Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Review

We review the specs and our colleagues' Vivint gear to see if Vivint's outdoor camera is right for your yard.
Outdoor camera
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2)
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2)
3.6 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    4K image sensor
  • pro
    Smart Sentry audio deterrent
  • con
    Requires Vivint system
John Carlsen
May 31, 2023
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Vivint security cameras are some of the best options for a professionally monitored home security system. While the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a pricier security system camera, its Smart Sentry feature spooks would-be burglars from your yard. It's a great way to secure your yard if you can afford it. Find out how it compares with other security cameras in our full review.

pro 4K image sensor
pro 3x optical zoom
pro Smart Sentry audio deterrent
pro Pool safety notifications
pro MicroSD card slot
con $400 price tag
con Requires Vivint subscription
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Vivint recently upgraded the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro with a better image sensor, microSD card slot, and a new spotlight accessory. We've updated our review to reflect these new changes.

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What's in the box

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2)

Most Vivint equipment, including the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, requires professional installation. The company doesn't share which power cords and mounting hardware come with the camera. Instead, your Vivint installer chooses the appropriate tools to complete the setup.

Smart motion detection

One of the best parts of modern security cameras is smart motion detection that sends push notifications of what your camera sees. It helps reduce false alarms because you can create motion zones for the camera to watch. This way, you receive a Vivint Smart Home app notification of motion in your driveway, but not from passing cars on the street.

Smart Sentry

Vivint's Smart Sentry feature builds on smart motion detection—it deters trespassers using flashing lights and loud sounds.

Vivint's Smart Sentry offers a range of customizable sounds and even a spoken warning saying your camera's recording. This is distinct from security cameras with built-in sirens, like Arlo and Wyze. This means that the Vivint camera can discourage burglars before you can get into gruff mode for the two-way audio feature.

Pool Alert

Vivint Pool Alert

Image: Vivint. 

We like that Vivint takes a safety-first approach with Pool Alert on the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro. It uses motion detection to spot when someone enters your swimming pool, which can help prevent accidental drownings. While it's not too different from a normal motion zone setting, it works with Smart Sentry to tell your kids to stay out of the water without an adult present.

On the whole, Pool Alert isn't so much a groundbreaking new piece of tech but an intelligent application of existing home security tech. Vivint coming up with fresh ideas for existing features is the kind of creative thinking we love to see.

Video quality

Vivint's video quality is perfectly acceptable for most folks and comes in above average compared to other security cameras, especially with the upgraded image sensor on the Vivint Outdoor Camera (Gen 2). It's an impressive presentation overall.

The Vivint camera produces clear images that make it easy to see details in different lighting conditions like daytime video and night-vision recordings. We couldn't spot any distortions in our videos during testing. We love that you can watch videos on the Vivint app or your Vivint Smart Hub control panel.

There's even a 3x optical zoom that doesn’t sacrifice much quality as you zoom. If you don't mind a more pixelated image, you can zoom up to 10x.

Vivint Spotlight Pro

Vivint Spotlight Pro

The Vivint Spotlight Pro (about $250) is an accessory for the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2) that adds a powerful LED light that you can use the find your way at night. Or you can activate Deter Mode, a lighting option that "follows" intruders through your yard and flashes if they don't leave.

Considering the already hefty $400 price tag for the base camera, we're not sold on the extra $250 yet—we're reserving judgement up until we can do some hands-on testing. In the meantime, we recommend checking out a floodlight camera.

Field of view

We like that the Vivint outdoor camera has a 140º field of view, covering much of the area in front of the camera. This is similar to what you'll find on SimpliSafe and Cove outdoor cameras but better than the Frontpoint outdoor cam. Still, it's not as wide as a retail camera like the Arlo Pro 4, which hits 160º.

4K image sensor

We love that the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro comes with a 4K image sensor, which helps it take excellent still images. These photos look much better than the video quality, and you can easily save them to your Vivint mobile app without taking up much space.

Video storage

Like other Vivint cameras, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro records Vivint smart clips up to 90 seconds long when it detects motion. These video clips last for up to 14 days in the Vivint Playback menu.

The latest version of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro comes with a microSD card slot that supports a up to 64 GB of local storage, which Vivint says is enough for 10 days of continuous video storage. This on-device storage helps the camera record better video and keeps it running when your Wi-Fi drops.

We love this addition, but it's unfortunate that Vivint ties the microSD card to a monthly fee in addition to your monitoring plan.

Similarly, you can still use a Vivint Smart Drive to add local storage for up to 30 days of continuous video. Overall, it's a nice upgrade but unnecessary in most cases, especially with the new microSD option.


Installing the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is an easy one-step process because it's a professional installation. This means you need to clear space in your schedule for the installer to come to your home. After installation, the Vivint technician will help you connect the device to your Wi-Fi network and learn how to use it in the Vivint app.

We don't recommend using this camera without a Vivint security system—you need to pay for monitoring to use cloud storage anyway—so you need to budget most of a day for the entire home security system installation. Fortunately, Vivint's professional installation charges are one of the most affordable parts of the system.

This camera is weatherproof with an IP65 rating—meaning it can stand up to rain, snow, and heat without any issues. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro uses a power cord, so you can't install it in as many places as a battery-powered model like the SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. Still, you don't need to worry about a battery going kaput in cold weather.


Getting a Vivint system means signing a contract or paying for all your equipment upfront. Either way, Vivint costs about the same over five years, which is the company's default contract term in most states.

Final word

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is an excellent security camera—if you have a Vivint system. (Fortunately, Vivint is our top pick for best home security system, so it's worth the investment.) We're big fans of the Smart Sentry feature that makes a sound to help scare burglars away. The pool safety alerts are also impressive to spot when your child wanders too close to the pool.

Beyond these unique features, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro isn't much different than a typical security camera—although it's a lot more expensive. If you don't want a security system, we recommend buying a retail security camera like Arlo or Wyze.


How many cameras can you add to Vivint?

Vivint supports up to six cameras, with each camera adding $5 to your monthly monitoring plan.

Does Vivint sell any cameras that work without a monitoring plan?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is a standalone product without a Vivint security system or service plan. Still, there's no video storage without a Vivint subscription.

View more answers to Vivint FAQs.

How we reviewed the Vivint Outdoor Camera

Vivint Outdoor Camera on home

Image: Vivint. 

While we rely primarily on information from Vivint about the camera's specs and installation, some of our colleagues use Vivint security systems with security cameras.

When we had a question about a camera, we reached out for more context and to see if we were on the right track with our conclusions. Learn more about our testing and editorial process in our full methodology.

John Carlsen
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John Carlsen
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