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With Vivint’s professional installation, adding this best home security system to your home is practically hassle-free. We tried out the installation process and chatted with Vivint so we could share the lowdown on what to expect—from fees to tips for after the installer leaves.

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How much does Vivint installation cost?

Vivint charges a $49 installation fee for all of their packages, though sometimes they offer free installation, so keep an eye out for deals on Vivint’s homepage. You may have noticed that other websites are reporting a different fee, or several fees, for Vivint. You can trust our information because we went straight to the source and confirmed installation prices with Vivint.

Vivint’s installation fee is lower than many of its competitors. They tend to charge $75 to $100 for security system installation. ADT, one of Vivint's biggest competitors, charges $99 to $199 for system installation. (Learn more about their differences in our Vivint vs. ADT comparison.)

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Does Vivint do next-day installation?

Vivint doesn’t officially offer next-day installation, but according to Vivint, sometimes installations can be set up for the same day you purchase your system.

How long does installation take?

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Vivint told us that installation can take from two to four hours. How long your installation takes depends on how many devices and sensors are being installed. Our installation took around four hours—it included security cameras, which eat up a lot of time.

Vivint installations typically include time for the tech to teach you how to use the system. If you want the installation to go a little quicker, you can opt out of learning how to use your new Vivint Smart Home system and learn on your own later. This is a good idea if you tend to learn better from online tutorials than from in-person instruction.

Make sure your needs are noted on your account

“I would make sure the installer communicated with the salesperson. The installer seemed pretty in the dark about a lot of things we'd discussed with the Vivint rep.” —Brianne Sandorf

What to expect

You schedule your system installation with Vivint's customer service department after you select your equipment. The first thing the installation technician (also known as a Vivint Smart Home Pro) will do is check to make sure you have all of the Vivint equipment you ordered. Around an hour before arrival, they will contact you to make sure you’re ready for your installation.

Think about placement

My biggest piece of advice would be putting thought into where you want the panel before it’s installed because it’s not easy to move it later. We put it across the house by all the bedrooms, and we’ve had issues with me letting the dogs out super early and setting off the alarm because I don’t hear/respond to the warnings fast enough. —Shaunty McMillin

Upon arrival, they will check to make sure your equipment is ready to go. Next, they do a walk-through of your home with you and ask if you have any preference on where equipment will be installed. They’ll also offer advice on where everything should go.

In addition to setting up your Vivint equipment, Vivint installation technicians also connect your smart home devices to your new system. So, say you want your system to arm automatically when you tell Alexa to turn off your smart lights. The technician can set it up. Think through how you want your home automation to work before the technician arrives so everything goes smoothly.

Once your system is installed, the tech will clean up and offer to teach you how to use your new security system. Some things that will be covered include how professional monitoring works, what to do if your alarm goes off, and how to use your devices.

How to learn more about your Vivint home security system

Vivint Smart Home security has an online guide in the support section of its website. It can get you up and running with your new system after the installer leaves. It covers getting started, using your system, and what to do when there is a false alarm.

Is Vivint security self-install?

Vivint is a professionally installed system. But you can install devices and sensors yourself as you add onto your system. Check out the Vivint installation page for how-to instructions, or take a peek at the instructions below.

Can you self-install a Vivint door and window sensor?

For sure. The process is simple:

  1. Go to the home screen on the Vivint app.
  2. Tap the + icon.
  3. Choose Door and Window Sensor from the list.
  4. Pick Door or Window from the installation options and tap Confirm.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Read our entry sensor installation guide for placement tips.

Can you tell me how to install the Vivint doorbell camera?

No problem. Use these steps to install the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:

  1. Turn off the power to your doorbell at your home’s breaker box.
  2. Remove the cover to the doorbell’s chime box.
  3. Take a photo of the chime’s wiring so you know how to hook up the Vivint chime.
  4. Remove the chime wires from their screws. Keep the ends of the wires away from metal as you work.
  5. Remove the old doorbell by loosening the screws on the back and releasing the wires.
  6. Pull the doorbell wires through the center holes of the Vivint doorbell’s backplate. Make sure the waffle side of the backplate is towards the wall.
  7. Remove the rubber plugs from the screw holes on each end of the backplate, and use the Vivint doorbell wiring screws to secure the backplate to the wall.
  8. Loop each wire over the screws in the center of the backplate and tighten the screws.
  9. Snap the doorbell over the backplate.
  10. Go back to the chime and reconnect the wires.
  11. Replace the chime cover and turn on the power at the breaker box.

If the light on your Vivint doorbell turns green, the installation was a success.

Can you tell me how to install Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro?

Since the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro needs to be connected to your home’s power source, we recommend letting the installation technician take care of this one for you. The same goes for the Vivint Indoor Camera.


They can! Vivint says that when you’re scheduling your installation order, make sure to mention that you would like the installation technician to wear booties. They will add a note to your account.

Yep, but only if you want them to. If you want to figure it out for yourself, there’s no pressure. You can cut the installation short and save a little time.

Don't count on it. Homeowners are usually responsible for filing alarm permit paperwork with their city (if it's required). 

Vivint offers free service calls for just 120 days after installation, so make sure you call customer service as soon as you notice something amiss. After the 120-day period, you'll be charged at least $49 per visit for Vivint troubleshooting

Well, it’s just easier to have someone else do the installation if you don’t want the hassle of figuring everything out. Here are some more things to consider when choosing your installation.

Read answers to more Vivint FAQ.

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