices. Activity is fed through any number of household sensors, depending upon the actual number used by the homeowner. Users are able to start or stop alarm activity from any locale at their discretion. This includes granting temporary entry to their home when necessary or making strategic changes from a mobile device. Due to their knowledge of which sensor was activated, homeowners have a chance to alert law enforcement in case of a false alarm.

Cost of equipment

Scout Alarms do not require a yearly contract of any kind, unless the consumer opts for one. Customers may start, stop or change their service without incurring unwanted penalties. There is a consumer friendly “money back guarantee” and a warranty on all Scout Alarm products that extends throughout the first year of use.

A Scout Hub costs $129.00, door panels are $69.00 and access sensors are an affordable $29.00. A long range (25 foot) motion sensor is also available for $49.00.

Scout Alarm service plans

Always On
Service plans start at an entry level point of $9.99 a month. All service plans include email notifications, mobile access and text alerts.

Always On+
Customers can opt into the Always On+ plan for $19.99. With this plan the Scout monitoring system will alert your local police on your behalf immediately, in the case of an emergency. Scout Alarm Systems offers their 24/7 monitoring technology and customer service to clients with this package.

For those customers who know they can commit to a yearly plan, Scout Alarms offers a 10% discount incentive on a twelve month basis. These plans are available to customers in the United States and Canada at this date.

Pricing, equipment and offers are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Please contact a brand representative for the most current information.

Winner: Frontpoint's history and reputation

We consistently recommend Frontpoint for its reliable, friendly customer service and monitoring. We're also big fans of cellular connections that stay connected even when the power goes out. Learn more in our full review.

Scout has its merits for the crowd that wants to self-monitor their system, but we generally recommend calling in outside help so you're not always on call. Find out more in our Scout review.

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